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Its no coincidence that this trail is named after a visual representation of a heartbeat; up, down, up, down- you get it. Although there is no real difference in elevation from end to end the trail itself is continually changing grade. Constant twists and turns along with natural obstacles make up the challenge here. The EKG follows the contour lines of the ridge that makes up the Klondike Bluff. It has the Mega Steps trail at one end, the Baby Steps South at the other and is intersected by Baby Steps North and the Little Salty trails as they make their way up and down the grade. A challenging ride over mostly slickrock that resembles a moonscape with the ‘craters’ varying in size from section to section. These sections are divided by segments of twisty runs through the Pinion Pine trees or armored climbs over small ridges. There is a couple ‘granny gear grinds’ traveling each direction but none of any extended length. All in all a challenging but very fun ride that is sure to become a Moab classic, rated a heavy Intermediate skill level, however someone with basic skills could also take their time, pick their way through this trail and enjoy it.

The trails in this network have also adopted the marking system of painted lines on the slickrock. Here they have been color coded by trail;

Klondike Bluffs; White.

Baby Steps; Blue.

Mega Steps; Green.

Little Salty; Yellow.

EKG; Orange.

added by AK_Dan Singletrack on October 12, 2011

Part of the Klondike Bluffs trail system.

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