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Lakeview Trail
Avg Rating: (4.00 out of 5) 2 trail reviews
Difficulty: Easiest bike trail - Easiest
Length: 22 miles Global Rank: #2022
Tread: Doubletrack Configuration: Loop
Ridden: 1 Wishlist: 2
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I have only ridden the first 8 miles entering on the right. Nice scenic ride with some climbs and a few downhills, paved areas when crossing dam. Nice ride I plan on doing the entire loop soon and will give update once I have.

added by Susan_Hardy Granny Gear on February 15, 2011

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Guest on February 4, 2013
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Review: This is called the Diamond Valley Lake trail right outside Hemet/San Jacinto. I have biked this two track many times to avoid the noise, traffic and smell of biking on streets and highways. It is mostly flat, but since it is 22 miles of mostly gravel surface, it is a nice way to get some exercise, while spending a couple hours in the silence and peace of nature. I love to look at the many wild critter tracks and have caught a glimpse of the critters themselves from time to time. No pets allowed on the trail so all those tracks are wild ones. The flowers in the spring are also beautiful as well as all the ducks and birds year around and the geology is amazing. Have fun!

Similar Trail: Perris Lake trail, except Perris is paved.

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headkick51 on September 18, 2011
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Review: Went to the right from the boat lanch. I missed the trail and rode up to the look out the best part of the ride a fun paved down hill back to the trail. the rest of the ride is flat and not that exciting.

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