Now Hiring: The Singletracks Editorial Team Is Expanding

Are you passionate about mountain biking, and do you love to share your adventures through carefully-crafted words and photos?  We’re looking for enthusiastic, dependable writers to contribute to the Singletracks blog on a weekly basis with product reviews, trip reports, and commentary on the mountain biking lifestyle. In addition to being featured as a regular contribution to one of the largest mountain biking websites in the world, we’ll also hook you up with brand-new products to periodically test and sometimes keep. Editor in Chief Greg Heil on assignment in Banff, Alberta. Editor in Chief Greg Heil on assignment in Banff, Alberta.

We’ll be taking applications through the 30th of January (2015), and all you need to do to apply is submit an original article for publication on Singletracks. Choose carefully… the topic you choose will help us determine who we’d like to write for us regularly. Be sure to read the Singletracks blog archives to get an idea of the tone we’re looking for, and follow these tips to optimize your submission:

  • Our articles are generally between 500-1500 words.
  • Include great photos in your article: whether it be action shots from the trail, close ups of the product you’re writing about, or something else to drive home the point of your article. We like to include about one photo for every 300 words.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Writing must be original and photos must be your own. The article you submit must be unique to Singletracks and not published anywhere else on the internet before or after.
  • Attach your photos as .jpg files directly to your email, and paste the text of your article directly into the email body. If your image files are very large, be sure to reduce your image sizes to about 1000 pixels in width, and no less than 620 pixels wide.

Wondering what it takes to write for Singletracks? Here are the qualities that the ideal candidate will possess:

  • An excellent mastery of the English language, including grammar, punctuation, and creative style.
  • Skill with a camera, and a willingness to take the time required to capture beautiful photographs.
  • Mountain biking experience, and passion for the sport and the mountain biking lifestyle. While passion and experience are a must, it’s not necessary for you to have been employed in the industry up to this point.
  • Reside in an awesome location. We are especially looking for writers in California, the Northwest, the Northeast, and other key areas. Be sure to mention where you’re located in your bio.
  • Be fully employed. Unfortunately, writing for Singletracks isn’t (yet) a serious paying gig for aspiring freelance writers. All members of our editorial team are fully employed in addition to writing for Singletracks and typically receive less than $200 a month in cash payments. While we will pay or compensate writers for every article we publish, we want to make it clear this is NOT a full time job.

This is the first time we’ve opened the team up for general applications in over four years, so if you’re interested in working with us, be sure to apply now! Submit an article to [email protected] along with a brief bio (mentioning your location), and if we like your style we’ll publish your article on the blog and set you up with more review assignments.

We look forward to reading your submissions!

Application deadline: January 30, 2015.

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