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Boy Scout Trail
Avg Rating: (4.75 out of 5) 9 trail reviews
Difficulty: Advanced bike trail - Advanced
Length: 5 miles Global Rank: #184
Tread: Singletrack Configuration: Other
Ridden: 22 Wishlist: 29
2 trail check-ins
Average Speed: 5.7 mph Average Time: 1hr 30min
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For the first mile from Doc's the trail is mostly 4-wheel drive rutted hell. The ascent is pretty steep and requites some hiking. Start at the Doc Holliday trail head, ride to the cemetary and then head straight across to a gate. You will then come to a cattle gate which you will have to climb around. No biggie. The next 3/4 of a mile is rigorous but worth it. At the mile point you'll come to a meadow and a nice view of Sopris. Hang a left and follow the road to single track. This will lead you home. Follow the rolling single track a few miles until you get to a fork. This is where you officially meet up with boy scout. Hang a left or else you'll end up at Hubbard's Cave. The rest is all down hill and somewhat technical. This trail will take you to 9th and Palmer, approxamately 4 blocks north, and 1 block East of where you started. You can then drop straight down to Bennett and ride the 4 blocks back up to your wagon. This is the best trail in Glenwood.

added by Jamie3233 Bunny Hop on August 14, 2008

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uber_franz on March 22, 2014
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Review: This ride was all-right. A long slog and a really technical descent. I'd ride it again, but wouldn't make a destination out of it.

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gwsrida on June 12, 2012
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Review: For sure a good time. Rode Forest Hollow way and shuttled to top parking lot and when I got down, I almost felt like I cheated or something. Usually such a sweet down hill begins with a little uphill punishment. Nothing more than a little warm up and then pure grins ALLLL THE WAAAAY DOOOWWWNNN...

Similar Trail: Tried through Doc Holidays Graveyard. Way more up hill...Still worth it

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guerillabike on October 14, 2011
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Review: Does anyone have more information about connecting sleepy hollow with boyscout? I tried yesterday and got lost. I had a map from and thought for sure I followed it to the T. I ended up going down a single track with two mtn bike features (a couple of ladder ramps) and then the trail disappeared. To the right was a faint trail that went along the hill but seemed to be going the wrong way. To the left a super overgrown single track. SO i am wondering was I in the right spot? There also was a creek and power lines near by overhead. Any help would be great because I would like to do this trail.

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jbc531 on September 1, 2011
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Review: great trail I did it as an out and back great climb as the start make it a goal to climb non stop

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gr8fulcolorado on August 8, 2011
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Review: Although the route up from Cemetery is more direct, THE BEST way to ride Boy Scout is to connect with Forest Hollow Trail from the parking lot above Red Canyon Road. Good warm-up climb on jeep road to begin, then sweet winding and rolling single track. Finally reach the amazing views above the Colorado River and Glenwood Canyon before descending the steeeep Boy Scout section back into town.

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Review: One of my favorite trails in Colorado. The downhill is super fun with nice burms and little rock jumps formed up. I took the "preferred" route through Docs Trail, and as stated, there is definitely some hiking due to the scrabble on the old single track. The view of Mt Sopris is amazing at the meadow.

Similar Trail: Boneyard

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cmrfixit on July 20, 2011
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Review: Talk about an adrenaline rush!!!

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iansanity on May 30, 2011
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Review: great colorado trail. Sweet views of Glenwood canyon, flowing singletrack. Gets steep @ the end Start by driving up Red Canyon road. Best done as a shuttle ride

* Review edited 5/30/2011

Similar Trail: Son of middle, Vail

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Guest on May 4, 2009
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Review: One of the best trails in Colorado!

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