Last Week to Check-in To Win // Singletracks Hats Added to Prize List


I’m so jealous right now: the 2016 Singletracks Trail Check-in Contest has been going for about 3 weeks now and somehow, Singletracks members stumpyfsr and CFM have each managed to ride more than 30 unique mountain bike trails! This makes my previous 29 Trails in 29 Days attempt look like a cake walk.

Not only that, everyone currently in the top 50 has ridden at least 7 unique mountain bike trails this month, which is impressive in its own right. While the top 3 trail riders will take home the main prize packages, we decided to extend free Singletracks hats to places 4-6. At the moment, you’ll need 13 check-ins to snag 6th place, so there’s still time!

Thanks to all our contest sponsors: Bell, Light & Motion, JensonUSA, Sombrio, and WTB.