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stumpyfsr   15 hours ago
rode 26.8 miles at Spirit Mountain

Spirit Mt via Strava
stumpyfsr   20 hours ago
updated Spirit Mountain conditions to Good
Cool, fast riding and quality filming is what really makes video watchable. No editing will help my lame riding to gain 1M views (even if it was my goal).
stumpyfsr   3 days ago
replied to Huge head helmet help
I wasn't impressed with Kali (Amara) - fit adjustments next to none. From budget line id suggest to take a look at Specialized's helmets - fits my big head well. Not so long ago I've tried Bell Super - and this one fits best from what I've had. Yet the best is to go in…
stumpyfsr   6 days ago
replied to New chainrings/cassette advice
Hi! Congratulations on your new bike! I think that unless you willing to spend money on a new derailer and shifter why don't you just take a ring off and get 2x10? Or replace it with bash guard so you can reuse your current bolts? Just remember not to use last gear up front. I…
Hi, Marcus! I'll second John's input on full suspension bike. If I'm not sure what type of trail I'm going to ride, I'm taking my Stumpjumper FSR. With its Triad rear shock it's like having two bikes in one. Better traction and extra fun on downhills is what you getting with dual suspension.  
stumpyfsr   1 week ago
added Chengwatana State Forest
A network of ATV and XC ski trails with some singletrack here and there. Place is big and most of...
stumpyfsr   1 week ago
replied to Need your help!
@mike877, those bikes in the article aren't inexpensive but cheap. I bet only Diamondback Overdrive from all those described might survive a ride in Moab or Colorado. Don't get me wrong, those bikes are good to get you started with little investment and get you out on gravel rides. But without frame size choices and…
Cool video! Those trails are on my radar for a while. Now I have to include it on my next trip schedule
stumpyfsr   1 week ago
added Dumonde Tech Original
Dumonde Tech Original Chain Lube brings the benefits of Micro Resistant Complex Compounds to cyclists. MRCC was developed by Dumonde...

Works well for dry conditions
+ 1 other

Excellent performance in all conditions
stumpyfsr   1 week ago
updated Lucy Line conditions to Good
+ 3 others
stumpyfsr   1 week ago
updated Lucy Line conditions to Good
stumpyfsr   1 week ago
updated Lucy Line conditions to Good
stumpyfsr   1 week ago
updated Lucy Line conditions to Good
stumpyfsr   1 week ago
added a review of Lucy Line

Decent gravel ride. Fast and with almost no elevation gain.
stumpyfsr   1 week ago
added Lucy Line
Rail-to-trail gravel multi-use route with some pieces of singletrack along. 30 miles one way Good option for family ride or when...
stumpyfsr   1 week ago
rode 31.2 miles at Lucy Line

Lucy Line. Gravel part via Strava
stumpyfsr   1 week ago
updated Lucy Line conditions to Good
I did that about two years ago - rode again my first proper singletrack. It reminded me right away my first ride, first crash, and following decision to buy a helmet. :) Although I still couldn't understand how was it possible to loose balance in the middle of short fairly wide bridge and fall into…
Cool. It's like riding two bikes in the same day.
Couldn't agree more with this article. Regular after-ride cleaning and maintenance not only helps to keep your bike in top shape but also saves time when you arrive to trailhead for next ride.
stumpyfsr   2 weeks ago
replied to Trailside coffee? Off a mule?
Such an unusual and cool idea!
It doesn't take too long to put together their bikes. Only wheels and handlebar disconnected, the rest is already installed. Congrats on your purchase and have fun out on the trails
@mongeolf, carb cleaner, acetone or gasoline will work best. If not taking chain off of bike, try to protect tire from spills.
stumpyfsr   3 weeks ago
commented on 2016 Trail Check-in Contest Winners
That was a goal - to ride more new trails.
I started mountain biking on full-suspension Mangoose from Walmart. I was riding mostly gravel in parks and tried some Singletracks as well. Only after riding my friend's entry level quality hardtail I understood how big of a joke was suspension on my Mangoose. Rigid 20-year old Specualized Rockhopper felt better then my "fancy" rig. It…
Forgot to mention that double black diamonds are 10 times more fun when you have full suspension
Hi, @zdebruine! It's always fun to shop for a new bike. I own Motobecane hardtail as well (Fly Team 29er) and right after purchase put it to hard test in Pensylvania and Virginia. It held up very well. Gotta admit I never launched a drop taller then 3 feet with this bike - you have…
stumpyfsr   3 weeks ago
commented on 2016 Trail Check-in Contest Winners
That was a record for myself first of all. It wasn't easy but a lot of fun while adding over 30 new trails to my list. Big "Thank you" to Singletracks Team and sponsors for putting together this contest.
Anyone can recommend good fireproof shorts?
Good article. I went thru many different lubes, including motor oil once and ATF, but for past three years using Dumond Tech Original. Found it the most versatile for any season, any condition. It usually holds up to 50 miles in dry condition and slightly less in wet. Of course, as you mentioned, chain's sound…
Thanks, Aaron, for info. A pound is actually a lot. Makes sense to simplify drivetrain a bit.
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