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IMBA has released a public survey on the topic of eMTBs to gather the opinions of mountain bikers at large. You can take the survey here.

The introduction to the survey says, “periodically, IMBA will ask its community to provide feedback on certain issues it is tackling. Responses are anonymous and provide valuable insight. Thank you for your support!” 

Criticism for stances IMBA has taken in recent weeks has been rampant in comments sections and forums across the internet. The ebike statement they released in late November proved to be unpopular, but their recently-submitted testimony in which they voiced their lack of support for HR 1349, the bikes in Wilderness bill spearheaded by the Sustainable Trails Coalition, has proved to be wildly unpopular with the vast majority of commenters. While IMBA claimed in their written statement that they’re choosing to focus on the “bigger picture,” with almost 2,700 social shares (and still climbing) on our article on the topic, it appears that this is the bigger picture for many mountain bikers.

IMBA is asking for your opinion now, so be sure to give it! The survey is just 5 questions–quick and painless.

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  • John Fisch

    Will they’ll listen any more than they did with regard to Wilderness?

    • Jeff Barber

      It’s interesting that this survey is open to the public, but the Wilderness survey last year was only available to members. In fact, this is the second eMTB survey from IMBA in two years; the last one was open to the public too.

  • mongwolf

    Sadly, right now anything with the IMBA name on it elicits a strongly negative emotional response. I really don’t think they should have posted this survey right now. They have much greater concerns to deal with. I seek to make assessments and decisions rationally, but that is quite difficult to do that with IMBA right now. IMO, the character and intentions of its leadership is in question because of how drastically their words and actions with STC have been in contraction this year. It is very difficult for me to trust, embrace, support, or interact with IMBA in any form right now.

  • WesternSLP

    IMBA hedged while also attempting to play some things down the middle. Their biggest issue was attempting to invoke a strategy vs holding true to what the organization should be about. The fumbles & hypocrisy mirror the city IMBA is based. The educated Singletracks reader understands how past-tense IMBA now sits.

  • Plusbike Nerd

    The divide is crystal clear – motorized or nonmotorized. E-mopeds(e-bikes) belong with motorcycles, ATVs, jeeps, etc. Mountain bikes belong with hikers, joggers, horse riders, etc. This ain’t rocket science! IMBA get on the right side of this issue. IMBA quit being the lap dog of the corporate bike industry that wants to make profits from e-mopeds.

    • Greg Gadfly

      Do you understand ebikes?

      Your typical offroad motorcycle/moped may have 20hp and go 50mph. A class 1 ebike has 1/2 hp and can not go faster than 20 mph.

      A motorcycle has a throttle. The ebike only functions when you peddle.

      The ebike weights 45lbs (which is about the same weight as a fat tire full suspension mtb), a motorcycle 200lbs.

      The ebike is much more like a mtb than a moped or motorcycle.

      Many people say the same thing as you because they think all of a sudden mbt trails are going to be over crowded with ebikes. Not true.

      Most ebike riders are like myself, former mtb riders. Unless you are Ned Overend, EVERYONE will age and no longer be able to climb like they used to.

      Be careful for what you ask because it will impact your future.

  • Zoso

    I too have a hard time believing IMBA will really do anything with this data that isn’t in their interests.

    I also see this move as damage-control, pure and simple.

    “We need to have the appearance that we care what the mtb community wants even though WE know what’s best for them. Send out a survey on a different matter, post haste!”

    Sorry, I see right through it IMBA. If you cared, you’d have a better dialog about the issue we care most about. And, as theSan Diego chapter has said, revamp the board of directors.

  • BBelfield

    I don’t know why something so simple gets so complicated. It’s not a bicycle. It’s a moped. If someone wants to take it on a motorized access trail then cool. If someone thinks they should be allowed on a bike/hike/horse trail, advocate at a local level for THAT trail. This is not something that needs to be decided by legislature. What a waste of time

  • Fast n Slow

    I think they need more than a change of the board of directors. A move to a different city and state is also needed. I’m thinking Fayetteville Arkansas would be a good choice.

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