National Collegiate MTB Races this Weekend @ Northstar


The National Collegiate MTB Championships are being held this weekend at Northstar resort in Lake Tahoe and the men’s and women’s cross-country races are kicking things off today. Tomorrow it’s short track and mountain cross and on Sunday the long travel bikes make their appearance for the downhill race. This year’s race is being hosted by the University of Nevada Reno and any USA Cycling collegiate-eligible team is welcome to compete.


It’s sad to think we’re already at the end of the racing season here in the US as cool weather and shorter days approach. Want to delay the end of summer riding just a little longer? Check out the Week of the Dead, a Mexican adventure full of mountain biking, surfing, paddling, and drinking set at the Punta San Carlos resort in Baja, California. This resort sounds super sweet with its own 60 mile MTB trail system, private landing strip (for your jet!), and direct access to some killer waves. If you’re looking to blow some coin, this definitely sounds like a fun way to do it!