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Seetheworldthroughme on December 17, 2013
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Pros: PDS - Price, DURABILITY and Style.

It rode true all the way until the end. The end being, I bought a brand new 29er. Back in it's hay-day, this bike and me would out ride any of guys that i rode with. 80% was the bike and 20% was me. This outperformed all my friend's bikes with regards to durability. Not once did it break down.

Cons: I had to have the new and latest and greatest toy out there, AKA A 29er.

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dsycz on December 12, 2013
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Model/Year: 2010 Disc

Pros: good beginner mountain bike, easily upgradeable

Cons: heavy

Recommendation: Recommended for a beginner rider who isn't too sure about getting into the sport but wants to get his/her feet wet without spending too much cash.

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miketike on November 8, 2011
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Pros: Great Beginner Mtn Bike

Cons: Heavy
shifting issues
front fork needs upgrading

Recommendation: If you looking to get into mtn biking this is a great beginner bike. Not for the serious mtn biker. spend a little more & get a better bike.

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Shootr on August 22, 2010
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Pros: The bike handles well has kept it fun riding and rode it a year stock before upgrading so it came with decent components

Cons: Had shifting problems and i didnt like the stock forks. So i upgraded!!!

Recommendation: The rear Derailleur(replaced w/Sram X.5),Shifters/Brake levers(X.4 & avid), Forks(replaced w/Dart 3) and Headset(replaced w/ FSA Pro Pig DH). I just ordered the cockpit from FSA and cant wait. I am not a wt freak so i went for sturdiness. This bike is a great start point for the weekend warrior.

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treecrasher on March 23, 2010
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Pros: the bike is nice and nimble. I actually might lose my treecrasher title, since I seem to be able to avoid more trees. Guess I will just have to go faster and see what'll happen!

Cons: sometimes gives alittle problem shifting

Recommendation: A good bike for all sorts of riding, it will handle quite a bit of abuse

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singletrakkiller on August 12, 2009
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Pros: disc brakes,kenda tires extended hand bars about 400 dollars

Cons: grips wore out to fast and r sliding off

Recommendation: great for any first time mtb and i have the 08 model and i changed out the platform pedals for clipless and i like it more

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coy_ on July 9, 2009
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Pros: i like eveything

Cons: grips werent real good

Recommendation: i purchsed the newest modle about a month ago and i have had the greatest time ever riding it. it has great tires and breaks and the shifters are in a perfect spot. it has great handling and so much more. i would recomend it for any body

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DragonRail on August 24, 2008
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Pros: Disk Brakes, Kenda Tires, 100mm shocks

Cons: Grips could be a little better

Recommendation: I purchased the 2009 model a few weeks ago and riding it has has been a blast. I like having the Disk brakes and the Kenda tires keep the bike stuck to the track. The 100 mm shock take the bump out of the track and handle log pile very well.. I do plan to change out he grips. While the work well, I like a little more cushion. This is a great bike for a beginner or an advanced rider

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frelup on February 22, 2008
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Pros: it was given to me

Cons: grips, brakes, some shifting problems

Recommendation: this was the first mountain bike i ever had. given to me by a friend, very old, don't know what year, before i stopped riding it, it was basically falling apart. it wasn't a bad bike, i just don't think i knew what i was doing. i'm sure the newer models are completely diffrent and 10x better. i'm sure this review isn't really helping anyone. i'm sorry

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nycmtbr on August 7, 2007
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Pros: Low cost, durability, looks

Cons: No disc brakes, handle grips

Recommendation: I purchased this bike in April 2007. If I would have known how much I love riding trails when I bought the bike, I would have gotten a better Giant bike. I thought I would mainly ride it in the street for exercise. All things aside it is an awesome bike and does just what I need it to do while on the trails. It is the same bike with a different frame as the trek 4300. I love the ride and the feel of the bike and will be a Giant owner for a long time.

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hrtbrkr on July 26, 2007
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Pros: Shifters, brakes, knobby Kenda tires. Looks good even sittin' still.

Cons: Occasional difficulty shifting the front sprocket set, but that's probably my fault.

Recommendation: Great bike for beginners or older guys wanting to stay in the saddle. I have arthritis, mainly in my hands, and the shifters and brakes on this bike are easily operated and responsive. Excellent bike for the relatively low cost.

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Lstrange on April 30, 2007
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Pros: Haven't tried it yet.

Cons: Haven't tried it yet.

Recommendation: would like to try this one out sometime

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