Scott Spring into Adventure Contest Day 2: Add Your Photos


It’s day 2 of the Scott Spring into Adventure Contest and Singletracks members are off to a strong start! No1InParticular and chuckpelley are currently leading, each with triple digit point totals. But with today’s contest tip, anyone can easily earn 100 points before lunchtime… so read on!


Digital cameras make it easy to take photos on the trail and pretty much everyone rides with a smartphone. So why not snap some pics during this week’s rides? I like to take photos whenever I stop (to eat a snack, catch my breath, or wait on friends.) I can easily take 3 photos per stop: one of the trail ahead, one of the trail behind, and a selfie or photo of my buddy rolling up the trail. If you stop 5 times during a ride, that’s 15 photos… and 15 points!

Now, combine this with yesterday’s tip about reviewing all the parts on your bike: take a photo of each component and upload it to the appropriate component page! Boom: a dozen more points per bike in your stable.

You don’t even need to be on your computer to upload photos to Singletracks. Upload trail photos using the Singletracks app or our mobile website. Pro tip: on your desktop computer you can upload multiple photos at once by using a shift-click selection.

The Scott Spring into Adventure contest is just getting started and we’re stoked to see what everyone will contribute!