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"Santa Cruz/Yeti Demo Tour - JB Bikes Shillington PA - May 28th, 2017" Part 1 of 3 Location: Trails:Mt. Penn "A-Line" and Demo Tour MY GEAR/KIT: Bike: Santa Cruz Bronson C - 2014 model (1.0) Helmet: Bell Super 2R MIPS Gloves: Giro Remedy X (L) Shoes: FiveTen Hellcat (clipless) Knee-Pads: 661 Backpack: Pack... I need to upgrade Platypus 3.0 liter hydration bag (currently tly fitted with a Geigerrig nozzle). Crank Brothers Multitool (with chain tool) Leatherman Multitool Emergency Flashlight Spare Innertube Pump and/or CO2 Nighteyes Twist Ties (2) Gauze Whatch: Casio G-Shock Men's GDF100-1A Cameras: GoPro Hero 3 Black (24fps) Editing: Magix Vegas 14 Pro Edit Magix Vegas 15 Suite EDITING NOTES: XAVC3840x2160x24p4kyoutube YouTube Version Please login to leave a comment.
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Date posted December 5, 2017
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