Win a Sweet Hydration Pack from Osprey!

The “Name that Trail” photo contest kicks off on singletracks today and if you haven’t submitted your answers yet, get on it! The contest will run for 10 days with 2 new trail pics posted each day. The two members who identify the most trails correctly will each receive a killer new hydration pack from Osprey and anyone who submits at least one correct answer gets singletracks stickers. Sweet.

For those who are serious about winning, here are a couple strategy tips for ya:

  • Submit an entry every day, even if you aren’t sure which trail is pictured. Set an alarm on your phone if you have to, you don’t want to miss a chance to score more points!
  • Scour the singletracks trail photo archives. Remember, there are more than 25,000 pics in there so try to narrow your search a bit by region or even state. If you find the pic, you’ll know you have the right answer!

Thanks to the folks at Osprey for sponsoring this month’s contest. Head over to their new Osprey blog and check out the latest!

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