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While I was back in Michigan for a family trip I decided to finally answer that nagging question that had been bugging me for a few years... Was Boyne Highlands MTB Park worth the trip? I am originally from the Lansing MI area and had made plenty of snow season trips up to the Highlands for snow boarding and had been curious about the mountain biking. Especially in light of the flat landscape of the lower portion of the Mitten. I was looking for some descent and I found it. The answer to that nagging question is this; If you live in southern Michigan, it is totally worth the trip! Series: TRAIL TOURS - Episode 00 - "Boyne Highlands MTB Park - Is it worth the Trip?" Location: Harbor Springs Trails: Gnarnia, Risky Business, Dirt Sample, Dirt Reynolds, Peach Fuzz, Grandma's House, & Holy Diver Trails Website: Trail Map: Please login to leave a comment.
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Date posted May 30, 2018
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