New and Improved Singletracks News Feed

A few weeks ago we introduced the trail check-in feature on singletracks and hinted at more social features coming soon. Today we’re stoked to preview an updated news feed to help you keep track of what people are doing on the site.

The new feed takes dozens of action items – new members, forum posts, blog comments, trail reviews, check-ins, wishlist adds, event RSVPs, and more – and organizes the items by date. You can even filter the news by location to see, for example, what’s happening in your state. After we refine things a bit more you’ll see this filtered new information available in more places on the site (for now it’s available on the singletracks news page).

And for those who have started taking advantage of the trail check-in feature, we’re adding more ways to view who is riding where. On trail pages where members have checked in there will be a link to “check-ins” inside the MTB Trail Stats area. Click it and you can view who has checked in recently and who has checked in the most often. Obviously the more folks use it, the more useful the information becomes – so start using singletracks mobile on your phone this weekend!

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