Easy. Photo by trekker.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Name that Trail photo contest sponsored by Osprey. In the end joetutt came out on top with a 90% hit rate while maddslacker wasn’t too far behind at 80%. Both guys will be taking home sweet hydration packs from Osprey for their expert-level mountain bike trail knowledge. 🙂

Hard. Photo by trek7k.

Based on the results, the easiest trail photo of the contest came on day 1 – Slickrock in Moab, UT. Almost 70% got that one right which is ironic because no one (0.0%!) correctly identified the Moonlight Meadows trail (also in Moab) on day 3. View all the photo results here.

We had a lot of fun with this contest and we’re already prepping for the next one (how does “Name that MTB Gear” sound?). Free singletracks stickers are on the way to everyone who participated, just reply to the email we sent earlier today with your mailing address.

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  • tarvisg

    This was a sweet contest!! Not that I knew many of the trails, but cool to have some sort of interaction to test peoples knowledge, or trail/picture searching skills. Thanks

  • joetutt

    Wooo Hooo! Fun contest! Had fun looking at all the great trails out there, this site is just a wealth of information. I was lucky maddslacker was racing last weekend or otherwise I’d be sportin’ the womens pack. Oh yeah, I realize now why trek7k stresses tagging. I gotta go back through my album a tag the hell out of all my pics.

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