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Wagonhammer Shuttle
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The upper Stein Mtn section is steep descending. Then a sidehill sections to a flat ridge and a trail junction. Taking the right hand trail through the woods will get you to Trail and Carl Gulch. The trail goes left along the ridge briefly then drops off the ridge to the right into the gully.

The trail settles in to the gully and stays there, crossing a forest road and continuing to another. Here go right on the road for about 100yds and drop into the next drainage on the obvious trail.

This is where the Sheep Creek Access drops in too and is Big Silverlead Creek.

There are some wooded sections, some wet rocky sections and some open meadow sections. After just over 1.5 miles you should see a Lewis and Clark Trailmarker stuck into a cairn of rocks.

Leave the canyon here and climb the old road bed up to a fence and a saddle. Cross the fence gate and here you have two options.

Option One...You can descend following the trail described in the Burns Gulch Loop past the water trough, then to the next rail junction. Go left and up this canyon to the next water trough.

Option two...Climb up to the left from the saddle, picking up a singletrack and climbing further, then sidehilling to a saddle. Cross the saddle into a sage filled draw, drop down the draw looking for a trail that leaves to the left and crosses the little basin to the next ridge. From the ridge drop into the next draw and then down to the water trough.

From this water trough take the obvious trail that climbs and sidehills, this then hits a saddle and a fence. Cross the fence into Little Thompson Gulch. This trail is great fun but has dire consequences to watch your speed and stay in control.

Thompson Gulch hits Wagonhammer Creek and you follow the creek down to the trailhead.

added by chukt Doubletrack on May 3, 2012

Part of the Wagonhammer Trail System trail system.

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