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Difficulty: Beginner bike trail - Beginner
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Mountain biking north of the airport on moderate local trails. Explore the rolling hills between 25 & 29 Roads. This area is great for riders of all abilities. It is not technical at all and your momentum going downhill will very often get you up the next not-too-steep hill. In the Book Cliffs, you don't follow a set trail like almost everywhere else .... instead, you choose a basic direction (northwest, for example) and just keep picking one of the three or four trails branching off of the one you're on for 90 minutes, then reverse your direction (go southeast) to get back to the parking area. There is a wide array of singletrack, doubletrack, hard-packed jeep roads & some really interesting narrow sandy ravines.

added by wrestle203 Gnarly on August 30, 2012

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wrestle203 on August 30, 2012
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Review: A fun trail for beginners and very close to Grand junction. Be sure not to go out when the soil is wet. It is slick and will bind up your bike parts. Best time to ride is on the weekdays to get away from all the OHV people.

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