Colorado Trail: Kenosha Pass To Breckenridge

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added by Siberian Gramcounter on August 22, 2004
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Begin at Kenosha Pass trailhead. Best to get an early start if possible, as this trail took us much longer than we thought it would. The trail out of Kenosha is fairly easy and definitely scenic. It has a balance of uphill and downhill, although it does climb more as you get closer to the Georgia Pass area. This section is very lush and can be pretty treacherous when wet as there are many roots on parts of the trail that made for some slow going. Weather is unpredictable here too, so plan for bad weather!

The ascent up to Georgia Pass is more or less an easy climb, although the altitude (you are just above treeline) and strong winds may add some excitement for you. Once at the top, the views on both sides make the climb worthwhile and you will definitely want to bring a camera to record your journey. It is about 12 miles from Kenosha to the top, and may take about 3 hours depending on your ability. Technically, this section was not that hard.

The backside of the pass is where things start to get interesting. Once off the pass, you will immediately hit some great singletrack downhill and the climb up is forgotten. However, after a few miles you will run into some rocky sections of large boulders in the trail that will probably slow you down quite a bit. Roots are quite common in this section as well...and can also take their toll. We ran out of water (we carry 3L Camelbaks) about 6 miles below the pass, so make sure you take a water filter out there!

The CO Trail has been re-routed in one key place, and instead of following the road down for almost the entire length of the trail (as it appears on older maps), it now has a significant climb added in. If you have an up-to-date map, you will see this climb about 10-12 miles down from Georgia Pass. Be prepared as it is about 1000' over 1.5 miles and was quite difficult after having ridden in high altitude and having about 22 miles of trail behind us. It is a long steady climb to be sure, and you will be cursing the CO Trail folks for adding this section in...until you start going down again. This is some of the best singletrack you will encounter on the CO Trail anywhere from this point back to Denver. From the top of this ascent, almost all the way to Hwy 9, there are fantastic descents, easy and scenic forest sections, and just a few short climbs thrown in to keep you honest. Just great riding for the last 10 or so miles.

Once into Breckenridge, it is about a 4 mile ride up the bike path (south) until you get into the business part of town. You can ride to wherever you arranged to meet your friends. Have a nice meal, then jump in the car, head back to Kenosha (approx. 1 hour by car) to get your other vehicle, and call it a day. It took us about 8 hours to do the 32 trail miles...but we had some rain which made things extra slick and slow in a few places. A good weather day might cut that time somewhat. As with most any trail, you will want to bring a good map with you (we used the Latitude 40, Summit County Trails map).
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Q: I would like to ride this from Kneosha to Breckenridge on May 30th. Am I crazy? Is this too early? -Guest

A: Yes, definitely too early. Especially this season, most of this trail will not be rideable until closer to July, late June at the earliest.

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pgee79 on September 28, 2014
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Review: This trail has everything. Start up an easy short climb. Then descend out in the open with amazing views into some aspens. Some occasional techy spots, nothing too tough. Then starts a great long climb up to Georgia Pass. It's rooty enough to keep you on your toes, but not terribly difficult. Once over Georgia Pass the real fun begins. There is about a mile stretch of this descent that is very technical and fun. You will then cross a road and the trail gets very flowy and fast for a while before the last climb up. This is a few miles, some steep sections. It's not that tough if you started your ride somewhere closer than Kenosha Pass. Once at the top you get to start one of the best descents. Very fast, just a few fun little drops. I turned off on the Blair Witch Trail which is also crazy fun.

Similar Trail: Nothing is this good

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JohnsXCbike on July 11, 2013
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Review: This is definitely a tough trail, mostly due to the distance. I've only ridden from Kenosha to Georgia pass and back, about 24 miles. I wouldn't call it that techinical, there's a ton of roots to deal with and some rocky sections here and there, but I think most of it is smooth and fast. The climb up is really tough for me, took 3.5 hours both times, had to walk some with how dead my legs where. But the reward of 45 minutes or so of downhill is totally worth it! As everyone says, bring lots of water, I went through almost 3 liters. Be well prepared for changing weather too, you never know at these higher elevations. I just put up a video of part of the ride down.

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alskoj on June 21, 2013
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Review: If you're coming from Breckenridge then you'll need to head west for about half a mile on Revette Dr. (which is north of Breck) to find the trailhead. When you see a small pond on your left, park on the right side of the road. The trail goes behind the pond then there's about six switchbacks before you reach the top. You'll still be heading uphill after that but it won't be quite as steep as the switchbacks. Super Trail! Don't miss it! You can ride all the way to Kenosha or just turn around at anytime and head back to the trailhead.
The Topo map on this site is incorrect. It lists Revette Dr. as "Peak One Dr." on the Breck side of the trail.

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kuala_tahan on September 24, 2012
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Review: Rode up to Georgia Pass and back down, real fun trail. Initial descent is fun, fast, and ridiculously crowded. At the bottom the crowd thins out, and you get a few techie sections here and there beginning the climb up Georgia Pass, but nothing too tough. It's long climb up, but not too killer. At the top of Georgia Pass, rode Jefferson Creek back down. Once you get below treeline, there's some rocky switchbacks, then it stops switchbacking and is just fun, flowy, (well-placed) rockiness that makes for an awesome and minimally crowded downhill. Riding through the aspens on the way back to Kenosha Pass (before the climb) is smooth and fast singletrack, then a not-too-bad climb back up to Kenosha. All in all an awesome trail, tons of fun, nice big ride with beautiful views. Bring lots of water and enough food to keep yourself going for about 10-12 miles of climbing all said and done.

Similar Trail: Monarch Crest, West Ridge

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jmiller013 on June 15, 2012
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Review: Great single track. You must be in really good shape or this ride will crush your soul. The first descent is a lot of fun. Then their is a long climb up to lunch rock. From their the uphill is fairly steady but not too tough. Coming back down, the downhill is great to the lunch rock area. It's a little rooty from that point to the road. From that point the best section is the last bit of downhill to the car at kenosha. I liked this section best but by the time I got to it I was worked. Overall a great trail but you must be in very good shape.

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Greg Heil on June 13, 2012
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Review: For a map of this trail, see the Colorado Trail/West Jefferson trail. This ride is just awesome! This is a totally backcountry, high-alpine route that requires you to be on your game both physically, skill wise, and with your preparation. Be prepared for tons of climbing, descending, rocks, roots, and just generally tons of gnar. Also, the views of the South Park valley can't be beat! I highly recommend it!

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cromagno on September 18, 2011
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Review: Roots, rocks, reggae. Great fun to be had on this trail when you are going downhill. The uphills can be a slog though, especially with that thin air-make sure you are well fed for this one and bring along a lot of water and energy bars. Not very technical but occasional spots that require some work, mostly just a long grunt on the uphills and blazing fast down that can be troublesome if you hit a root wrong. Great views as well. Give yourself plenty of time-took me just under 4 hours to complete.

* Review edited 9/18/2011

Similar Trail: flatirons vista trail and Marshall Mesa near Boulder

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kkilton on August 9, 2011
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Review: I didn't ride all the way to Breck, just to Georgia Pass and back down for 24 miles of extacy! The views are awesome and so is the trail. You get a little bit of everything on this trail and it's amazing to see the diversity of the trail. We saw a moose and a bear along side the trail. There are quite a few technical sections and not many easy miles on this ride. Make sure you take lots of calories with and plenty of water. I went through my 3 liters on a 72 degree day but didn't run out. The altitude didn't get to me until after lunch rock but then it took it's toll even though there wasn't anymore technical spots.

Similar Trail: Monarch Crest?

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djlarroc on July 24, 2011
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Review: Rode Kenosha Pass to Georgia pass today. It is a fun trail, but it was definitely a challenge! I consider myself to be in good shape, and it kicked my arse and the other 3 in my group. Lots and I mean LOTS of roots to maneuver over. They provided a good challenge, and add the elevation, and it's a bruiser! You see a lot of more experienced bikers on this trail. Once you get to Georgia Pass though, you realize why you rode this beast. It's absolutely beautiful. One thing I had not see in any review is the mosquitos! They will eat you alive! We could not stop to take a decent breather, because in seconds they were all over you! Bring repellant!

Similar Trail: Deer Creek Canyon

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Shanet74 on July 6, 2011
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Review: Have ridden all over the US, and this is one of the best rides there is. I think much better then Buffalo Creek (still don't know how that trail is ranked #1). Some technical with roots, rocks, but no big drop offs. Views are outstanding. The trail can be taken all the way to Breckenridge, but we stopped at the top of Georgia Pass. Seemed like most people stopped prior to the climb up Georgia pass. The climb up Georgia pass is challenging depending on your conditioning. I would say not the best trail if in poor condition because of the altitude, but the nice thing is if you feel like your starting to bonk, you simply just turn around.

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mwalsh23 on June 28, 2011
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Review: I rode this last fall as the aspens were turning. It was beautiful, challenging, & a complete blast. It was a long day in the saddle so bring LOTS of water. There are some technical spots that were beyond my skill level, but most of the ride is quality Colorado singletrack. I rode it on my 29er hard tail. The descent towards Breck was fun but really rough. As a result, I am now a full suspension 29er convert.

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anthonywilbanks on June 12, 2011
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Review: This trail has classic Colorado single track. I consider it a must ride. It has nice views, killer climbs and fast down hills. But don't be fooled, the altitude makes for a serious workout. But all in good fun : )

* Review edited 6/12/2011

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maddslacker on March 30, 2011
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Review: This is classic Colorado high altitude singletrack. It starts out pretty scenic and tame but turns into rooty, rocky fun. It's an out and back, and make sure to save some gas for the climb on the way back out.

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Haebe04(WSC) on January 24, 2011
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Review: Great scenery and great single track

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mwalsh23 on September 23, 2010
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Review: For anyone interested in an epic ride in Colorado's high country, this ride will not disappoint. This is the longest stretch of the Colorado Trail I've ridden. The trail is in excellent shape and winds through pine, aspen, and grassland. The climbs range from technically challenging to lung busting, but not that technical. Starting any ride at 10k' makes for an oxygen starved challenge, but your payoff will be substantial. We rode the route in mid-September and were treated to the full glory of aspens turning. As one who primarily rides a road bike, this route was at my limit of ability. All in all, I am really glad I got to do the ride and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone ready for a back country challenge.

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stillfat on September 20, 2010
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Review: Did the out and back with the lollipop at the top looping Jefferson Creek. I've done the out and back just on the CO trail before, but the Jefferson Creek Trail down is better. It's more technical, but narrower and goes through deeper, darker woods. Overall this is a great ride - it's all doable, nothing too tough but the miles, initial somewhat technical climb out of Jefferson Creek and altitude will kick your butt if you're not in pretty good shape. The last climb out of Guernsey Gulch on the way back is brutal - not too bad taken by itself, but after everything you've already been through it's hell. The ride is crazy pretty in late September with the Aspens turning, but draws a lot of lycra-barneys. I ran across at least four herds of them - over a dozen in each group. A bit frustrating when you're trying to pass, but you can't blame them for getting out to such a great place.

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propwash on September 18, 2009
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Review: I love this trail , Iam going to try and go back before the snow starts to fly. I rode it with a group, it started raining on the way back down I was soaked by the time I got to the trail head. Cant wait to get back! This and bear creek are my kinda trails.

Similar Trail: bear creek

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RideorDie on June 19, 2009
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Review: Great trail with killer decents, views, and enough climbs to keep you honest. Loved it!

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BarDev on July 21, 2008
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Review: This weekend (07/19/2008) I rode Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass for the first time. I was with two additional riders; neither of these guys have ridden the trail. We started the trail at Highway 285, just outside of Kenosha Trail Camp Site. The first 3 miles was pretty easy climb through Aspen trees and everyone in my party did fairly well. Around the 4 mile mark, rocks and roots were more exposed. The trail become more difficult. Right after the road that goes to Beaver Ponds Picnic Area, the trail seamed even more difficult. If I was at 7000 feet everything would probably be very doable, but being around 10,000 made everything difficult. About 1 mile after crossing the road that leads to Beaver Ponds Picnic Area, the two guys in my party decided to turn around. It was just too difficult to continue this type of trail (roots, rocks, 10500+ feet elevation, and another 6 miles). But, unknown to them, in another mile or so, the trail become significantly easier. About 50 yard pass Lunch Rock, the trail became much easier. There were very few roots exposed and there didn’t seem to be as many rocks. Eventually I made it to the top of Georgia Pass in 3.5 hours and started my decent. Everything is downhill between Georgia Pass and the road that leads to the Beaver Ponds Picnic Area. My legs stared cramping a little before the road that goes to Beaver Ponds Picnic Area. With an additional 4-5 miles uphill, I decided to take the road back to Jefferson and then take 285 back to Kenosha Pass Trail Head. I’m not sure if ridding into Jefferson and then up 285 to Kenosha Pass was a smart idea. The Road to Jefferson does not contain any noticeable elevation gain, and I was able to cruise about 20 mph all the way to Jefferson. The ride up Kenosha Pass on 285 wasn’t easy, but very doable. The problem with the road to Kenosha pass was the shoulder, or the lack there of. I will certainly do this trail again, but next time I will continue to Breckenridge. Colorado Trail / Kenosha To Breckenridge Mountain Bike Trail Maps to Beaver Ponds Picnic Area

Similar Trail: Colorado Trail / Kenosha To Breckenridge Mountain Bike Trail

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Rebus on October 26, 2007
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Review: This trail entry is only for the Kenosha Pass section that turns around at the Georgia Pass. This is a straight out-n-back with a lot of climbing, descending, rocks, and roots. The views are absolutely amazing and the singletrack is sweet. The trailhead is at 9000' above sea level and you stay above 9000 ft all day. After climbing for a while you get some spectacular views of south Park county and the mountains surrounding Fairplay. You roll through some great pastures then back into the woods for more climbing and descending over roots and more rock gardens. This is an absolute MUST-RIDE trail but bring plenty of water and sunscreen.
In the summer months, this trail is wall-to-wall hikers and bikers. Parking is a mess during peak times also. Don't let that discourage you from riding this trail.

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chaserbra on October 8, 2007
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Review: kick f***in ass trail great decents and brutal climbs i rode this trail the middle of june at the top of the first decent there was still 4 feet of snow so i would recomend a july ride very epic bring lots of water and grub

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shane_anthony77 on October 2, 2007
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Review: Great ride I was in Breck last weekend for a conference and got a chance to ride on friday and this trail came highly recommended. I actually parked at Dredge Boat Trailhead off of Tiger Rd. rode the road to colorado trail and took dredge boat trail back to my car. Great loop ended up being about 25 miles. Great singletrack!

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gschocker on September 24, 2007
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Review: Awesome ride. We had friends drop us off at Kenosha Pass. Great scenery and some awesome climbs. Dropped to Highway 9 and pedaled to my place in Frisco.

Similar Trail: Monarch Crest

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utedude on August 14, 2007
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Review: I took this trail from the top of Georgia pass to Breckenrildge and overall found that it was not all it was cracked up to be. It was like any other summit county trail with sharp rocks and hairpin turns. Regardless, there was still some sweet singltrack but not of the caliber of trail near crested butte, telluride, and even the front range. I had a badly bruised and bleeding wrist through the boulder field section so I am judging it would have been more fun without it. However, the constant worry of puncturing one or both of your tires on one of the sharp summit county rocks is not fun. I was also surprised at how little the trail was maintained and marked. Overall, i liked the trail but it was not great like I have heard.

Similar Trail: Barney Ford to Moonstone, Peaks trail, any summit county trail laden with sharp rocks!

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BobinConifer on May 13, 2007
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Review: Great ride with everything Colorado is known for... Including inevitible late afternoon t-storms. I started this, with a few of my regular Denver biking buddies, as a typical Kenosha-Georgia pass out and back but when we got to the top of Georgia we decided to see what the DH to Breck was like. We were all in pretty good shape except for D.N. who broke a rib on the climb. So we gave it a shot. The single track down is beautiful and not too heavily travelled. The boulder fields trail is a blast (except for D.N.) and made my triceps feel like they were on fire. Overall this is a fun ride but there really isn't any spectacular feature that stands out. Although arriving in Breck for a break on a sunny patio is just fine with me...

Similar Trail: Agate Creek

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bonkedagain on June 27, 2006
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Review: Wow! What a fantastic trail! If you are into epic cross-country rides with lots of screaming downhill then you have to ride this. Like everybody says, the climb is pretty easy, the views are fantastic, and the downhills are the best. Well worth it to set up a shuttle (just over an hour drive from trailhead to trailhead). You could also ride this as an out-and-back to Georgia Pass, which would be really fun, or go up Tiger Road and join in where the trail crosses the road. But, you really don't want to miss the downhill from Georgia Pass to Tiger Road -- it is just too fun.

Similar Trail: Monarch Crest

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JJonas on July 12, 2005
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Review: An excellent part of the CO trail...The singletrack coming out of Kenosha pass is very scenic as it rolls through old aspen groves with wonderful views of South Park and Mt Guyot. Once you cross the road to Jefferson Lake, the climbing begins. Only a couple of spots where you have to get off the bike, but mostly an uneventful climb. As was described above, the CO trail off the top of Georgia Pass is great until it crosses the Jeep path and gets very rocky and rooty. Once you reach the creek at the bottom (Middle Fork of the Swan Ck I think), the tough section is over and you've got the option of following the dirt road (which turns into Tiger Run Rd) back to Breckenridge or continuing on the CO trail. The next section of the CO trail is a good balance of up and down, and only lasts a couple of miles before you reach another road. Once you cross this second road, the climb begins...and although its not technically difficult, it's still tough because of the miles under your belt. Once at the top, the fun begins...I think the quality of this section of trail has diminished...There is now quite a few sections through the switchbacks that have been rutted out and turned to washboard...I hope you have a good suspension system to s*** up the trail...Overall a good epic ride.

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schwingletrack on May 25, 2005
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Review: This trail is amazing..done it a couple of times, kicked my A** both times. But the scenery is killer espically in sept..and oct when the huge stands of Aspen are orange and cool.

Similar Trail: Buffalo Creek/Pine Valley

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mudhunny on August 2, 2004
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Review: This trail is easily one of the most scenic in Colorado. The route starts at about 10,000 feet and consists of relatively gradual climbs. You'll ride through thick aspen groves, dense pine forests, grassy meadows with incredible views, and everything in between. Add this trail to your wishlist right now, you gotta do it. Some technical and rocky sections and some rooty parts as well. Lots of weekend traffic so plan your trip for an off peak time for optimal enjoyment. You can turn around at FS Road 401 to make it a 12 mile round trip or at Georgia Pass for a 24 mile trip. The trail to the south of Kenosha Pass is open to bicycles as well.

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Colorado Trail: Kenosha Pass To Breckenridge MTB Trail 4.69 out of 5 based on 29 ratings. 29 user reviews.
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