Rainbow Trail: Methodist Mountain Thd to Bear Creek Thd Video

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There is a lot of controversy surrounding E-bikes these days: Is it cheating? How do they rid? Do they ruin trails? Are they still even bikes???? I'm not here to argue any of these things. The way I see it, the answers to these questions don't even matter until we answer the most important question of all: ARE E-BIKES EVEN FUN???? I'm here in sunny Salida, Colorado, and thanks to Absolute Bikes have gotten my hands on two of the most popular E-bikes out there: the Specialized Levo and the Trek Powerfly 8. I took the bikes out with my buddy Brian from BKXC to the Rainbow trail on Methodist mountain (a motorized vehicle accessible trail) to help answer this question once and for all for everyone. As it turns out, these machines are surprisingly fun! Brian and I could not wipe the shit eating grin off of our faces the duration of our ride. Not only could we climb what normally took me 1.5 hours in 20 minutes, these 60 lb machines were an absolute blast on the downhills!! I couldn't believe how nimble they remained despite the heavy set stature of the bike. I was able to carve corners, boost jumps, and even manual. Then, at the bottom of each descent, I was able to speed right back to the top. Not bad. By the end of the ride, my answer was clear: E-bikes are FUN. They are probably the most fun bike I have demo'd in quite some time. Now, would I own this as my only bike? No way!! BUT, I do think that their are some great applications and specific riders that could benefit from these bikes. Beginners and riders trying to get in shape will greatly appreciate the pedal assist technology, and may be the key to getting more people into our amazing sport (always a good thing). I also think that this would serve as a great spare bike for taking out family and friends that have found mountain biking too physically demanding or intimidating in the past. Otherwise, I am an experienced rider and STILL had a great time shredding this bike around for a day. I think I would love to take some more time to explore the possibilities of riding some epic miles in a day that would otherwise be impossible on a regular pedal bike. I hope you enjoyed the ride, and as always LIVE FREE. RIDE HARD, and GET STOKED!!!! - Alexander Please login to leave a comment.
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Date posted December 10, 2016
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