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Alpine Tunnel
Avg Rating: (5.00 out of 5) 1 trail review
Difficulty: Advanced bike trail - Advanced
Length: 18 miles Global Rank: #772
Tread: Other Configuration: Loop
Ridden: 26 Wishlist: 64
0 trail check-ins Climb // Descend
+2,400 // -3,000 feet
Average Speed: 5.1 mph Average Time: 3hr 38min
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This ride starts in the ghost town of St. Elmo.From here ride east on the you drove in on .Turn right on Hancock Road FSR 295.You are now on the historic Denver,South Park and Pacific railroad grade. After about six miles you enter the old townsite of Hancock. Cross the bridge look for Alpine Tunnel trail sign.On the lower part of the trail there are still alot of railroad ties left. It's amazing since the railroad has,t operated since 1910. The trail continues to the east portal. Just before the tunnel turn left on Continental Divide Trail. The next five miles is singletrack almost entirely above timberline. Climb a steeply for about 1/2 mile.When you come to a trail junction at top of ridge follow CDT to the right. Climb some more. From here you can see Tunnel Lake. The singletrack is difficult and rated expert. There are streem crossings and beautiful alpine meadows for several miles.One more climb, then a screaming downhil until you reach FSR267.1 Turn right down a rocky old minning road to St. Elmo.

added by lostcause Gnarly on August 16, 2005

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ACree on September 15, 2013
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Review: One of my favorite rides in CO. Not a lot of singletrack for the mileage, but lots of history and great views. Rated at 4 due the narrow and primitive singletrack. The trail is very faint in places, however it's not overly technical at all.

For another variation with a bit more history, take a left on Williams Pass, cross the continental divide, then climb up to the Alpine Tunnel from the West.

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