Camrock 3

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4.75 out of 5
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added by Marty_T. Granny Gear on June 15, 2012
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Fun technical singletrack.
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TanukiNate on November 15, 2014
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Review: Hit this trail system up on my way home from work. It was my first time riding it and boy was it a blast. I was short on time so only some of the blues and blacks. Will need to come back to enjoy it fully.

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joeypurple8 on August 2, 2014
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Review: What a fun place to ride! It's about 30-40 minutes from Madison, and is probably the best biking in that area. Almost all skill levels of riders can have a fun time there. The advanced trails aren't horribly technical, although I haven't been on cliff edge yet, so I might have spoken too soon. The Outback, Rip 'n ride, and Mayor's playground are some of the more fun trails there. Camrock 3 is pretty easy to cover entirely in a few hours, but that's okay because the trails are fun to do multiple times

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sandstone1985 on July 12, 2014
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Review: Super fun, well built and maintained. You need a wi trail pass to ride here.

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nadjak_kin on May 24, 2014
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Review: Always a fun ride on these trails. Well groomed and diverse enough for any skill level to ride. Would love to see more air but the trail stewards have never left me disappointed. Excellent ride day or night.

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randomacity on April 22, 2014
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Review: Good trail, some of the new sections out towards Cam-Rock 1 have lost a lot of flow because of some new rollers.

The area near Cam-Rock 3 is always and absolute blast no matter how you go with it.

The Outback loop near Cam-Rock 1 has been boarded off due to land issues.

Really fun trail system, not as flowy as some but the lap is great and if you can get a sub-30 minute lap of all 8 miles kudos to you.

Also, trail is very smooth, not a ton of rocks or root around, perfect singletrack.

Similar Trail: John Muir, Emma Carland

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TheMayor on October 15, 2013
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Review: Not sure how to rate the entire trail system. There is everything here from the easiest beginner trail, to trails where the best technical riders will be challenged. The easiest trails are the doubletrack grass ski trails at CamRock II. Next up is the Connector for easy singletrack. It goes all the way from Cambridge to Rockdale. A nice 3 mile ride each way, with little climbing if you take the beginner bypasses. Stay on the main trail for a little more challenge. If you want more challenge head up from the Rockdale Roundabout to Turn It Up, Stonefly, Corkscrew, and Rattlesnake. The next notch up in difficulty is the Outback. Lots of wooden TTF's out there to challenge and work on your skills. The most technically demanding trail is Cliff Edge. It veers off Turn It Up trail at the top of the hill. This is old school expert technical trail. There are sections here that should be walked before you try riding them. Some sketchy loose rocks as well. And the steepest climb you will find anywhere. The trails are really well marked. Maps are located at every trailhead and every main trail intersection. All trails have marker posts with trail names and EMS post codes for precise GPS location in an emergency. Trail has a lot of flow. It was built to challenge the rider, and be a fun trail to ride. It was not built for speed, though there are some sections that flow fast. More sections have been added with rollers and berms. More flow and more technical features are in the works.

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hollyanne99 on September 4, 2013
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Review: Single track trails with great flow. Trails great for intermediate riders with the option to add in some more advanced sections. Sections marked well. Some very technical rocky sections, but nothing one with a few years of skills can't ride. It looks like more work is going into these trails, building them up even more this season.

Similar Trail: Levis-Trow

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chetter on July 28, 2013
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Review: Nice place to ride they have a flat bike trail for people that like that also some great single track some great placed jumps and rocks to get a bit of air off of also nice technical stuff that's great they added some nice tec stuff in the outback trail love riding here

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stumpyfsr on November 11, 2012
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Review: a lot of work has been put into this singletrack. it's a hidden gem in Madison area. Trail marked very well with maps on intersections. Some sections are steep, some easy rolling. Cool bridges, skinnies and unexpected drops. but nothing too scary or unavoidable. if in the area, definitely try it.
I rate it as an Intermidiate, but there are sections that require more skills

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Camrock 3 MTB Trail 4.75 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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