Singletracks Mobile App Updates

Late last month we published updates to the Singletracks mobile apps–iPhone and Android–and we think these are the best versions yet! A lot of the changes were made after using the apps extensively on the road this summer and we think you’ll dig the improvements.

Persistent Logins

Sign into your account in the app once… and you never need to login again. It’s always ready.

Enhanced “Nearby Trails” Function

One of our favorite features in the Singletracks app is the ability to view a list of nearby mountain bike trails no matter where we are. But on the road we also wanted to know which trails were close to our destination and along the way. The new “nearby” feature allows you to enter a city or use your current location.

Improved Directions to Trailheads

No matter which version of the app you’re using, clicking “Get Directions” on any trail page will open the primary mapping app on your phone, showing a route from your current location to the trailhead. We found this to be super helpful on the road since our mapping app allows us to change our starting location and even see traffic along the way!

More Check-in Info

The updated app shows you a list of other singletracks members who have checked in at the trail recently.

iPad Support + Uploading Camera Roll Photos

With the latest update, both the free and paid Singletracks iOS apps are available for iPhone and iPad. iOS users can also upload trail and shop photos from the device library in addition to the built-in camera. Photo uploads are also faster on both iOS and Android.

Topo Maps (iOS only)

The paid version of the iOS app (on sale for $1.99 through the end of August; $3.99 after that) now includes singletracks topo maps. Our GPS traces are overlaid on an OpenCycle topo map and you can choose to “follow” the trail by tracking your position relative to the map. This is our first stab at including trail navigation so don’t get your hopes up–but still, we think it’s a great start! Greg, Corey, and I would have found this feature particularly helpful on our ride at Buffalo Creek earlier this summer.

More Great Stuff

New ability to comment on articles. Forgot my password form. Links to sub-trails. Improved speed & stability. Tablet support for Android.

Review Our Apps!

For those who have already downloaded one of our apps, thank you! As mountain bikers, we work hard to build stuff we think is useful and we’re constantly working to improve the experience. If you use one of our apps and enjoy it, please take a couple minutes to review the app in the App Store or on Google Play.

If you have tried one of our apps and had a problem, please email us and let us know! This is particularly directed to folks who use Android devices. We now have a couple Androids for testing but based on the review feedback we’re seeing, the app works better on some phones than others. Here’s an example of a negative Android review from “Bradley”:

Horrible App I use the website daily, so I thought the app would be nice to have. Wrong. Nothing is accurate, except the trail names. Can’t ever login. Don’t waste your time.

So Bradley (and anyone else experiencing issues with the app): please give us a way to contact you so we can improve the app! Based on this review we have no idea what the issue is (Bradley might just need a password reset). Or maybe there are specific trails that aren’t displaying properly (the ones we checked look accurate).

We’re really stoked about using smartphones on the trail to get information but also to share photos, videos, and maps in the future. Download the latest Singletracks apps today!