Industry Nine Matchstix

Store multiple hex bits, a T25 Torx head, and even a chainbreaker in your front axle. Learn more.

$145.00   MSRP: $160.00

Topeak Alien III Multi Tool

We’re pretty sure this is the most comprehensive multi-tool available with 25 tools, including a knife blade.


Topeak Bottle Cage Ninja TC

The Ninja bottle cage comes with an excellent multi-tool and is easy to install. Learn more.

$44.96   MSRP: $59.95

Foundation Bike Tool Kit

A good starter kit for the budding home mountain bike mechanic. Bonus, on sale for just $44.

$43.99   MSRP: $79.99

Aluminum Bike Repair Stand

This $80, simple repair stand is a big upgrade over squatting on the ground.


Sks Airchecker Digital Display Gauge

Getting the right tire pressure is crucial to having a good ride. Check yours early and often using this compact digital gauge. Learn more.


Prestacycle Bike TorqRatchet

A compact, packable torque wrench with a bit to fit almost every bolt. Learn more.


Precision Pick Set

Do yourself a favor and pick up this pick set. Great for cleaning grit out of small spaces or removing tiny suspension seals and rings.

$7.50   MSRP: $7.60

OneUp Components EDC Tool System

This multi-tool sits inside the steerer tube for easy access. Learn more.


Alpine Digital Scale

How much does your bike weigh? See how much the weight changes as you upgrade and replace components over time.

$57.99   MSRP: $63.99

Abbey Bike Tools Decade Chain Tool

Most chain tools will eventually wear out or bend, but this $175, top-of-the-line breaker should stand the test of time.


Stans Notubes Valve Core Remover

This little tool makes removing valve cores so much quicker and easier.


Blackburn Big Switch Multi-Tool

Use in T- or L-grip mode to get better leverage and a more comfortable grip for trailside repairs. Learn more.


Gyio High Pressure Bike Floor Pump

$10 for a floor pump. Need we say more?

$9.99   MSRP: $29.99

Heavy Gauge McLeod Fire Tool

Get this essential trail building tool – chops, rakes, tamps and more.

$51.75   MSRP: $61.99

X-Tools Pro Master Link Pliers

No one NEEDS a special tool for removing quick links, but this tool sure makes the task quick, easy, and actually kinda fun.

$6.99   MSRP: $10.99

milKit Compact Tubeless Kit

Add, check, and remove tubeless tire sealant easily with this system.


Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Bike Repair Stand

This lightweight, high-quality stand is packable and stable pretty much anywhere you set it up. Learn more.


Crank / Bottom Bracket Remover

If you have a threaded bottom bracket, this tool makes it easy to swap it out when things get creaky down low.


Shimano Pro Torque Wrench

This pro-level torque wrench is 37% off and includes common hex and Torx bits.

$87.99   MSRP: $139.99

LEZYNE Classic Tubeless Kit

This sleek, $10 tool makes plugging a tire easy.


Folding Saw and Pruner Set

Tame that trail jungle with a few handy tools you can keep in your backpack.

$16.95   MSRP: $19.99

Prestaflator Compressor Head

Use this head with your compressor to make mounting tubeless tires a breeze.


Dakine Hot Laps Gripper

Use this gripper to haul all your fancy new tools on the trail.

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