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RazorRay   on Jun 3, 2013
replied to SWAMP
I am not a member of swamp, but every once in a while I get to ride the trails that...
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RazorRay   on Jun 3, 2013
replied to First Trip to Santos
dude been off the site far to long, how was your ride? anybody from florida riding lately? tune in and...
RazorRay   on Dec 6, 2012
replied to Got a "home" trail?
Has to be Loyce Harpe Park for it is the closest and is pretty challenging and then Alafia it is...
I have a set of small block eights which run great on the road but does not climb loose soil...

came up from Florida, fast and fun is everything I've been told about. The only down side is the store...
RazorRay   on Oct 31, 2012
replied to Mid November Vacation
Thanks for all the help! looked up each trail and may hit a few. Have not set a time line...
RazorRay   on Oct 20, 2012
replied to Mid November Vacation
Also where is the best place to stay at and what order should I hit the trails to get the...
RazorRay   on Oct 17, 2012
replied to Mid November Vacation
Going to hit FATS and then head up to the middle of West Virginia. Any suggestions on where to go?...
RazorRay   on Jun 7, 2012
replied to #*@!&#$ TICKS and REDBUGS
When we ride in Sebring I always pull 3 or 4 ticks. My wife none. Maybe there is something to...
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RazorRay   on Jun 7, 2012
replied to Florida Trail condition
Whats the trail conditions? I moslty ride Alafia and Carter here in central Fl and have not gotten a chance...
RazorRay   on Mar 15, 2012
replied to canoe and ride
We are in south central Fl. Looking for the best place in the Southern States to go canoeing, camping and...
RazorRay   on Feb 7, 2012
replied to Grapefruit trail
Met Bonsai up at GFT yesterday. If you are looking for a trail that has been thoughtfully put together to...
RazorRay   on Feb 2, 2012
replied to Looking for Gainesville Riders
Sent ya a pm. will head your way
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RazorRay   on Feb 2, 2012
replied to Looking for Gainesville Riders
Balm boyette, Carter park are both a little over an hour a way from me. I am still a little...
RazorRay   on Feb 2, 2012
replied to Looking for Gainesville Riders
I'll be free sometime during the week if you want to meet somewhere between us. I would like to hit...
RazorRay   on Jan 28, 2012
replied to Feb 6 Ride
Dude sounds great. can't wait to hit the trails. I have the whole weekend off now, will spend it with...
RazorRay   on Jan 27, 2012
replied to Feb 6 Ride
Bonsai-CP, Sounds good, I'll plan on going to the grape fruit trail. I will need some better directions then the...
RazorRay   on Jan 23, 2012
replied to Feb 6 Ride
I will have a day off Feb. 6. I want to go ride but am unsure of what trail to...
RazorRay   on Jan 5, 2012
replied to Any 2012 Goals??
I only get to ride once a week at the most, but I will do a 1000 mile year. It...
RazorRay   on Jan 5, 2012
created a My Trails
RazorRay   on Jan 4, 2012
replied to Tires
I currently run the small blocks. they are new but just ordered the serac made by IRC. Found them on...
RazorRay   on Dec 28, 2011
replied to Price vs Quality
Has anybody tried cheaper cameras like the vivitar helmet mounted camera? I am still fairly new and am still building...
RazorRay   on Dec 22, 2011
replied to SM8 Pinch flats
I've been riding the small block eights for 7 months now and have had over a dozen pinch flats. I'm...
RazorRay   on Oct 5, 2011
replied to Alafia / Balm Trail condition
Has anybody been out to Alafia or Balm Boyette lately? What are the trail conditions? We will be heading out before...
RazorRay   on Sep 19, 2011
replied to looking for riders central Florida
Looking for riders to ride trails ranging from Balm Boyette to North Port. I have only ridden Carter and Alafia....
RazorRay   on Aug 10, 2011
replied to SR Suntour Fork
I have a new Giant Revel 2 with a SR Suntour VS front fork. What is the proper way for...
RazorRay   on Jul 21, 2011
added a review of Santos

Went to Santos for the first time. We have only been riding blue and mild reds for a little bit....
RazorRay   on Jul 18, 2011
replied to The Squeaks
Had the same problem with my Giant. It was the pedals squeaking in every up stroke. The LBS took very...
RazorRay   on Jul 9, 2011
replied to South Georgia/Nothern Florida
Going on vacation for a couple of days. Is there any recommended trails in that area? Anyone interested in a group...
We are still new and are taking a few days off. We are looking for some fast rolling single track...
RazorRay   on Jun 28, 2011
replied to What to do when it rains?
Sitting inside today not being able to go on my ride. I get a couple of days off a week...
RazorRay   on Jun 24, 2011
replied to Where to go?
Still new to the sport. I live in Wauchula Florida and am looking for some rolling not so technical trails...
RazorRay   on Jun 23, 2011
replied to stem length and reach
Hit the shop first thing and had a much shorter stem put on. It was 1 1/2 inch to 2...
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