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Brockover Mesa - Yet Another Great Loop
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Difficulty: Intermediate bike trail - Intermediate
Length: 15 miles Global Rank: #7084
Tread: Singletrack Configuration: Loop
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+3,000 // -2,500 feet
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This loop is one route in the Brockover Mesa / Turkey Springs Network of

MBT Trails. More info on these trails can be found at

This route has a total ascent of 2700 feet over its 14.63 mile length, but

you will hardly notice it. You gain your elevation slowly and gradually.

When you will notice it is when you start a long, loopy descent.

You'll enjoy this one!

Route instructions:

Reset bike computer/GPS unit at Gate 5.

Ride west on Lower Newt Jack Rd. following the fence line.

At about 1 mile, you descend a rocky hill with a frog pond on your left. Walk

this if you are not a comfortable “downhiller.”

At mile 1.15 you come to a gate with a green, bike cattle guard on your left.

Cross the cattle guard and immediately pick up a trail branching right off of

Lower Newt Jack Road.

Follow this trail (“Happy Meal Trail”) for two miles. At mile 1.55 there is a

fork in the trail with a branch going right. Take the left fork. (Note: The

right fork takes you to Gate 3 off Fremont Court.

At mile 3.14 you reach Newt Jack Road. Turn right.

At mile 3.23 (150 yards) the road turns to the right. There is a single track

exiting on your left. Take it (This is “Horseshoe Trail.”)

At mile 3.75 you reach Park Reservoir (Pond). Just before the pond, take a

trail going to your left and down a short, steep hill. This is the start of

“Park Avenue.”

At mile 4.05 you intersect another trail (X-C Ski Trail). Turn left onto this


At mile 4.67 a you reach a trail exiting to your left (Corncob Trail). Take it.

(At this point you are very close to Turkey Springs Road and can see it

through the trees before you turn onto Corncob Trail.)

At mile 6.08 you intersect another trail (Elk Run Trail). Turn right. In a few

yards you will intersect Brockover Road. Turn right onto Brockover Road.

At Mile 6.16 (a tenth of a mile), turn left onto an old road bed / single track

marked with Forest Service carsonite post.

At mile 6.72 arrive at wire gate in fence. Go through the gate (CLOSING IT

BEHIND YOU!) and continue on the trail straight ahead.

At mile 7.60 arrive at a “wye” fork in the trail. Follow the left fork and

continue down “Upper Gopher Pond Trail.”

At mile 8.48 you arrive at a “tee” intersection with an ATV trail. Continue

straight ahead across the ATV trail onto single track (“Lower Gopher Pond

Trail”). Continue down the Peterson Gulch valley until trail climbs a hill and

angles left over the shoulder of a hill. Follow single track up the draw

coming down from the left.

At mile 10.14 shortly after you arrive at the top of the ridge you will cross

an old road bed. (Note: This road bed is hard to see and is only mentioned

here because a left turn on this old logging road will quickly take you out to

Brockover Road if you need to bail for some reason.) Continue straight

ahead on the single track down the hill and into “The Maze.”

At mile 11.16 arrive at wire gate in fence. Go through the gate (CLOSING

IT BEHIND YOU!) and continue on the trail straight ahead.

At mile 11.39 arrive at a “tee” intersection with “MBT.” Turn Left

At mile 11.8 you intersect Lower Brockover Road. Turn right.

At mile 12.22 you are back at the edge of the big power-line meadow. A

trail exits to your left. Take it. This is the start of the Silk Thread Trail.

At mile 13.68 a trail exits to your right. Take it. This is the Silk Thread Cut-

off and will take you to Lower Newt Jack Road.

At mile 13.94 you intersect Lower Newt Jack Road. Turn right.

At mile 14.63 you arrive back at the Gate 5 Trailhead.

added by norski Doubletrack on November 12, 2010

Part of the Brockover Mesa / Turkey Springs Network trail system.

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norski on November 12, 2010
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Review: This is another of the many, fun variations of trail loops in the Brockover Mesa / Turkey Springs Network of Mountain Bike Trails.

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