Over the past two weeks we’ve been rolling out updates to our Android and iOS apps and we’re stoked to share the new features!

Offline topo maps

This update applies to our paid apps but also to Singletracks subscribers who have purchased a membership on our website.

Navigate to a trail within the app, click the topo button, then the “save map” button at the bottom of the screen. This will save the map and track overlay to your phone so you can use the map to navigate when you’re outside of cell coverage. Of course, you still need to remember to download the map before you head out. 🙂

Saved topos are linked from the home screen within the app, and you can delete maps once you’re done to preserve precious memory on your device.

Nearby trails map

The nearby trails feature is easily our most popular, and we’ve added a map view in addition to the list of nearby trails. Click to reveal the map, then click a pin to get the name of the trail and the average rating. If you like the map, you can thank mtbgreg for really pushing for this feature.

Swipy photos

We’ve enlarged trail photos on trail pages, and you can even swipe to scroll through the pics. You can also swipe through POD photos, which are similarly enlarged.

Track your ride (beta)

The paid app (and free app for Singletracks subscribers) features a beta tracking function that allows you to plot, save, and share your ride. Rides are automatically synced with your ride log and, if you choose, are submitted as a recommended route to be integrated into our map database.

We haven’t been able to test this feature on really long rides, but the good thing is it seems to play nicely with other GPS tracking apps running at the same time. Look for improvements as we continue to test and refine ride tracking.

Trail statuses

We’ve modified trail status report options to focus strictly on subjective statuses (wet, dusty, etc.) rather than open vs. closed. This is in response to clubs who were not happy with the “unofficial” trail statuses being reported by our members. So, if you want to know if a trail is officially open or closed, be sure to check with the local club first.

We’re really happy with these updates and can’t wait for the next round!

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  • dgaddis

    Awesome, good updates all around, especially the offline maps (don’t think anyone else has this for Smartphones yet?) and the trail status updates. Kudos!

    • tholyoak

      Backcountry Navigator has offline maps. But it costs $9.99.

  • mtbgreg1

    I am so stoked on these updates, especially the map view for search 🙂 and the offline topo maps. Those are super useful!

  • jkey6

    Awesome! So happy to see these updates that will keep you competitive with MTB Project. Go Singletracks!

    • jeff


  • bonkedagain

    Love the offline topos! However, still needs some polish. It would be really nice to have some busy indicators. For example, when I tap “save map” there is a long pause, then the progress bar shows up at the bottom. OK, no biggie, but now if I go to the home screen and tap on a saved map, long pause (busy indicator would be nice), then the app crashes. Hmmm… not quite soup yet.

    Also, could I pick and choose the offline maps I want to clear, rather than only be given the option to clear all of them?

    I am running a Samsung Galaxy S II, Android version 4.1.2.

    • DanK_NoCo

      I have a moto razr m running android 4.1.2. When I attempt to look at the offline maps, the app just exits. Not useful for me, yet.

  • Bubblehead10MM

    I havn’t played much with the maps yet but looking forward to it. By and large awesome upgrade. Can you export tracks created on app to lap top so it can be cleaned up before posting?
    One thing I’d put on the wish list would be to pinch to zoom on photo’s.

    • Bubblehead10MM

      PS: Seeing map of nearby trails is the bees knees. 🙂

    • mtbgreg1


  • bonkedagain

    I’ve got questions about how the maps are stored. I’m finding that if I save a map my top level documents folder is littered with folders with numeric names. Each of those folders contains 6 or 12 map image tiles. It would sure help keep my phone uncluttered if the app created a Singletracks (or whatever) folder and put all the tiles under that folder. Right now if I open up the Gallery app I have page after page of these magical folders cluttering up the top-level of the browser.

    Also, I find that if I use the “remove” function to get rid of the saved maps the tile folders don’t go away. The app may have forgotten about the maps but it didn’t delete the tile folders. That leaves junk chewing up space on my phone.

    • jeff

      Uh oh! Is this on Android?

      I know on iOS each app has it’s own designated storage space that’s isn’t accessible by other apps–but maybe this isn’t the case for Android? This is definitely something we need to fix. Sorry to clutter up your photo gallery!

  • Jarrett.morgan

    Enjoying the updates, from what I have time had time to play around with. Hoping that the weather is decent this weekend and I can get out and ride. Thanks again

  • goranjan

    “The paid app (and free app for Singletracks subscribers) ”

    I have been a subscriber for years, how do I get the paid Singletracks Topo app for free?


    • jeff

      If you have access to the topo maps on the website (either through a paid or earned membership), log into the free app to unlock all the same content and features as the paid app.

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