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added by quimby Gramcounter on October 21, 2009
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The Frisco Greenway Trail is a multi-use "rails to trails" project. However, toward the South end of the gravel "trail" past the bridge/creek (about 1 mile from trailhead) there is a network of fast, semi-technical singletrack I would estimate at probably 3 or 4 total miles (perhaps a local could clarify?). Lots of roots, small rocks with a few challenging climbs and fast descents. Trail is not marked at all can be a little confusing to navigate, though you are never very far from the main gravel "trail". Singletrack ends at another parking lot on North st. and N. Railroad Ave.
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Review: This trail has the feel of a clandestine, illegal trail. It is poorly marked and forms a web in the small, wooded area. There is no information at any of the entrances. But someone is obviously doing maintenance here.

We took the St. Louis/Zora option as a trailhead and enjoyed a nice warm up and cool down on the greenway before and after hitting the singletrack.

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toxic_ on March 12, 2013
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Review: I didn't ride the whole thing, but what I saw was decent. If you happen to be in Joplin for other reasons, it's worth bringing your bike. It's not worth going for on its own. Rumor has it there's an old graveyard somewhere on the trail, so there's some cool stuff to look for. Not the best maintained trail; there are portions where the hardest part is avoiding the tree limbs and thorn bushes that are growing into the trail.

As far as getting in, go to the Zora/St. Louis trailhead. From the parking lot hang a right. Eventually you will see a paved road on your right. Keep going, and you will see several entrances on the right. If you see the train car, the last entrance is nearby. Just look. There's a bit more trail around, but that appears to be the main one.

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loganx88x on February 15, 2013
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Review: This is a decent trail if you live in the Joplin area and don't want to travel north to KC or south to Arkansas, gets wet easily and makes it very tough to ride.

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RoadWarrior on July 24, 2011
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Review: Fun little trail system in the middle of town. Mostly beginner type single-track with a few "more difficult" spots. Trail can still be fun for more advanced riders. Just ride fast, and smile, it's the only single-track in the area. Would be a good place to get someone hooked on single-track, most log crossings have been ramped up so anyone can ride across, or use for kickers. Appx. 8 miles of trail. * Review edited 7/24/2011

* Review edited 7/24/2011

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JoeThomas88 on March 24, 2010
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Review: I live in Joplin, this is close to the only singletrack in the area. I just rode it last week and it was in good condition; some good downhill and some taxing uphill. I really enjoy singletrack, and the singltrack portion of this trail is great because it's only used by bikers. There are a couple of large chat piles and some little jumps setup that make this a lot of fun to ride. I suggest making it out if you enjoy biking, it's so much more fun than riding on a flat, wide surface! Park at Zora and St. Louis and ride southwest on the trail for about a mile, there are some singletrack entrances on your right past the bridge a ways.

Similar Trail: Fayettville, AR is about a 2 hour drive from Joplin - Devil's Den State Park nearby is awesome and you should make it out to ride those trails if you enjoy this.

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Frisco-greenway Trail MTB Trail 3.00 out of 5 based on 5 ratings. 5 user reviews.
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