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Q: Hi, I'm curious about riding the Outer Loop trail this weekend or next, but this link leads to an error... Any help would be appreciated, I'm awful at navigating when it's my first ride in a new spot. hl=en&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=113716565662172425640.00046dbbee5c65 b332268&ll=40.606394,-80.012913&spn=0.042225,0.057421&t=p&z=14 -MTBrody

A: -you need the central, southern and northern section maps. tape them together to see how to piece together a loop around lake. Riding clockwise loop is best. The Red-blue trail on Central Map is the best. I like to park near lake spillway and ride outer loop from yellow, purple-black, orange, green, orange, and save red-blue for the finish).

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Q: I'm not exactly a beginner, but I havent rode an intermediate trail. I rode Fern Trail at Seven Springs fine. IS this gonna be too hard? -bike777

A: you'll be fine.. make sure its dry conditions and you wont have any issues. There are a lot of nice flowy downhill sections as well as a few gruesome climbs that go right back in to regular singletrack. I always favor this trail to some of the other local trial systems due to to its length. usually I track about 14 to 17 mile depending on what complete loop I do. but there are bailouts all over the trail system that take you to the road and you can just make ur way back to the car from there.

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Q: How many miles is the devils elbow trail -Guest

A: .5 miles

jobukie answered on March 6, 2017. Did you find this helpful? Yes | No



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