Beaver Creek State Park

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added by NeOhMtnBiker Gramcounter on September 20, 2010
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There are two main mtb trails connecting three areas of Beaver Creek State
The first trail called the Dogwood Trail is a loop about 3 miles long that
connects the campground with the main unit of the park, across the creek
from the restored Mill. The access at the campground is via the road to the
left just inside the campground entrance, and is to the right near the
restroom. This trail connects to the picnic area across the creek from the
restored Mill - either take the trail upstream right beside the creek or take
the other section straight up the hill from near the outhouse.
The Dogwood Trail from the campground starts with a couple of short but
steep downhills before the trail splits (take the left fork for a really steep
rocky downhill, the right fork for a better, more varied ride). There are some
steep downhill sections and some serious rocky parts before the trail drops
to creek level. From there its a level ride down to the picnic area. If you
take the other trail to the top be prepared to push some - its really steep
and rocky. There are a few rideable sections but much hike a bike before
getting back to the trail split. It'd be easy to just leave the bike at the
bottom and make the short hike to the top, then driving back to the bottom
to get the bike. But I'd consider going back the way you came if you want
to actually ride.
The other trail is the Vondergreen Trail. It's about 3-1/2 miles long and
connects the main unit of the state park with the group camping area (also
known as Sprucevale or Gretchen's Lock). The connection at the main unit is
through an upper or lower trail. The lower goes upstream from the bridge,
right at the edge of the creek. The upper trail is along the same side, just
starts up the road a bit and then goes down to the creek to join up. At the
group camping area the trail leading upstream is the mtb trail.
From the group camping area the trail is level and leads upstream at
creekside till it gets to one of the abandoned stone locks from the old
Sandy & Beaver Canal, then turns to the right and climbs up the 200 foot
ridge. Much of this is rideable, but there is a rocky section that is tough.
Once you reach the top of the ridge there's a nice section of easy up and
down as the trial traces the ridge for a mile or so. Then it T's onto a very
old, extremely eroded road and turns downhill to the left. This technical
rocky section is only a couple hundred feet long before the trail leads off to
the right and swoops down a hill beside a hikers stairway. From here back
to the main unit of the park the trail is mostly level, with only minor climbs,
though there is enough trail variation to make it fun. The trail splits to the
upper and lower Vondergreen near the end. If the water in the creek is
high, make sure you take the upper trail as the lower one will actually be in
the water. The upper trail takes another big climb, with a corresponding
downhill onto the road that crosses the creek at the bottom.
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Daniel Broache on August 29, 2014
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Review: Bike trails are not marked or identified on the park map. I found myself on a horse trail trying to make my way back to the main park. I carried my bike more than I rode it. The only trail worth riding is the Upper Vondergreen trail. Also one equine trails that comes off of this has a daunting ascent to conquer.

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32 Teeth on August 28, 2014
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Review: Not exactly a MTB trail ... very rugged and steap terrain. In fact most trail heads had signs for equine and NO BIKES.

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Beaver Creek State Park MTB Trail 1.50 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.
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