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added by firedawg Granny Gear on July 23, 2008
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Description:This system is a great place for a good tempo run. The race loop, marked by the black arrows on the trees, is 6 miles long. However, there are numerous other trails that connect the larger outer trail. The trails usually require several sunny days to recover after a rain. Length: About 7-8 total miles
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Clint Campbell on December 8, 2014
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Review: This is a really fun trail. It has great flow, is well maintained, and has good diversity of terrain.

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Kevin DallasBikr Hill on July 26, 2014
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Review: A very nice beginner trail with some semi-intermediate features. Well marked and heavily wooded which makes great shade on a hot day. Made a full lap video, available here:


We were in town for a week, only had a chance to go once but would have loved to do a second lap at speed!

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Guest on June 1, 2014
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Review: I'm a trail runner from PA where there are endless trails, mountains, etc. I've been struggling to find anything comparable in MS and I came across this site and hit the trail today. I am adding a review to help other runners who might find this page as well. if this trail were in PA it'd be a 2 but it's probably one of the best available in the Jackson area so I gave it a 4. it's pretty short and the map is tough to follow but it offers runners a variety of terrain and the trail is marked well. I had no issues after 2-3 days of rain, but expect to get wet/muddy. bottom line is if you're in this area and want to trail run this may be your best bet - I've heard mixed reviews for running at ridgeland trails but I have yet to make it up there.

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Azus Bear on May 3, 2014
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Review: I would like to say thanks to the previous poster Bruce alt.
I have added a map to photos to help people find some locations and where to go.
Go to Clinton from I-20 and get off at (exit 36) not 35 head south on springridge rd 1.5 miles There will be a stoplight and gas station on the corner of McRaven rd. Take a left. Then take your first left to a small building behind a fence (Tee Time Driving Range) follow the road on past towards the water tower then go left at the split "watch for potholes while going around the next turn and park at the spot surrounded by large logs.
The Trails start at either Gate I started at the double pole gate.

Trail Tip (Orange Signs indicate path for the main trail and Yellow Signs are to go back to parking if you are getting tired)

The Review:
I took my wife and Teen age nephews for our first trail ride
There are quite a few drops and short hard climbs with a few locations for jumps but, most can be bypassed except for a small drainage ditch that we had to step across carrying our bikes or if you are real fast and adventurous ramps to one side so you can jump it. there are a lot of very small roots and some light long inclines and a few mud puddles some people have been riding around. Be Careful when going down some small drops as you may not notice a drop off in the next few hills if going fast for your first time.
This trail is in decent condition and I would like to thank the unknown volunteers that have been doing great work to maintain the trails.

This trail need more respectable people to go and ride it out to help cut some paths and smooth them out also if you see fallen branches or limbs please remove them every hand helps and there is a trash barrel at the parking lot (The trail was very clean no litter).

I will be going back when I get the chance.

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hardrocker07 on April 20, 2014
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Review: This is a great little beginner track for a nice relaxing ride. It's dossile enough for your friends who have never been mountain biking before, but there's enough drops and fast bits to keep all six miles interesting. Fairly well maintained, but there were some muddy spots that I had to walk around every once in a while. Overall, well worth the trip. I'll definitely be going back.

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BruceAlt on November 6, 2012
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Review: The Butts Park trail system is located in southwest Jackson directly adjacent to the Clinton city limits, between McRaven Road and I-20, on the north side of Bobby Butts Park. Travel south on Springridge Road in Clinton (exit 35 I-20) approx. 1.5 miles. Turn left (east) onto McRaven Road and travel .3 miles. Turn left to enter the park off McRaven Road at the Tee Time golf driving range (6615 McRaven Road), go .3 miles and turn left at the t-intersection by the old water tower, and follow the gravel road .4 miles to the gravel parking lot( 32 deg 18'31.79" N, 90 deg 18'58.33 W). The main 6 mile trail is marked with black on orange directional arrows and begins at the double steel pipe gate by the mountain bikers/runners picnic table 150 yards west of the gravel parking lot. This is the racecourse for the annual Mississippi College Fellowship of Christian Athletes Endurance Challenge Duathlon held in April. Several side trails allow a variety of rides and increase the total length to 7.5 miles. There are several exit trails marked with black on yellow arrows. The trail is all woodland singletrack, most of which is suitable for beginners. Several steep drops, a narrow bridge, and challenging climbs, all of which can be bypassed, make this system fun for intermediate riders. The heavy clay soil does not drain well so allow for several drying days after a rain. A dedicated group of volunteer trail stewards have invested hundreds of man-hours to armor and drain wet spots and improve the sustainability of this system which is shared by trail runners and mountain bikers. The now abandoned, historic Mississippi Basin Model, built by the US Army Corps of Engineers to model flood events in the entire Mississippi River watershed, is directly south of the trails. Begun in 1943, the site work was done by German prisoners of war imprisoned at Camp Clinton.

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sjhunter24 on June 4, 2012
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Review: I rode this trail a couple of weekends ago when I visited my parents in Clinton. It's nothing technical or difficult but was rather enjoyable. It wasn't too well maintained and I ran through a massive spiderweb. I didn't have any trouble with the trail markings as there is really only one way to go. I didn't see a single soul on the trail so don't expect to be rescued if you had a flat or something like that. The final section had some pretty nice flowing downhill that was really fun.

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Nishiki77 on March 18, 2012
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Review: I thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm still a beginner rider. I rode the red arrowed trail it defiantly pushed me to the limit but as a beginner I would recommend this trail to many people. Only draw back I really saw the arrows can be a little miss leading when the trails cross each other. But for me the trail paths were pretty clean an well drawn out, was a great ride though defiantly be back!

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Spartan on November 2, 2011
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Review: "bikecowboys" previous post review of this trail is dead on how I feel. Great fun trail and horrible markings and random arrows...?? This place could be much better with markings. As for the gate to start at ...start at the chain link fence gate that has a sawn off telephone pole next to it. Its right next to the gravel parking lot like the directions up above say. Once thru the gate dont go immediately left follow the old paved road a little bit and there are trail 2 or 3 trail heads on the left side as you go along this paved road. Other than that...its just random trails everywhere and you need to use your internal compass to get back..

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bikecowboy on April 29, 2011
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Review: Rode this trail today. This trail has a lot of potential. There is no tech difficulty on it but there plenty of opps to jump and go fast. Most of the trail has good flow but what it does not have is a way to figure out which way to go. There are orange blazes on trees but who knows where you are supposed to start. The directions on the site here say "start at the vehicle gate" but there are two gates...one on each end of the parking lot. I spent more time trying to decipher the trails than I did riding. If the trail had some decent directions about where to start and which trail was the main trail so that you could know that you were staying on it the ride would be much more fun. Now that I have at least some idea about what's out there I would probably stop and ride it again when I am in the area. I would have given it a 4 with better marking.

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fastNdumb on June 10, 2010
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Review: Awesome ride. I'm just getting into MtBKing and I loved it, even after eating dirt shortly after getting started on this trail. I recommend it to all the MS riders looking for a short adventure.

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mcattack on June 19, 2009
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Review: Amazing trail. Great speed and good jumps, not hard to ride but its fun.

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Electrolyte on November 9, 2008
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Review: Great trail, never a lull in the ride including several sections of up-n-downs, jumps, and long down hill straightaways to really burn out a fast run. Well ridden trails make it easy to gain and maintain momentum. Great track to build endurance and set personal goals.

* Review edited 11/10/2008

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Butts Park MTB Trail 3.92 out of 5 based on 13 ratings. 13 user reviews.
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