Mountain Bike Wedding Pics

This little nugget of insanity comes from a featured picture set on English Russia. I don’t know if this woman ever thought she’d be biking down the aisle to the tune of “Here comes the ride,” but apparently she is enjoying the experience.

Tandem for two found on Grazier Photgraphy.

After seeing these pictures, I began to do a little bit of research and was surprised to find so few cycling themed weddings. This is both a disappointment and a relief because while it is kind of awesome, it is kind of loony as well. Of the bike weddings I did find, very few of them involved mountain bikes, probably because the bride usually wears white.

This picture found on TreeHugger.

Chances are good that if you’re reading this blog, you’re already hooked on mountain biking. But are you addicted enough to stray off the beaten path of traditional marriage ceremonies and on to the singletrack of a badass mountain bike wedding? I have to say, as an unmarried, cycle-crazy, twenty-something with a long-term girlfriend, this might be the only way I would get married. Except my bike wedding would be on a real mountain.


MTB cake topper found here on eBay.

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