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Cotton Brook
Avg Rating: (4.00 out of 5) 4 trail reviews
Difficulty: Intermediate bike trail - Intermediate
Length: 9 miles Global Rank: #1566
Tread: Doubletrack Configuration: Loop
Ridden: 10 Wishlist: 5
0 trail check-ins Climb // Descend
+1,600 // -1,500 feet
Average Speed: 6.3 mph Average Time: 1hr 30min
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We picked this ride off the Mt Mansfield/Stowe mountain bike trail map. This was one of the few
rides on the map that had singletrack so we had to try it out. After climbing a little over 1000 feet
on double track and descending another few hundred feet (still on doubletrack), we finally turned
left onto the singletrack. Steep, fast descent, a few rocks, and very overgrown trail. It was still
great though, all rideable. On the way back down we stuck to the singletrack that parallels the
gravel road and it was crazy up and down. You'll scream down a hill about 1/10 of a mile and then
power right back up for another 1/10 mile steep climb. Nice scenery too.

added by jeff World Champ on August 13, 2005

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abigperson on August 10, 2009
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Review: Great trail...rode through this area a few days this past weekend. The logging road provides a really great aerobic climb. I don't think I ever found the exact route marked here...similar to other reviewers. It isn't very well marked. One day I rode the logging road as far as I could and then took it back down. The second day I took a snowmobile trail off to the left, but it didn't seem like I was 7 miles up. The trail here was overgrown...a few areas I had to get off the bike and carry over a fallen tree but all in all a lot of fun. I also got pretty lost at one point and ended up by a campsite near the pond :) A great adventure nonetheless and would certainly go back!

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Asfyxiate on August 8, 2009
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Review: I must have gotten lost, or missed the correct trail (it's what I get for not bringing the singletracks map with me) because I didn't find this to be 11 miles, however what I did ride was scenic and loads of fun, plenty of climbing and great descents too. Cotton Brook is also a place where you can bring your canoe or kayak if you're into that. Also as a plus, it's in the heart of Stowe, so shopping is only minutes away.

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jstallings on June 30, 2008
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Review: I did not ride the whole trail but what I rode was fun. The gravel road was scenic and not real hard. What was hard was some side trails that were made for snowmobiling and mountain biking. Some places were steep and long. I had to push up a few of the hills. The steepness was doable they just went a little longer than I wanted. Get your wife to drop you off. This is a tourist area with shopping and brousing opportunities. That way everyone is happy.

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mudhunny on August 14, 2005
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Review: The steady climb is a good aerobic workout and worth the effort for the mile-long (approx) downhill section of singletrack (until you get back to the dirt road). Overall a fun ride, supposedly there are more short out and back singletrack trails that start near the parking lot.

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