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on 9/16/13 by downhillbomb
Dadd Gulch
Avg Rating: (4.17 out of 5) 6 trail reviews
Difficulty: Intermediate bike trail - Intermediate
Length: 7 miles Global Rank: #1227
Tread: Singletrack Configuration: Out & Back
Ridden: 36 Wishlist: 49
11 trail check-ins
Average Speed: 5.3 mph Average Time: 1hr 16min
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Smooth singletrack out-and-back up the gulch and back down. This trail accends faster than Hewlett Gulch and Young Gulch. Many creek crossings. Nothing too technical, but some moderate climbing. The upper end of the trail connects with Dadd Gulch Road (FR 259) that can be used to with FR 263 to make a loop at the top. This trail really rips on the way back down. There are many old road-closure dirt piles that can be used to get big air!

added by dauw Singletrack on May 20, 2006

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downhillbomb on May 21, 2013
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Review: Super fun trail! Nice long climb with plenty of stream crossings to keep those feet cool. Optional rollers to catch air on the decent.

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krittah on September 15, 2012
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Review: Great trail, we had a lot of fun. Perfect for our dog although the stream beds were kinda empty with the lack of rain we have had this past summer. It was our first ride in like a year, so it was great to get us back into it, just the right amount of up and fun down. We definitely stopped a good bit since we are kinda out of shape, but a few more rides and that wouldn't have been a problem on this trail. I only remember one short section that I may not be able to do even when back in shape.

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cov87 on September 6, 2011
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Review: rode this on labour day. Only saw a handful of hikers and cyclists. Good steady climb, fairly steep at times, but not technical. The downhill was excellent; overall a great intermediate ride.

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ralbritton on July 23, 2010
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Review: With not many great trails in the Ft. Collins area, this is one of the best. Multiple small stream crossings and a moderate steady climb to the top through the aspens and awesome descent. Not to rocky either.

* Review edited 7/23/2010

Similar Trail: Hewlett Gulch

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kh1410 on June 7, 2010
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Review: This trail is a blast! Great scenery and shaded for the most part. However, I would not consider it a beginner trail. It is more of an intermediate trail. It is 3.5 miles of steady incline with some steep rocky inclines. It was only my 3rd ride ever and I had to walk my bike a lot, but it was well worth it and a ton of fun. Coming back down was a blast and the 3.5 miles went quick.

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abegold on June 1, 2009
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Review: Nice ride with some shade with creek crossings. For running the dog. Peaceful creek.

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