Watch: OneUp Components Launches New Flat Pedals

OneUp Components Flat Pedals from OneUp Components on Vimeo.

The new aluminum flat pedal from OneUp (images: OneUp Components)

OneUp Components — makers of all sorts of clever bits for your bikes — is launching two new flat pedals. Both flat pedals use the same, large platform size (115mm x 105mm x 18mm), have 10 replaceable pins, and come in at the same weight (355g). The differences between the two models are the materials and price. $48 will score you a pair of the nylon composite pedals, while the aluminum-bodied pedals run $125. The aluminum pedals are anodized in one of three colors: OneUp’s signature green, gray, or black; while the nylon pedals are available only in black.

The $48 nylon composite version of OneUp’s flat pedal (images: OneUp Components)

OneUp designed the pedals with a slightly convex profile which they feel is the best fit for the natural arch of your foot. In addition, it allows for a very thin leading edge — 13mm for the nylon and just 8mm on the aluminum.

photo: OneUp Components

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