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Gary Fisher Marlin

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MSRP: $549.99
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Frame - Gold Series 6061 T6 internally and externally butted aluminum | Genesis Geometry

Wheels - Alloy front w/RM60 rear hub | Bontrager Camino rims | Bontrager Jones XR 26x2.25/2.2 tires

Suspension - Manitou Axel Elite w/TPC Lockout | 100mm travel

Componentry - Shimano Deore rear derailleur + Alivio shifters + front derailleur | Bontrager Sport 42/32/22 crank + Avid SD3 V brakes + Alloy platform

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bigflipwild on July 2, 2013
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Model/Year: Gary Fisher Marlin

Pros: Very Easy to Ride on rough trails and the road in many conditions.

The tough frame can take a serious beating and is able to withstand massive pressure.

It's a fun bike to take to it's limits.

Cons: I eventually had to get the Derailers replaced because I managed to bend them to the point of not being able to change gears.

For whatever reason, I bought the bike with disc brakes in the front and linear brakes in the back. The linear brakes need to be changed every 2 months or so, which is annoying but very cheap, but the disc brake pads have only been replaced once since i've bought the bike.

The Original pedals were complete shit so I got some Primo aftermarket metal pedals. Completely worthit.

Recommendation: My first Mountain Bike, extremely reliable and the paintjob adds a bit of character to the bike. If you're looking for a beginner dirt jumper for a smaller amount of money, this is my #1 choice.

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phil325 on February 17, 2012
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Pros: looks and rides great, fork suspension is soft. 29er so it travels well on rough terrain

Cons: brakes are LOUD and i've been riding a handful of times on trail. pedals feel like it should be replaced to something better because i keep slipping off on drops or high roots. tried my friend's aftermarket pedals that were wider and plastic....seemed better at foot planting.

Recommendation: other than my brakes being extremely loud (no exaggeration), the bike is great for beginner-intermediate people who do trails for recreation. handles and keeps up with thousand-dollar bikes

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UltimateTherapy on February 16, 2012
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Model/Year: 2011 Gary Fisher Marlin

Pros: Great Bike. Light and sturdy. Great base frame to upgrade

Cons: none.

Recommendation: I upgraded the derailer and went to hydrolic brakes. First new bike in 16 years! Glad I went 29er hardtail.

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bassonsteroids on April 30, 2011
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Model/Year: 2011 GF Marlin 29er

Pros: the frame is very sturdy and I feel it can take the abuse no problem. The fork seems very strong as well. The paint job does it justice too

Cons: It isn't the best at climbing hills b/c of it's average crank and derailler and the breaks fail in wet conditions. But I shouldn't complain for such a good price!

Recommendation: For a beginner (which I am), I'd recommend it because of it's overall good performance

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dougmcq on April 12, 2007
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Pros: I have owned a Marlin for 5 years, and it has really been a flawless ride. I bought it as a good "entry level" bike, but the quality components, strong frame, comfortable but agile geometry, and relatively light weight have really made it a bike to stick with. My wife quickly became hooked to her new Marlin last year, too, for the same reasons.

Cons: None. For the money, this bike rides like something a lot more expensive.

Recommendation: This is an outstanding bike for first-time and recreational riders looking for an "all around" hardtail that can handle singletrack with agility, holds up well on downhill runs, churns through sand and mud and climbs well. Get out and ride one!

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chadkmiller on April 12, 2007
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Pros: Good fit Decent Components Nice Adjustable Shock

Cons: None

Recommendation: I have just rode this bike a little bit. I had a Trek 4500, and this bike feels so much better. I know they are basically the same, but the frame makes the ride feel so much more different and smooth. The variable shock has a lot more range and is quite effective for switching from street to singletrack, if absolutely necessary.

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danno346 on April 10, 2007
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Pros: Geometric shape, Strong frame, components can be upgraded easily

Cons: none so far

Recommendation: I just got this bike a couple of months ago and I haven't had any kinds of problems with it. I went from riding a Giant Cypress Hybrid to this because I'm getting more and more into trail riding and the hybrid wasn't going to hold out much longer I think. This bike is a good deal, especially if you can get the bike shop to cut you a deal. It has mide range components that can be upgraded easily if you want. Also the frame is shaped a little differently which is a huge plus for shorter people because the cross bar sits lower than on a regular bike. I would definitely reccommend this bike to beginners or for people that can ride but just aren't out there everyday and can't afford to go to the top level bike.

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Gary Fisher Marlin 4.29 out of 5 based on 7 ratings. 7 user reviews.