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added by Guest on June 4, 2004
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Mostly singletrack, some double and very little 4X4. Trails range from somewhat rocky to smooth and fast. Blue trail has 3-4 switchbacks. New trails being added all the time. Somewhat technical in places. Some tight, fast downhill sections. There are trail maps on most of the trails but they are out of date and show only the marked trails. These trails are home of the "Tour De Tykes" race to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. Also, remember where you are parked in relation to the hospital... the trails come out in different places but if you can see the hospital you will know where your car is.
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dirtrider6 on October 30, 2010
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Review: We went down this year for the annual Millerfest man what a great time, like others have said long tough climbs, some fast fun downhills with some technical sections mixed in, there are lots of places to play ride and have fun, I'll add a couple video's I made.

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BU10May on November 8, 2009
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Review: The geisinger trails are a nice network of trails. They are pretty well marked and there are some very challenging climbs.

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agaynerd on October 17, 2009
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Review: Nice trail systems, good up hills and down hills. A little rocky, but helps gain experience with technical climbing. One of the top spots in Pennsylvania.

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SSSORT on October 14, 2008
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Review: Go with someone who knows the trails. Visited on advice..trails are not marked well. Climb up and speed down...very rocky in places. Most likely desreves a better review but I could not navigate my way around.

Similar Trail: N/A

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jlpXC on March 13, 2007
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Review: My brief review... It kicks ass. I love this place. I have been riding my mountain bike for a long time, but I really learned how to ride at Geisinger. Technical enough to teach you how to handle your bike. Great race training. It may be relatively short, but you can put in 20 miles, and I can tell you if you do you'll feel like you did something. Most of it is either climbing or nice flowing downhills. A great cross country venue. Check out the race:

Similar Trail: It's hard to find a tight network or trails that offer this kind of riding. Alot of trails in PA are singletrack pieces together by Fire roads. Try Blue Marsh Lake near Reading PA , or Middle Run Natural Area/White Clay Creek State Park in Delaware

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jlpXC on May 22, 2005
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Review: Fantastic network of true singletrack. Great climbs, great downhills.

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Guest on June 4, 2004
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Review: I've riden here for a few years, many times with Micahel (aka Micheal). About 95% singletrack. Very few rocks compared with other PA singletrack. Trails branch off here and there so the maps are only a starting point. Danville isnt really near anything, but it is worth a trip. There are several miles of trails to keep one occupied for a couple of hours.

Similar Trail: Lehigh Mountain

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Geisinger Trails MTB Trail 4.14 out of 5 based on 7 ratings. 7 user reviews.
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