Singletracks Strava Club + Strava Segments on Trail Pages

Here on Singletracks, we love Strava… at least, for the most part. Jeff, Leah, and I, as well as almost all of the members of our editorial team, use Strava on a near-daily basis. As a result, we are currently working to capitalize on a some of Strava’s innovative features, and mesh them with Singletracks.

First up, we’ve started a Singletracks Strava “club” where you can stay up-to-date on what trails other Singletracks members are riding… and it can serve as a little motivation for some friendly competition 🙂 Join the club, and join in the fun!

Next, we’ve quietly integrated Strava segments and leaderboards into the trail pages on Singletracks. Now, you can quickly and easily tell which segments are located on a specific trail or in a specific trail system, and who the fastest people are on those segments. Leaderboards are now located on the lower right of trail pages:

But this isn’t all! We are currently working on testing a much deeper and innovative Strava integration. Stay tuned for an official announcement soon!