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added by ac90002 Trailblazer on June 19, 2009
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About a half mile climb to the top of the camp, cross the fireroad to singletrack on north side & down to the wooden bridge & over that. Either climb back up the singletrack or the fireroad to catch the singletrack you rode up at the start and ride that down.

This is a good after-work neighborhood ride to work on climbing and a little bit on handling singletrack. Not a destination trail. Just for those who live nearby.
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WarChariot on July 11, 2014
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Review: Don't waste your time. Zero maintenance, zero fun.

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hayze17 on August 25, 2012
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Review: I dont understand how you get to this trail. I went looking for it one day and did not come across any entrance to the path?? where do you go??

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eunited on October 25, 2010
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Review: As it was said- it is very short trail- like 2 miles (I rode with my wife around 10times this summer/autumn) Still it was a lot of fun till.. This Saturday a ranger came out of his cabin while I was close to it and with Clint Eastwood style pointed finger at me and said:"Hey You! Yes, you!!!" I stopped by - he asked me for my name- which I provided and then he asked for my last name- which I provided too. He then said if I know that it is a private property- I replied "Not really"- I was smiling and tried to be as much friendly as possible. He then said: "Well, now you know, and since it is a private property, you cannot ride your bike on the trails, I will write your name and make sure you will not do it again. If I see you on the trail, I will call State Troopers and they will take care of you." I asked then what is his name- the guy replied: " I was talking to you politely, but if you do not leave, I will call the cops and you don't worry about my name." Then I repeated my question stating that he asked my name and I provided it, and in return I want to know with whom I am speaking. He said again- "Leave now, or I will call cops". Another ranger came out (this guy I chatted before a couple of times, and when he told me like a month ago, that the sun was behind the clouds and there was some coyote activity, if I can leave and come some other day- I left, even it takes me 20mins to get to this place, left without any bad thoughts) and made my day, stating that I was photoed and recorded and if I do something illegal, they will give it to cops. I told them to have a nice day, and left. I do not know why he's got so upset about me, I do not know if it is really private property and I cannot ride my bike there. The only thing I know, I will not go there, I will not bring my kid there. "The Boy Scouts of America provides a program for young people that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness." P.S. There is no signs, that the place is a private propery, there is no signs, forbidding riding bikes there, the only signs I saw- no fireworks, hunting, parking on the trail (there is a short fireroad). I do not know why he's got so upset, and firstly, why he had to be so rude talking to me, which he called "polite". PS2. He could of just tell me "Listen buddy, I do understand you like this place and it is great for biking, but we have new rules and regulations, that forbid biking on the trail". I would said "Damn, man, thank you for letting me know. I will find another place to ride".

* Review edited 10/25/2010

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ac90002 on June 19, 2009
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Review: It's like I said above, a good after-work ride if you're in the area. ----- Re the above report about the so-called "ranger": those guys aren't rangers. They are guys who like to hang out, drink beer and pretend to be rangers so they can scare riders away to prevent accidentally hitting us with an arrow when they go bow-hunting in the woods after a sixpack or two. Which, btw, is a hell of a lot more illegal than riding bikes in the woods. You don't have to leave. Call their bluff. The only place you ever see them is outside their shack on the Homans Road extention, which is a public road. We have just as much right to be on a public road as they do. Tell 'em to go ahead and call the troopers, FBI and Al Quedda while they're at it. Then see what happens .... nothing* Review edited 5/23/2012* Review edited 5/23/2012

* Review edited 5/23/2012

Similar Trail: The Tenafly Nature Center & Palisades trails, which are just south & east of here - can be linked up into a decent afternoon local ride

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Boy Scout Camp MTB Trail 1.33 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. 4 user reviews.
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