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added by Guest on April 25, 2004
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This trail has four loops the beginner trail is only one mile long, but the intermediate is 2 miles and the advanced is around 4 miles. If you turn left at every crossing you will go around the out side of everything and get about 6.5 miles in. Approvements are happening all the time because there is a group from Tulsa who maintains the trail on a monthly basis. For more information contact that group at The terrain is rocky with a lot of switch backs for those long climbs. The beginner and intermedate trails is smooth with a lot of turns and a little climbing. It is all ridable but some part take a little more practice then others.
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on Oct 30, 2014
Thunderbunny on September 24, 2014
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Review: This trail system has something for every level of mountain biker. When the sign says advanced believe it!!

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utilityguy1 on November 26, 2013
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Review: Keystone is a tough, fun little piece of trail. Weather conditions and time of year affect it dramatically. Part of the tour de dirt race series. Trail is intermediate in difficulty. There are a couple rocky climbs that will challenge all riders and leave most pushing their bikes, but they are short. There are some technical flats that are likely to put you off the bicycle if you don't maintain some speed and pick good lines. Multiple small stream water crossings (depending on conditions) that are all hardened or naturally rocky. This trail is worth a special trip. Single speeders should consider 32x20 for fun and 32x19 if you are aiming for fast laps. Full suspension is not necessary, but potentially increases the fun in this trail. Multiple strava sections, so do your research if you are in doubt or think you could have what it takes to be the KOM.

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Guest on August 1, 2013
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Review: Passing through Tulsa and found about this trail from this website and decided to give it a try. Was on a XC/freeride 26er which was really fun but this trail would have be perfect for my 29er singlespeed. A few technical climbs/sections but it's mainly sandstone rocks so it grips well. Found myself having a harder time with dry sand on a few turns. Lacks man built features that would really add to the trail. Maybe a few banked turns, a gap, or even a nice drop with a clean runout would really complete this trail. Overall I was pleasantly surprised being from NW Colorado. When in Tulsa!! Always good in the saddle!

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Capcon on March 31, 2013
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Review: Short sections of rideable intermediate trail enveloped between many extremely rocky advanced to expert, rock fests. Not suitable for your average mtb rider unless you enjoy getting off your bike and carrying it up multiple sharp rock infested stretches.

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GreaseMonkey on October 12, 2012
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Review: This trail is a lot of fun. Lots of rock with some hard climbs and a few steep descents. In the middle of summer this trail gets very hot but it has lots of shade. It trail is different from nearly every other trail in OK. I look forward to the race here every year!

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disfunctlguru on July 19, 2011
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Review: I don't think this trail exists anymore. Tried to find it today. I could be wrong though.

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hilltophiker on January 12, 2009
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Review: Been riding the trails on a regular basis here the past couple months. They are in nice shape after last winter's ice storm. No need to worry about ticks or other bothersome insects this time of year. Get out west of Tulsa and ride because the folks who have put in time on the Keystone trail have done a great job. I keep telling folks more people should be taking advantage and will continue to do so!

* Review edited 1/12/2009

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dougsmith on September 22, 2007
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Review: Good place to ride, although if you ride it much you may get bored with it. Not alot of trails to ride. It is mostly good, twisty single-track.

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dauw on February 6, 2005
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Review: A network of loops from beginner to expert. Some parts are rocky with creek crossings. The expert loop has a couple of switchback climbs that are challenging. Longest loop is the expert loop. Each level of loop is an alternative offshoot from the main beginner trail. However, when you connect back onto the trail it doesn't tell you that you've finished the expert loop, and are back on the advanced, intermediate, or beginner trail. Likely because they are going to add more of the advanced and expert sections. It's pretty hard to get lost. Some sections were muddy, but most were short and there was rain recently. There were some OEF folks out there rerouting a consistently wet part of the trail. There are no signs for the trail off HWY 151, but it is almost across HWY 151 from the state park entrance (just north), and there are trail head markers at the trail head. Also, someone's car was broken into while I was there riding, but it wasn't mine; keep valuables out of site, and an eye out for a older model grey Jeep Cherokee (they did it). Good trail and alternative to Turkey. Can't wait to see what OEF and/or the Keystone/Tulsa group does to add on to it.

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Keystone Mountain Bike Trail MTB Trail 3.56 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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