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From the parking lot, the trail head is marked just left of the fenced-in dog park next to the woods. This is a single complete loop that runs roughly 3.25 miles. Like many trails in the area, people try to add shortcuts to the original trail layout. If you stick closer to the trail, you shouldn’t have a problem. There is a good bit of climbing in the beginning with tight switchbacks, however is then rewarded with fast descents with climbs. The trail is an average of a 1-2 ft wide. There are log crossings in the trail where you can get a little air because you will already be going fast downhill. I recommend learning the trail a bit before you get too comfortable. Not ideal for beginners.

Note: Most people in the area agree that this is not a trail for beginners. It takes skill and endurance to run the full loop without stopping. The climbs and descents are steep and fast. You don’t have a wide trail to begin with. This info serves as a more accurate description of this trail system. Thank you.
added by Trail_JunkieGranny Gear February 26, 2008
Trail Features
Trail features
  • Lift Service
  • Drinking Water
  •   Night Riding
  • Pump Track
  • Restrooms
  • Winter Fat Biking
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Granny Gear

July 3, 2016
Review: Definitely a tougher trail than I expected but well worth it! Little difficult on the uphill parts but so much fun on the down hill! Nice trail!

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April 24, 2016
Scott737 Trailblazer  
Review: It has nice scenery along with wildlife. It's cardio type trail for me as well as it can be enjoyable like roller coaster. I placed 3 star because it has several steep uphill which isn't my things. :)

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April 20, 2016
Review: fast trail like platte river but not as technical as the pr its a roller coaster.

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Granny Gear

March 30, 2016
Sam Lubi Granny Gear  
Review: check out
my first visit in Jewell Park 2016 || right after winter

Similar Trail: Swanson Park

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October 10, 2013
Review: The directions on how to find the trailhead are still accurate. Google Maps however does not give good directions on how to get to this place. Take a look at a map and plan your own directions after you get off the freeway, if you dont drive past a large cemetary you are probably not in the right place (inless you live close and are coming from the north and didn't take the freeway). This trail takes 3 days to dry out after a good rain so keep that in mind before heading out. This trail also sees low to moderate use so be careful when riding and always be alert for other riders as you can gain considerable speed in certain sections of this trail.

The trail itself winds around the side of a bluff or big hill. It is easy to get discouraged as the first mile or so are uphill with a considerable grade and the switchbacks make it very difficult for a novice rider to stay on the bike and not walk. Once at the top of the hill it is a fun ride down and the trail has some flow to it but it seemed like every downhill lead right into a steep uphill so it was constantly start and stop, fast downhill followed by granny gear grinds back uphill. I really liked the steep declines though, the trailbuilders did not hold back and some of the declines will shoot you out the bottom very quick.

About 2/3's of the way through the trail it comes out onto a wider path that has sparse gravel. If you go left you can get back to the parking lot, going right will yield considerably more trail so don't cut yourself short!

At the current time this trail is leaf covered and makes fast cornering sketchy and slow climbs prone to spinning out and losing momentum. The trail was well marked and there was not a lot of options to get yourself turned around. This trail has altitude change between Lewis and Clark Monument and Swanson Park. It will burn up your quads but can be pretty fun especially if you ride it often and know the route to keep your speed.

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Granny Gear

July 31, 2012
danecl16 Granny Gear  
Review: As of last week, the trail is open and in fine condition (July 25th, 2012). This is one of my favorite trails in Omaha. Lots of ups and downs with sections of really good flow. Nothing really very technical (a few roots and logs) just some really fun, twisty downhill sections.

* Review edited 7/31/2012

Similar Trail: Platte River SP, Lewis and Clark Monument

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June 25, 2012
GTXC4 Doubletrack  
Review: ***Fresh review here 10/6/12. Trail is in great shape, great job out to THOR and participants for tidying this place up. Much fun and great appreciation for people who keep this place up. I have been going to this place constantly since my return from Custer.

* Review edited 10/6/2012

Similar Trail: Platte River, Lewis and Clark

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June 13, 2012
Review: I had a good time riding the trails here. There was some mud due to rain a few days prior, but it was sticky. Suggest taking the rocky trail up and the single tracks down for some fun.

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Bunny Hop

June 13, 2012
Lazerjello Bunny Hop  
Review: Very fun, has some technical spots, can be ridden fast. Enough of a grade ro make it challenging on a ss 29er, not too rough. I did all of the trails with a ridgid bike. Some sections would have been faster with suspension, but IMO not as fun. Definitely stoping by thos trail everytime i come to Omaha

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October 12, 2011
GTXC4 Doubletrack  
Review: Fresh review here. The ride today was awesome. By far my favorite trail in the area. The trail starts off with mostly climbing at first. Lots of switchbacks and climbs, but many following well-worth it descents. Beautiful scenery as well. I love the layout. To me, the second part (after you go down by the road and turn right out in the open) is the best part of this trail. The only thing you could hear was the sound of my brakes and sliding tires shredding the dirt. Not a wide trail at all, about a foot or so on average. Nice jumps and quick turns. Here are a few tips to keep those newbies alive on some of the craziness. -Keep a good momentum. Don't rob yourself by trying to stay in "granny gear" for all the climbs. If you keep your momentum, the downhill will treat you even better going up. - Don't try to blow through or go too fast, unless you've done this trail a bit and know it. There are tight technical areas that can bite you and things sneak up quick. Things such as: tight trees, lateral slope in the trail, jumps followed by quick turn, steep descents with turns you get the idea. - Have good brakes, you'll be using them. Know when to ride something out and when to use them. Don't brake for the wild turkeys, they will move. - If you see a tree up ahead that looks like it's in the trail, be cautious, you'll have a quick turn coming up. - Use body english, this helps whip those turns and it's more fun. But, watch your shoulders in a few places, some are tight. I have new photos to throw up on the site. I marked this one as "Technical Challenge" only because you can't blow through it like at Swanson or Tranquility and well, it is more technical anyway. Overall, try it out and don't sell out if you have trouble at the beginning, it's worth it. Take care and I hope this helps for the new ones out there.* Review edited 4/9/2012

* Review edited 4/9/2012

Similar Trail: Lewis & Clark, close to this but not as hard.

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Jewel Park MTB Trail 4.40 out of 5 based on 16 ratings. 16 user reviews.
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