Scott Spring into Adventure Contest Day 3: Add a New Trail


It’s day 3 of the Scott Spring into Adventure Contest and against all odds, the top two slots are unchanged with No1InParticular and chuckpelley hanging onto their positions. I suspect several folks are hanging back right now for strategic reasons; we do still have 9 days to go after all!


Today’s tip: Add a new trail or bike to our database! Well, before you do that, search for the thing you’re adding and make sure it isn’t on the site already. If it isn’t, score! You’ll earn between 1 and 3 points, depending on the thing you’re adding, and not only that, you can then add photos (1 point each), a review (2 points), and even a map (3 points) for even more points.

Beyond adding trails and bikes to the Singletracks database, anyone can also add MTB races and bike shops to the website.

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