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Grand Beach
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Difficulty: Beginner bike trail - Beginner
Length: 15 miles Global Rank: #5363
Tread: Doubletrack Configuration: Network
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Your best bet is to follow Beaver trail (except for the two stretches that are under water - don't go there) and hook up with various single track along the way. Some of it is pretty easy to miss, so watch carefully. There really is no set route - just go and explore. Watch for hikers on all of the trails - please be courteous. We have had a peaceful co-existence so far; please help keep it that way.

Overall terrain is a mix - smooth hardpack, loose sand, rocky stretches, hills. To someone who is used to riding in the mountains, this place would a cakewalk. If you are used to the flats, it can be challenging.

Please note that the trails are used for races on occasion, so check the schedule (the Manitoba Cycling Association should be able to offer that info)

Other Notes:
-no drinking water, bring your own
-bring bug repellent

Shoot me an email if you have any questions.

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lowiec on December 10, 2008
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