According to our friends over at the Ride Strong blog the photo at the bottom of this post (caution: not for the squeamish) shows what happened to a guy named “Bob” (no last name given) on a ride “last week.” The story goes that a rider in front of Bob rode over a branch on the road which then kicked up and lodged into Bob’s leg. The EMTs were said to have cut off the ends of the branch to fit Bob into the ambulance, I guess they had a tree saw with them at the time 😉

Seriously though, I cry BS for a number of reasons here. First, the branch is so far through the guy’s leg that there’s no way it could have made it through (take a look at all the knobs on either end of the stick). The article makes no mention of where this happened (not even the state) and at just 25 MPH (the supposed speed of the riders) there’s no way the stick would have enough momentum to puncture a human leg. And for a road cyclist this guy sure has hairy legs 😉

I think I have an even better scenario for how this happened: Bob was mountain biking, bombing down a super fast and tight section of trail. There had been some trail maintenance done recently and a branch that had been cut down was discarded too close to the trail. Bob came screaming down the trail and was hugging the left side of the trail when – wham! – he gets impaled by the discarded branch. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the branch hadn’t been wedged up against a stump that kept it from scooting out of the way. Much more believeable, huh?

Seriously though, I remember watching the Eco Challenge on TV a couple years back and on a mountain bike portion of the race a rider came down a hill and was impaled by a sharp branch sticking out beside the trail. The stick literally punctured his lung and he was medi-vacced out immediately. Of course it was a much skinnier and sharper stick and it didn’t come out the other side of his body but kinda the same thing. Body armor is sounding better and better these days…


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  • Mongoose

    I am a medically retired Paramedic, and I have seen my share of incidents of objects puncturing/impelling various locations of the body, but this is very bogus. All trick photography or whatever that is used nowadays for trickery. First this object would have had to fracture or shatter the Tibia or even possibly the Fibula bones in the lower extremity (lower leg), and obviously their are no signs of any form of compound fracture which would most likely be quite evident in this scenario. I won’t even go into the structure of the branch or how the ends of this branch were cut & tapered so elegantly. A branch that size is capable of puncturing/impelling this lower extremity, but this is bogus by all means.

  • Mongoose

    Another thing, any object can puncture any part of the human body, but to impel the human body as this branch is displayed as having done is another thing. Puncture is breaking the surface (skin) and reaching the bone or muscle, but impelling is throughly passing through an object of the body not matter if it does not pass all the way or lodges in. Second thing I did not mention, with this kind of injury, there would be some significant bruising or inflammation around the direct wound. Their is none to be seen!

  • evomo

    I think Mongoose makes some valid points. Another thing that makes me think its fake is I didnt squint and look away as I vomited in the trash can next to my desk. (I do that a lot when surfing the TV and I come across a show like Dr. 90210).

    One thing for sure is if this is a fake, its definitely well done! Awesome.

  • Tiggertim

    This is absolutely real. I’ve met Bob and have also seen him since the accident. He’s recovering well because the stick missed the bones and main blood vessels and went through the muscle. If I recall correctly the accident happened after a windstorm blew a load of branches onto the bike trail he was cycling.

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