Unanswered Questions

7/16/2020Yellow RiverWhat is the thing?
5/9/2020Phnom BasetCan I can more details? Or maybe the route would be even better
5/9/2020Palo Duro CanyonI have ridden mountain bikes all over Japan. Just got back into the sport and ended up with a Trek Marlin 7, would this be ok in the easy to intermediate trails in Palo Euro canyon? Which beginner trails would you recommend, my wife has a new Trek Marlin 6. Thanks for any advice,
5/7/2020Riverview GardensParking
5/7/2020Riverview GardensParking
5/5/2020Portal TrailWhy is this so easy?
5/3/2020Quemahoning Reservoir5-3-20 Trails open to ride?
5/3/2020Quemahoning Reservoir5-3-20 Trails open to ride?
5/1/2020Boston HillEbike?
5/1/2020Boston HillEbike?
5/1/2020Boston HillEbike?
4/27/2020Blankets CreekIs this trail currently still open to ride?
4/24/2020Skillz LoopOpen to e bikes
4/24/2020Six Mile RunIs the trails open? Today is April 22 2020?
4/21/2020Pequonnock River Valley State Park / TrumbullI'm just getting back into mountain biking, what's one of the easier trails? Thanks!
4/21/2020Wears BendIs there good places for backpack camping close to the trail?
4/14/2020Clear CreekIt is open?
4/12/2020Boggs ForestZZz
4/10/2020Fred CatersonIt's good for beginners
4/10/2020Fred CatersonIt's good for beginners
4/10/2020Fred CatersonIt's good for beginners
4/6/2020Advanced Skills LinesDo you know where it is?
3/31/2020Sliding Rock CreekWhere do you park?
2/7/2020Dupont State ForestWith the rains in early Feb, are there restrictions on trails in the Brevard area? Like Dupont.
2/7/2020Dupont State ForestWith the rains in early Feb, are there restrictions on trails in the Brevard area? Like Dupont.
2/3/2020Chicopee WoodsDoes this Trail System Offer Bike Rentals?
2/2/2020Thunderbird Lake Clear BayAnyone been here this week? Superbowl Sunday today!!
1/27/2020The Great Himalaya TrailHi, I am planning on cycling the great himalayan trail (low route) with a friend in September 2020. I'm trying to access the route for this trail and I was wondering if you had a GPX file I might be able to download?
1/12/2020Glacier 8 (Hidden Pond Park)Where is the trail head? I play hockey at the Rinx but haven't gotten to ride this yet. Thanks!
1/5/2020Lake Rim Park TrailWhere is the trail head?
1/3/2020J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation Bike ParkIs there camping nearby?
1/3/2020Cerro Gordo TrailCan you write it on a Hardtail
1/3/2020Cerro Gordo TrailIs it good for beginners
1/3/2020Domes Rincon Mtb TrailIs it good for beginners
12/23/2019Louisville Mega Cavern Bike ParkAre you required to rent a helmet? Or can you bring your own?
12/19/2019Alligator JumpsCan someone please provide directions for how to get to the Alligator Jumps?
12/19/2019Alligator LoopCan someone please provide directions to access this trail?
12/6/2019Buttermilkwhich direction is better to ride this trail, east to west or west to east?
11/26/2019Helderberg TrailsWhat time does the trail open, and is a permit and helmet required?
11/26/2019Helderberg TrailsWhat time does the trail open, and is a permit and helmet required?
11/20/2019Wilderness Trails Park LoopIs this trail system ridable with a gravel bike?
11/10/2019Jerra trailWhere is the best place to park?
11/7/2019Pack Memorial MTB TrailOne time we drove by and we seen about a dozen of mountain bikers getting together to climb up. We like to participate the next time this happens. So if your part of that group and read this please let us know. Thanks!
10/29/2019HT trailssorry there is about 16 people sorry
10/23/2019Chicopee WoodsOther than the last bit of Whitetail down to the bridge, does anyone know of any notable jump opportunities?
10/4/2019North Port Mountain Bike TrailsWho maintains these trails?
10/1/2019Bacon Ridge Natural Areacar camp at trailhead? seems like a no go after googlemaps... anywhere else to crash besides a nudist campground??
9/30/2019Crawford County Forest PreserveThere's not much information online about this. On Sep 22, 2019, there was a Grand Opening celebration. It would be great if the IL DNR could publish trail maps. In the meantime, there is a map in this picture: https://scontent-ort2-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/70443812_2008839969217783_413958358261825536_n.jpg?_nc_cat=103&_nc_oc=AQlWHNxULbXTNHhIwYuN8H1tZcZz5riZGsa-ykUKTnnbdcZ6ERDi6Eg2LqVF08-coOM&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2.xx&oh=1e443b6ff6044d117139e04eccd63cc3&oe=5E26CFA5
9/29/2019San Tim TrailsIs there a map for this trail?
9/16/2019The Cannell PlungeHow much climbing
9/13/2019Atlin Mt SuperHero Trailis there a .gpx file of the ride anywhere? Only a map on the atlin mountain biking website. Poor info on the southern part of the loop on maps and satellite photos.
9/5/201930 Miles Of AuburnAuburn state recreational area rangers station
8/28/2019Eagle Bike ParkCould I ride my downhill bike (Giant Glory) here? Or should I bring my Endro Bike (Rocky Mountain Altitude)? or both :)
8/27/2019Fredericksburg Hilltop TrailWhen is this trail open to the public? Is there a fee to ride?
8/24/2019Aspen Valley Ranch - LoopsAre dogs allowed?
8/23/2019Clinton Nature PreserveI will be in Douglasville on August 23 & 24 is it still open and any groups to ride with?
8/20/2019Hang Nak loopthis trail listing is not in Vermont
8/17/2019Cache Creek - Game Creek LoopDid you rent bikes for this area? Where did you rent and how did you research it? I'm looking to improve the rental process and would love feedback!
8/15/2019Cherry CreekCan anyone provide better directions for finding the beginning of this trail? Thank you
8/11/2019The JumpsWhere is the best place to park?
8/9/2019Eagle RockDo they allow MTB riders on this trail?
8/4/2019Governor's CreekIs this trail open to the public for mountain biking? I wasn't sure considering that there's a bunch of "private property" signs at the entrance
8/3/2019Bonnet Carre Spillway TrailWe are going to be in area in a few weeks to ride (from TN). Is the trail currently open after the last storm?
7/31/2019Lake View Trail At PocahontasDo these trails close for wet conditions?
7/31/2019Nickerson State ParkHow can I easily find the single-track trails?
7/20/2019Clayton valewhere is it
7/16/2019Mt. Zion Bike TrailsAre there jump lines throughout the trails?
7/10/2019The Lodge DescentBest place to park?
7/5/2019Eagle Dirtwhere is this
7/5/2019Eagle Dirtwhere is this
6/26/2019Colorado TrailHi every body, i will be with a friend in Denver colorado in a conference 13-17 October. I would like to do 2-3 days of mountainbiking before the conference. i will have a car and i dont care to invest 3-4 hours on the road in order to have a decent singletrack with nice landscapes. my limit is acrophobia (fear of heights). Any suggestions?
6/26/2019Colorado Trail: Buffalo Creek To Lost Creek Wilderness BoundaryHi every body, i will be with a friend in Denver colorado in a conference 13-17 October. I would like to do 2-3 days of mountainbiking before the conference. i will have a car and i dont care to invest 3-4 hours on the road in order to have a decent singletrack with nice landscapes. my limit is acrophobia (fear of heights). Any suggestions?
6/26/2019Colorado Trail: Green MountainHi every body, i will be with a friend in Denver colorado in a conference 13-17 October. I would like to do 2-3 days of mountainbiking before the conference. i will have a car and i dont care to invest 3-4 hours on the road in order to have a decent singletrack with nice landscapes. my limit is acrophobia (fear of heights). Any suggestions?
6/26/2019Colorado Trail: Buffalo Creek To Lost Creek Wilderness BoundaryHi every body, i will be with a friend in Denver colorado in a conference 13-17 October. I would like to do 2-3 days of mountainbiking before the conference. i will have a car and i dont care to invest 3-4 hours on the road in order to have a decent singletrack with nice landscapes. my limit is acrophobia (fear of heights). Any suggestions?
6/20/2019Morning Drive FoothillsHow exactly do you get to this trail? Confused by map directions
6/19/2019Andy's Trailwhere is it located
6/19/2019Paris Mountain State ParkAre the technical uphills on this trail possible for even an intermediate rider on a hard tail? I found myself doing a lot of walking.
6/16/2019South Mountain Park / National TrailOk, kinda of more a generalized question, can you ride E-bikes in most of these trails or are they National forests?
6/16/2019Hawes LoopOk, kinda of more a generalized question, can you ride E-bikes in most of these trails or are they National forests?
6/14/2019Kaposia Park trailWhere is the singletrack here? Appears to be all paved trails. If there is no single track here this should be removed from this site.
6/14/2019Sunset Park trail (AKA Eagle Trail)holiday inn bismarck
6/7/2019Dufferin CountyHow beginner friendly is it? I've ridden some downhill and know my way around a bike but my gf has 1 day of experience with downhill. Blue DH tracks were fine but when we ventured into the red DH trails it ended with scared faces and walking down. :)
6/4/2019Fort Valley Trail SystemI seen ebikes are allowed is this correct
6/4/2019Hallowell ReservoirParking
6/2/2019Glenmore park nature reserveIs it hilly
6/2/2019Glenmore park nature reserveIs it hilly
6/2/2019Glenmore park nature reserveIs it long
6/1/2019Merrimack River TrailHow can directions be corrected? Furnish Farm Lane is a culdasac leading nowhere, Direction from the 93 ramp depends on which direction you come from.
5/31/2019Camp RobinsonHow can I get a pass
5/26/2019Potawatomi trailIs there a place to rent Mountain Bikes locally?
5/26/2019Whopper DropperIs this trail still open? I heard it was closed?
5/26/2019Arthurs Seat MTB ParkHow do I book the shuttle?
5/24/2019DongiSame question: Where do you enter? what's the address of the trail head? Thanks!
5/22/2019Ayer to Nashua Rail TrailThe bike symbol for this trail is named Cheseboro can this error be corrected?
5/22/2019Ayer to Nashua Rail TrailHow can a trail error be corrected. I recently added 2 trails. Ayer to Nashua should be listed in central Mass. The 2nd is Cheseboro Open Space is in Agoura CA but is listed in Mass. Can these errors be fixed?
5/21/2019Pump TrackIs this trail free to use?
5/14/2019Belgrad ForestHello, I'm going to Istanbul in june and I'm planning to ride around the park, from Kemer to Sariyer and those areas. My girlfriend (lives in that area) says it could be dangerous to ride a road bike in that area due to traffic, burglars and stray dogs =$ ,,, I disagree off course and feel it should be fine to ride early mornings in that area. I hope you can give me some insights for that area on how to make it safer and more enjoyable. Thank you!
5/9/2019Stewart State ForestWhat's the best gps address to input if coming from New Jersey?
4/25/2019BohusledenHey, did you ride the whole Bohusleden in Sweden? You say it's best to ride the key sections, can you tell me where they are? I'd like to ride a longer section of the trail, about 150-200km, is the trail better in the south or in the north?
4/21/2019Watson Woods trails5g stocks
4/21/2019Jack LakeAre trails rideable as of 04/21/19?
4/19/2019Point Vista Hike/Bike TrailIs the a place to check whether or not the trails are open to ride
4/14/2019Blue Clay Bike Parkhow long do you have to wait when it rains.
4/8/2019Holly schmoly trailDirt Jumps?
4/8/2019Mt WataticDirt Jumps?
4/8/2019Townsend State ForestDirt Jumps?
3/28/2019Kincaid Lakeshore TrailWill the trail be closed tomorrow?
3/18/2019Massanutten Bike ParkAre tryouts able to ride a fireroad to get to the top and access the trails instead of the lift.
3/18/2019Bryce Mountain Bike ParkAre you able to bike a fireroad to get to the trails instead of the lift.
3/17/2019IndyAre there any trails a 6 year old could ride?
3/15/2019TimberlandAre there any places nearby or in Manila to rent a mountain bike?
3/14/2019Big Sycamore CanyonI have a general questions about the info you give regarding your trails. The description mentions type of trail, beginner, expert, etc. Then the elevation, I assume at the trail head, but also a range of elevation. This is confusing to me. Can you explain? Thanks
3/9/2019Kerr Scott Trailse-mtb's allowed?
3/9/2019Forks Area Trail System (FATS)e-mtb's?
3/7/2019Holy Jim TrailAre pedal assist bikes allowed
3/2/2019Fort ClinchIs it good?
2/25/2019Cypresswood TrailsHarris County Sheriff is right down the street
2/24/2019Greer Ranch / 215 TrailHow are the conditions today, Feb 24th?
2/21/2019Bartram Trail / West Dam / Wildwood ParkIs this trail easily rideable on a gravel bike?
2/14/2019Ispheming Trailshttps://www.rambatrails.org/ or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rangemountainbikeclub/ for up to date informaion.
2/10/2019Big South ForkHow many miles of beginner trail are there.
2/4/2019Blackbutt forestIs their any recommendations as to what single tracks to ride in what order?
1/30/2019Dusky TrailHow do you get to trail?
1/28/2019Fullerton LoopAre class 1 ebikes allowed
1/28/2019Mckenzie River TrailWhen is the best time of the year to do this ride?
1/26/2019Gisburn ForestCan dogs come on the trails?
1/21/2019Downieville DownhillWould you recommend this trail for someone who has only recently started mountain biking? Would you say it is very rocky and difficult?
1/12/2019Argyl/Ferry FarmIt is posted heavily for no trespassing...ok to go anyway??
1/7/2019Summit Bechtel ReserveI read where you can purchase a membership to the bike trails here but i cant find where i can purchase the memberhsip. does any one know ?
1/5/2019Wildcat Mountain / MonarchIs it open in January?
12/19/2018Glacier Ridge PreserveWhat time it opens?
12/17/2018L. F. Cosca Regional ParkAny recent updates on these trails? I ask because it states here that this is a 5 mile beginner loop - but the only trail maps I can find do not show that. They show several blue loops and 2 green connectors. I have a friend that wants to ride "flowy" type trails but not true MTB. Will this work?
11/28/2018Noble CanyonIs there a shuttle for this trail?
11/28/2018San Juan TrailAre there any paid shuttle options to the top?
11/27/2018Rutgers Ecological PreserveIs there a place to park at the trailhead?
11/15/2018Fontainebleau State ParkSince the last hurricane, does this trail still exist and is it still ridable???
11/15/2018ACOM MTB TrailSince the last hurricane, does this trail still exist and is it still ridable???
11/10/2018Poor House Farm ParkIs night riding allowed?
11/8/2018Dry Creekare there any good tent campsites in this area?
11/6/2018North Port Mountain Bike Trailscan anyone tell me the exact location of the jumps? cause ive been on this trail 3x now and still cant find it. alot of tall weeds and grass.
11/3/2018Cwm CarnAre dogs allowed?
10/18/2018The Cove to Lake TrailDogs on the trail?
10/18/2018Hurkey CreekAre dogs allowed
10/13/2018Cape Blanco TrailsTrail head for bikers
10/10/2018New Quarter Parkthey have all been removed. I was just at the trail system 3 weeks ago. Freedom park has them now.
10/10/2018Pipeline LoopWhen you say "Head out the road to mile marker 7," are you talking about Route 42? Can you give directions from the Roaring Creek parking lot?
10/5/2018Woodland Trailis the pump track still clear or has it been overgrown with grass and such? would love to know want to go ride the pump track but dont want to go an hours drive there if i dont have to
10/4/2018Forks Area Trail System (FATS)How are the trails I plan on being in the area Monday 10-8-2018 checking to make sure the trails were open since the hurricane and all the rain near by? Thanks
10/2/2018DongiWhere is the best entrance?
9/28/2018Andy's TrailCan you please advise the Rd or property at hey turnoff
9/27/2018Chapman DriveIs this a good trail for a gravel bike?
9/17/2018Collis P Huntington State ParkIs the area open to hunting?
9/15/2018Versailles State ParkWhat direction is best to ride these loops?
9/11/2018Bachelor MountainHi cruiser, want to do this ride, cant figure out how to get to the trail. Fences, Gates, etc. Can you give a detailed description. Really want to do this. Thanks, rondoggy. If you want to do it again, shoot me an email lyndaseaman15@gmail.com.
9/10/2018Sand Hills Forest PreserveDoes this trail even still exist?
9/9/2018West MagnoliaOff leash
9/9/2018West MagnoliaDogs?
8/27/2018Hilltop reservationNew to mountain biking in West Orange area. Can anyone help me with a route through the Eagle Rock Reservation? I found a few single tracks at the south west corner but seem to loose the trail after a mile or so.
8/26/2018Tortuguerocould i tow a child here?
8/23/2018Bethany Bay ResortIs there public parking near by? An address or gps coordinates?
8/22/2018Adventist Academy TrailI have not riddne this before, is there access to the trail off the highway? or in the academy grounds itself? I dont want to look like im trespassing by hopping the fence!
8/20/2018Mount Pisgah ski areaIs there an entrance fee
8/19/2018ÆblesporetHvor finder jeg sporet og hvilken sværhedsgrad er det? ????
8/15/2018Upper Lake TrailIs it free?
8/12/2018Claremore mountain bike trailTurkey mountain
8/8/2018Palmetto Bay Trailsis this a good trail for someone just starting out
8/6/2018Joe Orr WoodsIs this a single track trail or a paved trail? I've been on the paved part just haven't seen any single track.
7/29/2018Water Tank TrailIs it overgrown
7/29/2018George WythWhere is this? The directions sent me to john deere
7/28/2018Park parentHi, i'm interested in testing this trail but not sure i can identify it before i go there, on google i can see a dirt road just before the fire station but it seems to lead back to the parking lot...
7/25/2018Wilderness 101Where could I find a good map of this trail?
7/22/2018Graham SwampWhen riding the trail there is sometimes a really muddy part full of water that stretches about half a mile, is there any way to avoid it
7/15/2018Raceway WoodsI forgot my phone at home today. Is there a way to add a check-in for Raceway Woods Carpentersville IL? THANK YOU for check-in!!! It actually also comes in handy for warranty purposes to validate my claims of how few trail hours I've actually put on a troublesome piece of gear.
7/15/2018Zur Hochalmwitch cable car?
7/3/2018Paved Bike Trail858 Newport Bay Dr, Edwardsville, IL 62025
7/2/2018Bear SwampCan someone contact me about the trails please.
6/19/2018Sansom ParkAnywhere to rent MTBs in or around fort Worth?
6/5/2018Lake Cumberland State Parkhow long is the trail
6/4/2018Lisnakill dirt jumpsWhere is it
5/31/2018PeavineWhere is the drinking water located?
5/31/2018PeavineWent on all trails and it said 8.9 miles out and back. Is it 10 miles out and ten miles back?
5/30/2018Al SaboDo I need a mountain bike for this trail? Would a cyclocross bike be ok?
5/28/2018Soldiers Memorial Park Bike TrailWhere to park
5/23/2018Forest Of AeSince when has Dumfries been in England !! ?? "MTB TRAILS > UNITED KINGDOM > ENGLAND > DUMFRIES > FOREST OF AE"
5/23/2018Grapevine CanyonI'm confused, where exactly does the ride start?
5/19/2018Miquelon Lake Provincial ParkIs this a paved trail?
5/14/2018Sun City 33KCan anyone just go and ride it
5/12/2018Azilda trailsdirections
5/6/2018Morris Bridge ParkWhat is the differene between the Trout Creek Trail and the Morris Bridge Bike Trail and the Wilderness Trails Park Loop?
5/6/2018Trout CreekWhat is the differene between the Trout Creek Trail and the Morris Bridge Bike Trail and the Wilderness Trails Loop?
5/5/2018South Boundary (164)How is the trail hold up in the summer(july)? thanks for any info!
5/2/2018Black Mountaindupont state forest
4/28/2018Allamuchy State Park-NorthBest place to park
4/25/2018Holly schmoly trailThanks for posting this. I know where the old road is from Mathewson's, and I can probably find the trail head, but I can't figure out where it goes from there to where when I come out that I'd have to take a few rights to get back to Mathewson. From the trail head, does the trail head west down to Carpenter Marsh, east to Eva's Marsh? Any idea what the name of the road back is? Thanks for any additional info.
4/23/2018Frederick WatershedWhat is better to ride
4/18/2018Devil's Head Stretchsedalia
4/17/2018Stover Creek Loopwill a touring bike make this trip?
4/14/2018Audobon-Pennington Nature ParkAre dogs allowed?
4/6/2018Glen ParkDo you think it will be dry enough to ride Saturday Morning 4/7/18?
3/31/2018Two Rivers Bike Parkstockton
3/29/2018WinMan TrailIs this trail still open for winter fat bikes? Looking to ride Saturday, 3/31/18 and don't want to drive the 2 hours if it's icy.
3/27/2018Del Cerro Parkis trail still open? we need address to get there? are there snakes on trails?
3/27/2018Uwharrie NF: Wood Run, Supertree And KeyauweeWhere exactly is there a crossing of the Uwharrie River? It's not near any of the maps of Keyauwee or Supertree, so must be near the Lake Badin trails. However, the Uwharrie Forest map only shows the trail running alongside it, not over it.
3/26/2018San Felasco Hammock PreserveSo...there's snakes? Advise bunny hop or go around?
3/22/2018Robinson state parkAny jumps or float sections to check out?
3/12/2018Live OakHas anyone been here anytime recently? Is it still maintained and rideable?
2/28/2018Fisher River ParkWhere is the trail map .gpx data? Can find nothing about it on TrailForks or Strava?
2/26/2018Big CreekWhich free-ride sections would be safe to do on my full, air-suspension trail bike? I'm not looking to replace a rear shock anytime soon.
2/19/2018Pfälzer WaldWhere is the trail head?
2/16/2018Glen ParkDo you ride to the top on a fire road and then take the trail down?
2/15/2018Mills PeakDogs allowed
2/13/2018Enders FaultIs bikjoring with dogs allowed?
2/11/2018Ames NowellTrail map needed
1/24/2018Rock Cory TrailI am not sure that those directions are helpful for first-time visitors...what is the exit off the freeway? Which side street is the trailhead on?
1/18/2018Dirksen ParkIs this open year round?
1/7/2018FirelineWhere is this trail? Where do we park?
1/6/2018Boyne MountainWhy isn't there a legend on the map to indicate the meaning of the different lines.
1/6/2018Usery Mountain Regional Parkdirections
1/4/2018Wildcat Mountain / MonarchIs this a loop? Is this free?
12/29/2017Allamuchy Mt. State Park: Deer Parkgood trail in the winter?
12/25/2017Big RideSo whats the difference between this and Aptos fire road?
12/22/2017Crooked CreekComing down for Christmas, can you ride them in the winter?
11/27/2017Hazard CountyIs it typically ride-able up there in mid march?
11/27/2017Ronald C. McDonnell Campground LoopBike Rentals?
11/21/2017Mcdonald / Dunn ForestsBest trailhead to McDonald Dunn
11/21/2017Mcdonald / Dunn ForestsClimbing trails
11/20/2017Ski Bowl Park Bike TrailsNO lift service and Gore has not run lifts for bikes in years.
11/19/2017Landstuhl TrailI was told by a friend that I worked with on the Landstuhl base that there is a group that meets up here every sunday. Not sure if any of y'all are on here. If you are can you please let me know what time or if anybody still does? I would love to start coming to them. Just really starting out with MTB but I have had some experience with it throughout the years. I have a Cannondale Trail 7, hopefully that will be good enough. Thanks yall!
11/14/2017Clear Springs Rec. AreaHow is this Trail Number 4??
11/12/2017Raccoon Mountain Trail Networkwhat are conditions for trails around end of march? rideable ?
11/10/2017Cordillera Centralwhen will be the next one ?
11/7/2017Noble CanyonCan you get lost on this trail, or is it well marked? Can a first-timer find their way from the trailhead without a guide?
11/2/2017Wekiwa Springs State ParkIs there an alternate entrance other than the main gate?
10/26/2017Snyder Trail / Knapps CastleThere is no .gpx data and therefore does not seem to be a trail showing for this ride?
10/23/2017NCSU Centenial CampusGuessing this trail was closed already?
10/21/2017Helderberg TrailsCan i rent a bike there?
10/21/2017Helderberg TrailsCan i rent a bike there?
10/20/2017Epic Indoor Bike ParkIT IS PERM CLOSED
10/20/2017Buffalo CreekWhen does the snow typically clear up in this area?
10/18/2017SylawardWhat tire for a 27.5 hardtail would be recommended? I have Minion DHF/R 2.3, Ardent race 2.2, and Ikon 2.35
10/18/2017Knob Hills Grapevine LakeGood suggestions above for beginner rides (Arbor, etc.). I would also suggest LB Houston and Corinth Community Park. I would consider those two first timer trails, but fun enough to go back to from time to time.
10/12/2017Lake Parramatta Reserve Sydneywhen was these trails made?
10/10/2017Citico CreekAnyone been on this trail lately? I'm in Tellico Plains for 2 days and want to hit this one.
10/10/2017Citico CreekAnyone been on this trail lately? I'm in Tellico Plains for 2 days and want to hit this one.
10/7/2017Red And White LoopRIVER LOOP
10/1/2017Parent's House LoopAny info on this trail? I live in alpine and am always looking for a new place for my daughter and I to ride.
10/1/2017Six Mile RunDo NOT follow the directions on this website, this place is in New Brunswick, not Jersey City! Do not make the same mistake I did!
9/30/2017ChumashDoes it have a beginner section or no
9/30/2017TributaryAre these trails still rideable?
9/29/2017Split Rock Loop 1This trail seems super highly rated, but there haven't been any comments in years. Can anyone comment on the status of the trail? Also is this the same trail as Wildcat Ridge?
9/24/2017Erin Trail SystemWhere is the entrance
9/22/2017Mt. Zion Bike TrailsIs there somewhere between NOLA and here to rent a MTB?
9/20/2017Desce Curiango Sobe GringoNão consigo achar o mapa da trilha.
9/17/2017Paulding County WMA TrailsAre these trails still open to ride? Thanks!
9/16/2017Wadi HofBike hire
9/12/2017Lake NoquebayI could Not find access to the trail. Any help would be great. Drive up from oshkosh, found the park and the beach, etc
9/9/2017Rodalben F Trailis it me or is it stupid hard? This is the hardest trail i have rode..actually half walked and i dint stay for too long bc its super techy. worse than a double black in most spots.
9/5/2017Loon Lake TrailIs this a trail system?
9/1/2017Seminole TrailsWhat time do you close
8/30/2017Cross Country Ski Trailsok to ride bikes on this ski trail? Permitted?
8/16/2017Franklin Dirt jumpsIs the dirt jumps available for anyone to ride? How do I find directions to get there?
8/9/2017The Sticker Incidenthow come whenever I ride my bike anywhere in Cecil COunty Strava and singletracks claim I rode on this "trail"?
8/5/2017Jay B Starkey Wilderness Park Mountain Bike TrailHey guys, we're visiting the area. Which local bike shop do you recommend for a day's bike hire?
8/4/2017Stoney Pond State Forestwhere is the trail head
8/4/2017Sunrise Ski ParkCan you rent a full face helmet here and if so how much?
8/3/2017jaga ridgeCan anyone give a better description as to where this is?
8/1/2017Collins BayParking
8/1/2017Collins BayParking
7/28/2017South Mountain ReservationYo need to drive a little ways past the monuments on the left. As the road curves to the right. the you make a right and you'll see picinic table to the right. 100 ft aftger that park and you'll see the entrances to the trails. that will take you to lenape and the others.
7/27/2017Philbrick TrailWhat is the address
7/26/2017Carrabassett Valley Trail SystemWe're heading to Carrabasset Valley for some riding between August 1st and 4th. Any sweet spot for camping to recommend?
7/26/2017Ellicottville EpicIS IT FREE TO RIDE HERE
7/24/2017A-10Is this trail going to have miles added onto it? Or was the project scrubbed and the Hulk was turned into the areas main focus?
7/24/2017Six Mile RunHow do you get back to your starting point?
7/24/2017Hachie MTB Trails WaxahachieMy wife and I are interested in joining your Saturday morning ride at 8:00AM.
7/19/2017Soaring Eagle Regional ParkCan I use a Baby carrier in this trail?
7/17/2017Shindagin HollowIs there a place to rent decent mountain bikes near Shindagin Hollow?
7/16/2017Boggs ForestWhen are they going to reopen Boggs Mountain trails?
7/15/2017.What is this trail like?
7/12/2017Forked River MountainIs trail head off longride rd or power line road
7/12/2017Forked River MountainWhich way do we , which way we go Mr. Magoo
7/12/2017Forked River MountainCan not find trail head ????
7/12/2017Ringwood Skylands ManorWho can i contact for group MTB weekend
7/11/2017Maple Hill ParkAny jumps?
7/9/2017Donner Lake Rim TrailIs it rideable as a shuttle yet from Glacier Way down?
7/8/2017Tower TrailAddress
7/8/2017Burning Sunshine Any Updates
7/8/2017De Valle Regional ParkQ: All - I am a Bay Area rider and looking for some additional details on Lake Del Valle. Specifically, I've heard of four awesome singletrack trails (S Curves, Chutes and Splatters, Ravine, and Turantula). When I look at the park map, none of these are listed/shown. Can someone share some additional insights to where these are? Off of which fire road...? Near which turn-out...?
7/7/2017Burns RdDoes anyone have a gpx route of this trail? thanks.
6/27/2017John E Pearce provincial parkThanks for so much you'd done, lhzawd! Just trying to help here. I believe the directions should say Lakeview Line.
6/26/2017MacBones TrailDoes anyone know if there are rattlesnakes within these trail systems? Thanks!
6/20/2017Yogi BearStart location
6/18/2017Mount DandenongWhere can you get the map you mention?
6/16/2017UNCW Campus TrailsYEs
6/11/2017Pequonnock River Valley State Park / Trumbull612 federal road Brookfield ct
6/9/2017Sycamore TrailI just discovered this trail last week and it looks like someone is starting to place concrete barriers around the south entrances. Is this trail being shut down?
6/2/2017WestsideHello jdm1200! I'm trying to find this trail but the map looks like it starts in the neighborhood? I live at the Junction.
6/2/2017Jackson Bluff Trail SystemCan Dogs come with me?
5/26/2017White Oak Mtn Biology TrailsAnyone been out today? Wondering how it is drying.
5/25/2017South Boundary (164)There is a shuttle, but it's $30/ person. We were planning on riding it this weekend too, email me at rhutmacher89@gmail.com if you want to try and set up a two car shuttle for Sunday!
5/22/2017Deer GroveThere states there is a pump track. Where is it located?
5/22/2017Whistler Mountain Bike ParkDo they have camping grounds and if so how much do they charge or are they free if you have a tent
5/17/2017La CuevaAre dogs allowed?
5/16/2017Green Mountain Trailsbest northwest vermont singletrack
5/13/2017Bronte Creek Day Use AreaWhere's the closest free place to park so I can bike into the trail? I'm coming from Oakville... Thanks in advance.
5/7/2017Bootleg CanyonIs this trail good for a strong willed and determined beginner try out?
5/3/2017Forest Park TrailheadHi, i tried to ride here today and was told by a man at the gate that it was no longer open to the public and had been closed permanently. Can anyone confirm this?
4/29/2017Magic LineI have this trail on my to-do list for Spain in about 2 weeks. From what I can tell you take the A-2617 paved road to a dirt road about 1720m in elevation. Then dirt road south til it hits the trail marker on this website. Then it finishes in Castejon de Sos. Does that all sound right? Unfortunately there are no shuttles available at this time, but if it's that great I'm willing to climb for the descent. Thanks!
4/28/2017KTJI would like to know where and if its open
4/23/2017Baker CreekHas this trail been re-vamped since 2015 to make it rideable?
4/19/2017Okeeheelee Park / Pinehurst / Green Acres Freedom ParkI personally like seeing people and pets enjoy nature. I dont think it would be a big deal. If you encounter any dbags just say ok sorry.
4/3/2017Carvin's Cove Trail systemcamping
4/2/2017Moore's Springs TrailsOn single track website I cannot find gpx. files on trails, including this one. Do you still provide? If so where?
4/2/2017Moore's Springs TrailsIs there a gpx. file of the trail I can download ? Can't seem to find one.Jim
3/22/2017Big Cedar Wilderness TrailsIs this trail ever going to open again?
3/21/2017Uwharrie NF: Wood Run, Supertree And KeyauweeHow do I find a gpx. file to download to my Garmin Edge 1000?
3/19/2017Barkcamp State ParkHas anybody rode this trail system since 2014( the most recent check-in)? I am staying one mile away and waiting for warmer weather to ride it. Wondering if the trails are still rideable.
3/16/2017Yellow Fork Canyon County ParkHow long does it take
3/14/2017Swope Park TrailDoes this camp have any tent camping?
3/13/2017The BermsI rode this trail but couldn't do a "ck in" with my Singletracks app on my phone. What gives?
3/10/2017Skyline Drive trailhave you guys heard that Troy Lee Trail Corona Ca. Off Skyline Dr. Trail will be turned into a sub-division. The project will be starting soon and will be called Skyline Heights. Thought it would make a great story. Here now, gone tomorrow!
3/6/2017Lovit TrailHi, I am riding this trail starting from the eastern most Parking lot near the Blakley Dam. I will be riding alone, although I plan on meeting up with my wife who will drive to one of the roads around midpoint. How well is this trail marked? Is it easy to get lost? Cell service? Thank you for ANY advice or help, Paul.
3/5/2017The Ridgeland TrailsAre the ridgeland trails open today ? Have awaited the fb join request and was curious before I drive up
3/2/2017Memorial ParkIs the expert downhill section with the stairway to heaven eroded?
2/21/2017New Quarter ParkA few of the most recent comments talk about the man-made features being removed. Have they been rebuilt and reinstalled, or are the trails still empty? If the features are still removed from the trails, for what reason?
2/13/2017Buffalo TraceCan anyone verify the total miles for this system? The trail summary here on ST says 12 miles, but it seems more like 9 miles as documented on all the maps I can find. Green trail 5.1mi. Blue trail 3.8mi. Is there another trail now that I don't know about?
2/12/2017West Fiscalini Ranch PreserveDogs
2/2/2017Just OutstandingIs this a solid downhill or are we good with freestyle type riding? (I noticed full face on image above)
1/30/2017Evans LoopWhats the Location?
1/14/2017Gateway LoopWhere do you park to start the fun on this trail?
1/9/2017Littles BrookJoe, I live in Burlington and ride the Res a lot. Can Littles Brook be connected to anything else? Maybe by high tension wires?
1/4/2017Baird Creekcan i ride this trail during winter with a normal mountain bike?
12/30/2016Hopalong CassidyWhere does trail intersect with art smith
12/28/2016Lees-McRae CollegeWhere to see if trail is open
12/22/2016Middlesex Fells ReservationYes
12/21/2016Vallee Bras Du Nord Secteur Shannahan I am assuming it's fat bike friendly in the winter? How are the conditions?
12/18/2016Torrance BarrensIs this place rideable in the winter on a fat bike?
12/15/2016Palm Canyon EpicDoes anyone know if Dunn road still accessible to get to Hahn Trail.
12/13/2016MidhurstHow are the conditions?
12/13/2016Coulson's HillWhat are the trail conditions please?
12/10/2016Turkey Neckhow often do you ride this area? I'm in the area once a month for business and have wondered about MTB trails in the area. Do you know of any more? I would also like to know if you know of any trails in Reidsville/Eden area. I also work in those markets and have wondered if any are out there. Hit me up if you do. Brian 773-484-3890
12/6/2016Las Trampas Regional WildernessWhere are all the good features? Would love to come here but really want to ride some drops and jumps.
12/2/2016Hog Backs/Los Alamos Sports ParkAre there any jumps or features that are fun to ride?
12/1/2016Lippman ParkI plan on making a road trip on Friday Dec 2, 2016...I am 3 hours away....can you let me know with all the rain if the trails are ok? THANK YOU!
11/25/2016Sourland Mountain Preservewhere do you guys ride here? ive hiked here before but never biked. i come in through the entrance on rileyville road.
11/20/2016Denton Greenbeltis this trail still closed
11/15/2016Dry Creek Water ParkCan you put Dry Creek water park where it belongs? It is in the wrong place now.
11/7/2016Flume TrailIs this trail open/rideable during winter months?
10/30/2016Old Salmon River TrailThis site needs better directions to trailheads and parking.
10/30/2016Wildcat TrailDoes this trail close for hunting season? If so, what are the dates?
10/25/2016Dead Horse Ranch State ParkWhere does the trail start
10/25/2016Dead Horse Ranch State ParkStart?
10/24/2016Haan Mountain Bike TraillIs this trail still open to the public? Looking to hit all 4 Lafayette trails soon.
10/24/2016Raceway WoodsWhat are some other recommended trails near here
10/19/2016Big Basin State Park35086 Camino Capistrano
10/18/2016Bringle Lake Mountain Bike Trail SystemDo you guys offer rental bikes for newbies?
10/17/2016J.E.M. TrailAre dogs allowed
10/17/2016The WhoopsAre dogs allowed on this trail?
10/17/2016The WhoopsAre dogs allowed on this trail?
10/17/2016Epping Forest TrailWould a 9 year old boy be able to ride there
10/17/2016Ringwood Skylands Manorwhere I can I rent/demo a bike in the area?
10/17/2016Burlingame State ParkCan you get from prosser rd go east beach rd using the burlingame state park
10/17/2016France ParkAre there jumps
10/17/2016Heritage ParkWhat are the hours
10/16/2016Mill Creek PipelineIs it up hill
10/16/2016Forest Park Trail NetworkAre you able to rent bikes or do we have to bring our own?
10/16/2016Townsend State ForestDogs?
10/15/2016Laural Lake To Cumberland Falls (sheltowee Trace)How long time wise
10/14/2016Westgate Parkare there lights for night time hours
10/14/2016Edgewood PreserveWhat time does it close
10/14/2016Aska Trail SystemIs this trail - specifically flats creek loop - directional by days of the week?
10/14/2016Bear Creek Canyon LoopAre there rentals?
10/14/2016MachesanMyself and a few others are interested in riding the Machesan trail on Sunday morning. Looking to meet up with someone who is familiar with the trail and up for a ride. Hit me up. thanks.
10/14/2016Westgate ParkHours?
10/14/2016Governor Dickare there restrooms
10/13/2016Water Tank TrailCan i walk my dog
10/13/2016Portal TrailLocation of trailhead on Porash road
10/13/2016Herb Parsonsis it good for 10 your old
10/13/2016Boy Scout TrailAnybody ride it since 10/08/16? Is it dry & rideable?
10/11/2016Carvin's Cove Trail systemAny cabins that cater to mtb crowd nearby?
10/8/2016The RockYou can't bike at the Rock, they've completely taken it away, its a haunted halloween hill. ONly Alpha Trail is left.
10/8/2016Holy Crosswhats with the cross?
10/7/2016Sessions WoodsWhere do you pick up the trail shown in that video? It's not the Tunxis trail off Beaver Pond or any of the interior trails on site.
10/7/2016Red Loop - Washington Crossing State ParkShouldn't this be "brown loop"? See this - http://www.state.nj.us/dep/parksandforests/parks/docs/washington_crossing_brochure.pdf
10/7/2016Red Loop - Washington Crossing State ParkShouldn't this be "brown loop"? See this - http://www.state.nj.us/dep/parksandforests/parks/docs/washington_crossing_brochure.pdf
10/7/2016West Chester UniversityWhat is surface
10/4/2016Reddish KnobWhat is the total elevation gain
10/4/2016Hunting Island Trailno
10/2/2016JoannaIs this trail for cyclists too?
10/2/2016Kincaid ParkAre dogs allowed
10/2/2016Horns Hill ParkCan i hike these trails?
10/1/2016Ronald W. Caspers Wilderness Parkis there a jeep trail in this park?
10/1/2016Boggs ForestAre dogs allowed
9/30/2016Calico Multi-Use TrailWhere do I park
9/30/2016Falls CreekHow to shuttle
9/28/2016Goat CreekAre there any technical areas on this trail? I'm from Saskatchewan and have only ever mountain bikes in the valleys close to home. I want to start getting into the mountains but I'm not sure where to start
9/27/2016Stewart State ForestDo you have any trails with camping in it?
9/27/2016Stewart State ForestDo you have camping ground?
9/27/2016Stewart State ForestDo you have camping grounds? Or close by?
9/26/2016Taman Bukit KiaraWhere is it
9/26/2016Timber LakeWhat is the actual address for this trail
9/25/2016Beartrap GulchCan you ride horses on this trail
9/24/2016Alien Run TrailElevation gain
9/24/2016Mount Lowe RailwayHow much
9/23/2016Hotsprings TrailWhere is dew deny trail
9/23/2016Dupage River Single Track Trailis it in the mcdowwel forrets preserve or what i cant find it
9/23/2016KonigstuhlPlatenstraße 1, 60320 Frankfurt am Main
9/22/2016Elk Chase #1 (surveyor Park Tr)dogs allowed?
9/21/2016Anglesea TrailsHi, can I ride here with my dog running with me? Sorry if question posts twice, had to register and not sure if it worked first time.
9/21/2016Lower Bear CreekCan you hike
9/21/2016Anglesea TrailsHi, can I ride Jere with my dog running with me?
9/20/2016Burro Passmoab
9/19/2016Youngers CreekCan you hike on this trail
9/17/2016Lippman Parkhow far from new York city are you
9/15/2016Douthat State ParkComing up in October from Florida to ride. Where can I rent a bike to ride these trails? Would rather not ship mine.
9/15/2016Douthat State ParkComing up in October from Florida to ride. Where can I rent a bike to ride these trails? Would rather not ship mine.
9/15/2016The CommonsWill do you mind telling me where the entrance is?
9/15/2016Ft. Clinch State ParkHow early can you get into park to ride trail?
9/14/2016Sheep MountainWhat's the ride time for a fit rider?
9/14/2016Indian River ParkDo u have any clubs
9/13/2016Broadneck Highschool and Cape ElementaryHow do you get to this trail
9/12/2016Summit Ridgelake city way seattle
9/12/2016Mae Simmons Bike TrailWhen is the next mountain bike race
9/12/2016Lynn Woods ReservationDirt bikes?
9/12/2016Devisadaro Peak Trail #108Good for older people?
9/11/2016Mountain Creek Bike ParkYou'd survive but it's a lot more fun on a good full squish
9/11/2016Poe Paddy Tunnel TrailIs it open
9/11/2016CDT: Poison RidgeHas anyone rode this since the post in 2010?
9/11/2016Cane RidgeThis trail does NOT have drinking water. Who added that check mark?
9/11/2016Tewantin State ForestAre the trails kid-friendly?
9/10/2016Wyeth/Trail #400How do I get to the trailhead?
9/9/2016Village TrailHow long is the trail?
9/9/2016Blue Clay Bike ParkLost and found
9/8/2016Burning Sunshine This trail is closed because of tornado that knocked down a lot of trees
9/8/2016Rotary ParkWhat time are they open till
9/7/2016River Valley CentralHi Everyone! This is Margeaux Morin from Global News in Edmonton. I am working on a story about dirt trail erosion in the Edmonton river valley and wonder if any of you riders who use the trails quite a bit would be interested in interviewing with us? Please send me an email, margeaux.morin@globalnews.ca if you'd like to chat. Thanks! -Margeaux Morin
9/7/2016Capilano LoopHi Everyone! This is Margeaux Morin from Global News in Edmonton. I am working on a story about dirt trail erosion in the Edmonton river valley and wonder if any of you riders who use the trails quite a bit would be interested in interviewing with us? Please send me an email, margeaux.morin@globalnews.ca if you'd like to chat. Thanks! -Margeaux Morin
9/7/2016Strathcona Science ParkHi Everyone! This is Margeaux Morin from Global News in Edmonton. I am working on a story about dirt trail erosion in the Edmonton river valley and wonder if any of you riders who use the trails quite a bit would be interested in interviewing with us? Please send me an email, margeaux.morin@globalnews.ca if you'd like to chat. Thanks!
9/7/2016Ripon Riding SpotHow long to complete
9/7/2016IIGOIs this private property
9/6/2016Colorado Trail: Green Mountainsorry i posted this by accident not sure how to delete it!
9/6/2016Colorado Trail: Green Mountain200 W 48th Ave, Denver, CO 80216
9/6/2016Ken-O-Sha TrailWhat time do you close
9/6/2016Pima Road and Dynamite BlvdAre there any sites that show a calendar of group rides for mountain bike and younger riders 16 and over?
9/5/2016Topp NotchHow do you get up to the top of the trail
9/5/2016C.F. Phelps Wildlife Management AreaWhere do i obtain a permit?
9/5/2016Windridge Horse ParkAnyone been in the past 10 years?
9/5/2016Riverbend ParkWhat bike trail would a beginner start on
9/5/2016Aspen Ridge / Road #185Are there atv trails and camping areas?
9/4/2016Camp HorizonDogs
9/4/2016Lost LakeParking
9/4/2016Hammond HillHow do you get back to trail 4
9/4/2016SantosRVing in Apopka for September, looking for riders going to Santos. Will pay for expensive. Female. Rvinthesprings@yahoo.com
9/4/2016Crackers NeckCan you walk it
9/4/2016Rampart ReservoirIs there a place to rent bikes nearby?
9/4/2016Cole's Woodsrye
9/3/2016PiratesHow long is the trail
9/3/2016Gold Dust TrailHow long is the upper part of trail
9/3/2016CDT: Wolf Creek PassHow steep is the first 1.5 mile climb? Is it rocky or smooth?
9/3/2016Governor DickWhere to park
9/3/2016Lake Lawtonka TrailsAlex, what are the worst, most unrideable trails in America? Talk about double jeopardy. One more question. Who calls these mtb trails. A yak would say f this!
9/2/2016Sansom ParkHours of operation
9/2/2016Salmon Creek TrailCan i backpack here?
8/30/2016North Fork Mountain Trailhardtail 29er or a downhjill bike on this trail?
8/30/2016Delamere Foresthow much to enter
8/28/2016Arroyo SecoClosing time
8/28/20163rd Battle Of Winchester TrailWhen was the Trail Founded?
8/28/2016Clinton State ParkDoes it have bike ramps
8/28/2016Bunker Creek (right Fork)Is this a one-direction, downhill specific trail or do most people just not want to try to climb it and do an out-and-back?
8/26/2016San Clemente Singletracks35086 Camino Capistrano
8/26/2016Buzzard's RoostLooks like a nice trail but are there any features like jumps/gaps/drops etc..? Also are there trails in the area that contain these and more mtb features? Me and some friends are coming to ride this area in the next few weeks and are stoked! Any info would be greatly appreciated, cheers!
8/26/2016Buzzard's RoostAre there certain days where the foot traffic is less than normal? Also are there any jumps or decent drops on this trail system? Me and a few friends are coming to ride and like a good climb but narley downs W/jumps and gaps etc..so any recommendations would be greatly appreicated as we are stoked to come ride this part of the US! Cheers
8/25/2016Cotton BrookIs this new track even legal?
8/25/2016Mystic LakeHow long does it usually take?
8/25/2016Sugar Mountain Resortwhen do you shut down the lifts for biking
8/24/2016FnpWhere is it? Literally no information on the trail whatsoever.
8/24/2016Box Canyon TrailCan I rent a bike
8/24/2016Sourdough TrailHow rocky is the trail?
8/23/2016Hunter's Creek Park TrailsHow many miles of trails are there?
8/23/2016All American SingletrackThis trail still open?
8/23/2016Alteis it single track
8/21/2016Victoria Tract - Pilchuck Tree FarmAny good hill climbs?
8/21/2016Douthat State ParkWho maintains mountain bike trails at douthat state park?
8/19/2016Plainfield Bike ParkIs this trail still under construction
8/18/2016Buttermilkplanning on visiting the Richmond area. What's your favorite intermediate trail that's dog friendly?
8/17/2016Jamesville/skytopHow old is it
8/16/2016Theodore Wirth ParkSee above answer. Park in the Par 3 club house located north of the Theo Wirth Parkway and Hwy. 55 intersection. You cannot miss it. Restrooms and refreshments available during golf season.
8/16/2016Honey RunDriving directions
8/15/2016Oak Mountain State Park Bump TrailWhat trails if any would be good for pulling a kid in a bike trailer?
8/14/2016SouthridgeCover charge?
8/14/2016Harms Woods - Central ParkDistance between harms woods and superdawg
8/14/2016Lake Whitney State ParkCabins or Bed and Breakfast near trail ?
8/13/2016Turkey Trot TrailContact Info for Turkey TRot Riding
8/12/2016Little Mountain Are there jumps?
8/12/2016Billenge WoodsHow many jumps
8/12/2016Tucker's TrailI believe these are the trails behind Franconia airport tarmac
8/12/2016Rocky Mountain Recreation Areaanyone been in the last 3 years?
8/12/2016Beaver Creek Trail / #3230Level of ride
8/11/2016Little Pine MountainCan you ride a motorcycle
8/10/2016Manhattan Pump TrackWe're is the turn off 2 get 2 it can't find the path that takes u 2 the jumps
8/8/2016Mitchell Nature Trail LoopHow long is the trail
8/8/2016Arabia Mountain TrailHow far out and back on the trail?
8/7/2016Emerald LakeAre motorbikes allowed
8/7/2016Piranha PitKid friendly?
8/7/2016Columbia Rail Traildirections
8/7/2016Cranberry ParkGood for biking
8/5/2016Arnold Rim TrailHow long does it take to ride
8/5/2016Lair O' The Bear / Bear Creek Traildirections of the trail
8/5/2016Limecreek Nature PreserveHow quickly does the trail open after rain?
8/5/2016Crimson Lake Provincial Parkis it paved
8/4/2016Priest Lake Selkirk Challenge coursewhere is the trail head
8/4/2016Sugarloaf Mt/Pucumtuck trailAre there restrooms
8/2/2016KitsumaDoes anyone know if old 70 is open again to ride up? Or is it fine to ride up it as long as it's after 5 or a weekend?
7/31/2016Unicoi State ParkBeginner trails
7/31/2016SkylinersIs it only for bikes
7/31/2016Red Mountain TrailDoes it have a chairlift
7/31/2016Vallee Bras Du Nord Secteur Shannahan Are dogs allowed
7/30/2016Mokena Regan Road TrailsHow well would a stock 2001 Silverado handle here?
7/30/2016PAC TrailHow long is the trail
7/30/2016Alpine ValleyYES
7/30/2016Gooseberry Falls State Parkeasy biking?
7/30/2016Emerald LakeWhat days can you ride it
7/29/2016Hagg LakeI have ridden it all of July, In good shape with a few blackberries reaching in. Not a problem though. You can stop and eat a few.
7/29/2016Standing RocksBest route
7/29/2016Tapeworm (Towers Of Power)I went there this last weekend, do you return on the power line access road or is there trail etiquette that you just pull over on the return up hill?
7/29/2016Danville Mountain TrailCan you camp?
7/28/2016Merli-SarnoskiWhere does the pink flag traIL start and end
7/28/2016Salt Creek TrailThank You - Chad
7/28/2016Newport State ParkWould this rail be a good family ride with young kids? A 3 yr old in a trailer and 4 yr old on a tag-a-long.
7/28/2016Shabomeka Legpower PathfindersMy wife and I will be travelling from Burke, VT to Sand Lake, Plevna, 07/30/2016-08/06/2016, any chance of getting a guided tour from a local. Also, should we drive or boat to far end of McClintock and ride from there?
7/27/2016Lily Lake / Splains Gulch / #63912f is Lilly lake trail
7/26/2016Red Bridge sectionIs there camping
7/26/2016Rock Bridge Memorial State ParkAnybody going to the race here this weekend?
7/26/2016Rock Bridge Memorial State ParkAnybody going to the race here this weekend?
7/26/2016UNCW Campus TrailsCan u run trail
7/25/2016Thunder MountainHow long is the actual Thunder Valley trail if shuttled?
7/24/2016Green's CreekHas this trail had any work done since the last update ?
7/24/2016Hickey KnobHow do I get there
7/24/2016Marshall Mesa AreaHours
7/24/2016Bender CreekIs it horse friendly
7/23/2016Kulani Not that Iam aware of no dirt bikes allowed.
7/23/2016Arbutus Woodshow man miles is it
7/22/2016The Bouldersthe lady on boulder rd put up no trespssing signs but its a public rd, and a public trail.enjoy.
7/21/2016Pinhoti Trail: Armuchee To Snake Creek Gapwhat map would you suggest for this area?
7/19/2016Causeway ParkAddress to park rv
7/19/2016Flatwoods ParkThere are approximately 20 miles of off road trails, very well marked in this park. Why are they not listed?
7/18/2016Kanata LakesCan you show me the names/diffucuty of the trails
7/18/2016Cucamonga Roadi would like to know also.
7/18/2016Moss Lake To Bubb/sis LakesHello, do you have file for trail?
7/18/2016Douglas State Forestwhere is the rope swing?
7/18/2016Argyl/Ferry FarmCan I take a dirtbike on this trail
7/18/2016Argyl/Ferry FarmCan I take a dirtbike on this trail
7/17/2016Hopkinton State ParkHow long
7/17/2016White Clay CreekDave English area
7/17/2016Turtle Mountain Provincial ParkWhat is th elevel of difficulty?
7/16/2016Bell's Bend Mountain Bike TrailHow long is the bike trail ?
7/15/2016Monroe Rail TrailIs this a paved trail?
7/14/2016Silver Comet Rail Trailreally, are pets allowed?
7/14/2016Arapaho RidgeDirt bikes ok?
7/14/2016Glory HoleIn a few weeks myself and a couple of buddies are heading to the trail for the first time. Is 20 Angels Creek Access Road the best place to park and enter the trails?
7/14/2016Durham Forest46 EMERY HILL
7/13/2016River RunDo you have to pay?
7/13/2016Pine HavenHow fr from pine haven is it
7/13/2016Fort Chaffee Tank / Humvee TrailsAre responsible horse back riders permitted to ride these trails? And if not, why not? Thank you
7/12/2016Heritage TrailWhere is the trailhead
7/12/2016McQuaid CreekDogs
7/12/2016Wolf River TrailCan you ride your horse on this trail?
7/12/2016CAMBA: Namakagon ClusterIs this trail pet friendly?
7/11/2016Mianus River ParkAre there bathrooms?
7/11/2016Point Sal Beachis it steep
7/11/2016Harvey Bear TrailLength Of Harvey bear walking trail
7/10/2016Indian Caves State ParkIll be working at Cooper power plant in Sept. - Oct. and plan on bringing my mnt bike. My ? is, where is a good place to stay for a short term rental? I'm not a big fan of motel/hotels. Thanks
7/10/2016Pine CliffsHow do you get there
7/10/2016Cathedral Hills TrailsHow long
7/10/2016Wichita NWR - Mt. Scott LoopHow far
7/10/2016Shearer Rd TrailAre dogs allowed?
7/10/2016Little Blue Tracevisit time
7/9/2016Mansfield HollowHow do you get to the beginning of the trail and what is the route?
7/9/2016Harbison State ForestDo you h
7/8/2016Monte CristoWill I be able to bike the trail with a hybrid bike, not a mountain bike?
7/8/2016William Hastie Natural AreaMud
7/7/2016Waterfall Glenhow to get to the trail
7/7/2016Gold Camp RoadLooking for single track down off gold camp
7/6/2016Wade Mountain Greenwayaddress
7/6/2016Whitney Lakes Provincial ParkIs this a paved trail
7/6/2016South Seatacbike shop located close to canyonville or
7/5/2016Belmont PlateauNot an official one, but the openstreet map does have the trails marked https://www.openstreetmap.org/search?query=19130#map=16/39.9929/-75.2055
7/5/2016MayburyTrail conditions
7/5/2016Water Company Owned WoodsHow do you get past the dirt bike jump track? It looks like it's all fenced in?
7/4/2016Art Smith TrailIs the parking lot closed at night
7/3/2016South CottonwoodHow far to the third bridge
7/3/2016Anderson Rd.Where do you start
7/3/2016Allaire State ParkNOTE: Wall Township is a spur trail that connects to Allaire Trail. All are easy/paved.
7/2/2016West Side TrailParking
7/2/2016Waterfall LoopAre dogs allowed on this trail?
7/2/2016Sherwood Pines Forest ParkIs there downhill trails
7/2/2016Split Rock And Surrounding AreaIs this legal to ride ATV here?
7/2/2016Franklin Dirt jumpsCan I get directions?
7/1/2016Blue Diamondmy problem is to find parking lot for semi-truck and spend not a lot of time to find trail head ! In a more cases trail head direction was marked wrong and i lost the time and didn't enjoy the trail . Like this trail i dont see where is the trail head on map , not correct
7/1/2016Smith CreekCan you over night camp on this trail
7/1/2016AirfieldCan I ride it on a bike with 140mm of travel front and rear?
6/30/2016Falling Creek ParkWhich trail has bike obstacles
6/30/2016Ern N BurnIs this trail part of the Santos System?
6/30/2016Otter CreekIs it easy?
6/29/2016Snowkraft Singletrack LoopAre they open in the summer?
6/28/2016Merrell Trailsorry, mad a mistake
6/28/2016Merrell Trail1215 breckenridge way portage mi 49002
6/27/2016Vista View ParkWhat is the total distance on all trails? On the hill and paved.
6/27/2016Kentucky OrvAcreage
6/26/2016Horry County Bike Run ParkWhere is it?
6/26/2016Hunting Island TrailIs this trail paved
6/26/2016Eklutna Lake Lakeside TrailWhat days are ATVs allowed to use the trail
6/25/2016Rock Springs ReserveCan you rent a bike?
6/25/2016F. Gilbert Hills State ParkHours
6/25/2016Lake CalaveraYes theres an old barn there too
6/24/2016RefugeHow to get there from fremont?
6/24/2016Lake O'Neil Loop100-198 Biddle St, Oceanside, CA 92058, USA
6/23/2016Yankee WoodsLength
6/21/2016Beaver Damn LoopWhat road is the farm truck advertisement on?
6/21/2016Knights Ferry CanalHow many miles
6/21/2016Luton Park TrailWhat's a good time for this trail?
6/21/2016Devils Lake State ParkGood for beginers?
6/21/2016Luton Park TrailWhat's a good time for this trail?
6/21/2016Birdseye Trailhow long does it take to ride around the loop?
6/20/2016Renaissance Parkhow hard
6/19/2016Storm Kingcan you ride it both ways? up and down?
6/19/2016Cougar ParkI haven't seen much but Bam Bam and Yabadabdoo are awesome, smooth flowing tracks...non techincal flowing grade 3. Anyone comfortable on single track could handle them.
6/18/2016Tapatio SpringsSo is it open or closed, as of now?
6/18/2016Page RimviewIs there a certain direction to the trail
6/17/2016Plattekill Ski ResortAre there cross country trails?
6/17/2016Outback Trail at Imagination GlennWhen are the time trails?
6/17/2016Flume TrailWhat does it usually take?
6/16/2016Hermosa Creek Trailhow many hours to descend one way?
6/16/2016Granby Ranch Bike Park2449 virgo dr, 80906
6/16/2016Cottonwood LoopDoes anybody knows if this trail still open?
6/15/2016Vista View ParkHow long is the trail on Mountains?
6/15/2016Rancho La Costa PreserveCan u ride a DH bike here?
6/14/2016Maah Daah HeyHow many bikers do the 100
6/14/2016Mont Habitantwhat are the fees
6/14/2016San Elijo Harmony Grovehours
6/13/2016Rollins PassThoughts about a loaded toruing bike on this route?
6/12/2016Coxcomb Mountain Bike TrailDo you need a high clearance vehicle to get to this trail head?
6/12/2016Red Mountain ParkCyclocross bike friendly
6/12/2016Daniels Road State Foresthardtail is fine, but a full susp will help you out further into the trail network
6/12/2016Bethpage State Parkcan we rent bikes there/
6/12/2016Diamond Creek Trailda track is da bomb bro yay
6/11/2016Parklands Forest ReserveIs this track good ..?
6/11/2016Hunters Creek ParkCan you camp in this park
6/11/2016Daniels Road State ForestCan I run a hard tail or is a trail/enduro with full suspension a better choice for this trail
6/10/2016Solsticeis this trail still open? any maps available?
6/10/2016Solsticeis this trail still open? any maps available?
6/10/2016Lake AtalantaHow do I get to the trail?
6/10/2016Big MI want to pre ride Big M Monday with my son for Lumberjack 100. Wondering if it's permitted to park the truck at the trail head overnight so we can bike pack and sleep in our hammocks out on the trail.
6/8/2016Loggers/LussiHeading threw the area June 17/18, trails in ok shape?
6/8/2016Riverview Parkwhere do I get on
6/8/2016Salmon Falls: Sweetwater LoopAnybody know how to get there? Or where to park? Let me know, thanks.
6/7/2016Baxter Bridge east to Fife LakeWhere does it end
6/6/2016Collis P Huntington State ParkTrail beginings
6/6/2016Sycamore Canyon/Guadalasca/Overlook LoopElevation
6/5/2016Cannonsburg State Game AreaOn what date does the trail open?
6/5/2016ButtermilkIs the trail open today
6/4/2016Huy Downhill TrailAddresses
6/4/2016Tuckahoe State parkIs it good/fun for beginner to intermediate riders
6/4/2016Smiths GullyI've ridden there many of times but still cant find the pump track
6/3/2016Stunts!This was just off starbird Rd. portland at the corner of the road where there alot of brush. I checked it out recently and it is overgrown, (not really rideable
6/2/2016Bell Rock Trailwayclosing time
6/2/2016Inman Canyon to Toponce BasinIs it open
6/2/2016Bear Paw TrailHow far to lake?
6/1/2016KTJwhere is this
6/1/2016KTJwhere is this
6/1/2016KTJwhere is this
6/1/2016Curt Gowdy State ParkAny mountains?
6/1/2016RozarksWhat is the exact address of rozarks trail?
6/1/2016Longview LakeHow long is the trail
5/31/2016Hickory RidgeI love this trail!
5/30/2016Six Mile RunWhich is the starting point of the trail and to get back to the parking lot do people return thru the main road or the trail??
5/30/2016Ruth Stockdale/walnut WoodsTrail length
5/30/2016Granite Basin TrailCement creek road
5/30/2016Spruce Creek PreserveIs there anywhere to rent bikes?
5/30/2016Big Hill Trail SystemCan you rent bikes
5/30/2016Kulani Are dirt bikes allowed?
5/29/2016LGCT Arbor Trails1855 Golfview lake Geneva
5/29/2016Cohoes Falls TrailWhere do we park
5/29/2016Environmental CenterHoW many miles?
5/29/2016Horsethief Springs TrailIs there a fee
5/27/2016Lysterfield Mountain Bike AreaWhere can I hire a bike I can ride to this location?
5/27/2016Mark's Loop / Morgan's BestDoes this trail have root maggots?
5/25/2016Roanoke Canal Arts TrailWhen is next ride
5/25/2016Packsaddle LakeCan you camp here?
5/24/2016Shilo TrailLaredo tx
5/24/2016Minooka ParkHow many acres is this network?
5/24/2016Flathead River Ranger StationAre dogs allowed?
5/24/2016Hardscrabble Mountain TrailsWhen is trail open?
5/23/2016Belmont Plateauis a trail map of available?
5/23/2016Athens Regional Park Trailis trail open 7 days/week
5/22/2016Wild Azalea TrailCan I use a cross train bike?
5/22/2016Mt. SnowWhat is the schedule
5/21/2016Courthouse Butte LoopIs it good for hybrid bikes?
5/20/2016Zorinsky Mountain Bike Trail 2What happened to the other Zorinksy trail?
5/20/2016Bayou Gulch Bike ParkCan dogs be off leash on this trail?
5/20/2016Dufferin County46 emery hill
5/19/2016StagecoachIs there a way to reach the top of mnt Garfield from stage coach?
5/18/2016Lebanon Hillslebanon
5/18/2016Coronado HeightsIs this a community park that riders can build and maintain it?
5/17/2016Cambalache State ForestCan you walk/hike there?
5/16/2016Swayback Bridge TrailNot that I have ever seen
5/15/2016Rotary ParkHow long is it
5/15/2016Sylvan Islandcan you rent bikes
5/15/2016Oil Well FlatsIs there any camping near the trails?
5/15/2016Lake CalaveraIs horseback riding allowed
5/14/2016Indian Caves State ParkCan you stop to camp on this trail?
5/14/2016SwitchgrassIs it open today may 13,2016?
5/14/2016Bassam Park Lariat / Trail #1435Map for #1435
5/13/2016Sierra Canyon TrailWhere does the trailhead start
5/12/2016Bullfrog Lake Forest PreserveCan you run trail
5/12/2016Palmetto Trail8938 E. River Rd, Venice, Fl 34293-7629
5/12/2016Pineland TrailsIs there wild animals
5/12/2016Horse GulchIs there camping at the trail or nearby?
5/11/2016Cannock Chase - Follow The DogDo you have water supply
5/10/2016Shelf Road / CR 88Is there a map
5/10/2016Tourne ParkIn Mapping the directions to this trail, the last portions show as restricted usage. Does anyone know what the Restrictions are exactly?
5/10/2016Paradise FlumesHow many miles is the trails
5/9/2016Perk CanyonCan you camp on the trail?
5/9/2016Norris WatershedIs there a place to leave horse over night
5/9/2016Indian Brook/essex ReservoirHow long is the trail?
5/7/2016Ball Mountain LakeWith regrads to Ball Mountain Lake Are the trails open today and can you rent bikes there
5/6/2016Hahamongna Watershed ParkWhere exactly is the trailhead in Oak Grove Park? Your directions take you to 2869 Sterling Pl. Thank you, vladimir@paperny.com
5/6/2016Yellow Creek State ParkDriving though this area to NY. Want to stop for the night and ride in the AM, any sonic suggestions where to park for the night(sleeping in car). And is small fire building allowed this time of year?
5/5/2016Hartman Rocksit might be many trails in hartmans are ok for dirt bikes but i ask if you do ride here then dont tear up the track
5/3/2016Allegan State Game AreaNeed address
5/1/2016Walnut Mountain ParkCan I download a map of the trails
4/30/2016LadyslipperAre dogs allowed on the trail?
4/30/2016Korah TrailsHow many km
4/29/2016Pain In The N.E.K. 2012is hikig allowed on this bike trail
4/29/2016Centennial TrailWhich direction is best to ride
4/28/2016Ouachita Trailare the huts/yurts available to use? what is the cost? where can I find this information
4/28/2016MachesanHello, i am going to try this trail soon. I noticed that the map showing the trail head does not agree with the provided written directions. Can someone clarify? Thanks!
4/27/2016VerradoHow late can you go
4/26/2016Sara Babb ParkHow is this trail as of right now? Has it been updated?
4/25/2016Meadowlark Parkwhat is the GPS address to get to the bike trail?
4/25/2016Buffalo CreekDid anyone find a garmin edge in the parking lot today?
4/23/2016Clinton State ParkAre any Trails asphalt
4/23/2016Banner ForestAll of them are best for beginners, it's where I started riding my bike
4/22/2016Zimmerman TrailHow long is the trail
4/22/20167th Streethow many miles is the loop
4/21/2016Blue Hillslandrys bicycles norwood they are close to norwood
4/19/2016RowdyWhich direction is best?
4/19/2016Black PartridgeHow do I know where I am
4/18/2016Mort Walker TrailHow long is it
4/17/2016Alpine ValleyIt's open and conditions were great.
4/17/2016Estero Trail To Sunset BeachWhat makes this a "black diamond" trail?
4/16/2016Swan CreekI cant believe this place is in tacoma albeit in the East side. Anyone know the History?
4/13/2016Whitetail Ridgeis this trail open today
4/13/2016RTK to Cooter's Pondcan you take dogs out on the trail offleash
4/12/2016Capilano LoopTrail map
4/12/2016Christie LakeThere are approximately 8 to 10 trails within the Conversation area, most of which have turning options. The majority of the trails also link up giving you several options. Outside of one trail, all trails can be ridden in either direction.
4/11/2016Mary's Loop / Horsethief BenchWhich are intermediate
4/10/2016Supply PondsCan motorized bikes use it
4/9/2016Ice houseis there parking
4/9/2016Leverich TrailIs it dry in early April?
4/9/2016Virginia Key North PointWhat is the address
4/9/2016Lee Creek Reservoir Trailthe grave yard where is it
4/8/2016SolsticeI'm a hiker on Solstice. How can I get bikers to slow down when going downhill on Solstice so that I don't get hit?
4/7/2016CunninghamWhy are there two separate check in places for this trail? One says "Cunningham Park" and the other just "Cunningham". Can one be removed so it's not confusing when checking in?
4/5/2016The Sticker IncidentDoes it have a lot of jumps & where in rising sun is it
4/4/2016Frank G. Bonelli Regional ParkWhat is the distance walking around the lake
4/4/2016Stevens Canyon LoopIs this trail signed?
4/3/2016Canadore Trailsis the trail system open to the public
4/3/2016Hodge Park TrailsWhen do they open?
4/1/2016Lake Fayetteville TrailHey guys! Really looking forward to trying out this trail and was wondering etiquette on brining d? My pup will run along side me, but if this is a crowded/popular route I understand if that isn't desireable for other riders!
4/1/2016Solo PointCan I bring my dog?
3/31/2016Parteidge RunThe area is PARTRIDGE Run
3/31/2016Chutes and LaddersCan you hike trail as well?
3/31/2016Copper Harbor Trailsis it open
3/30/2016Pyramid State Recreation AreaHow close is it to dongola
3/29/2016Hartman RocksIs this trail cleared for dirt Bikes?
3/29/2016Klonzo AreaHow are these trails after it rains
3/27/2016Indian Hollow ReservationIs the trail open today
3/27/2016Buffalo TraceAre three wheeled pulled by husky allowed
3/26/2016Impala Ranch MTB TrailsI will be staying in Jeffrey's bay for a week& was wondering if the trails are used for trail running?! Also, can the langmore state forest permit be purchased on site? The Farm Annual membership? Please respond to Kpeckfrost@yahoo.com
3/26/2016Sans Souci PreserveCan you ride a bike
3/25/2016New River Trail, Galax To Fries Junctionhow far is the tunnel
3/23/2016Duthie HillDo you hire mtb bikes?
3/23/2016Point Sal Beachsal point trail open to mt bike?
3/22/2016Lagoon ValleyIs there a way to park at the top of you just want to ride the downhill section?
3/21/2016Little Blakley150 crest wood mount Ida at
3/20/2016Chicken RoadHow did chicken road get it name?
3/20/2016La Tuna CanyonWhere did the lie car come from
3/20/2016Meadow MountainFat bike?
3/18/2016Rawhiti Forest MTB TrailsCan you take dogs
3/17/2016Rockcliffe Waterdownno. It's free.
3/17/2016Potters RavineAre dogs allowed
3/16/2016Section 13Where would be the best place to put a 18 foot camper with kids and be able to Mtn Bike?
3/16/2016Rose LakeAre dogs permitted on the trail?
3/16/2016"B"Where would I park to go from too to bottom
3/15/2016The Whole EnchiladaJune Trail conditions? Few years ago I rode this trail in mid June and only the upper most section was closed. What's the outlook for this summer?
3/14/2016Enterprise Southyes helmets are required on all mountain biking trails in enterprise south.
3/13/2016Tower Hill PondI have gone down a couple of the side trails to get in to the main loop around the water. These trails were quite rocky. Are any of the trails smooth enough to be able to pull my kids down in a bike trailer?
3/13/2016Willand PondAre dirtbikes allowed?
3/11/2016New Light TrailsContact number?
3/10/2016Hollybank MTB ParkWhat facilities does it have?
3/10/2016Old Flowers RoadHas this trail re-opened since the fire?
3/9/2016Centerville FlumesWhere does it begin n end?
3/8/2016Coyote Trail9677 Eagle Ranch Rd NW
3/8/2016Riley Trailshow are conditions today on the trail
3/8/2016Pryor Creek Nature TrailWhere is trailhead
3/7/2016Fish Lake Traildirections from spokane
3/6/2016Round TopCan u ride four wheelers I round top
3/5/2016Paulding County WMA TrailsCan i hike at night
3/4/2016Purgatory ParkIs it open
3/3/2016Blue Ridge Trail Systemare there any jumps?
3/3/2016The Sticker IncidentWhere is it?
3/2/2016Sechler ParkWhere is the most common place to park?
3/2/2016Sechler ParkWhere is the most common place to park?
3/1/2016Grant's TrailHow many miles
3/1/2016Flat Rock ParkHours?
2/29/2016East Macon ParkIs it for beginners??
2/28/2016Skatas Trail SystemAre there moose in the area?
2/27/2016Otis/atwood Conservation Area LoopDo you allow bmx bikes?
2/27/2016Depot Road Singletracks/FOMBAare all trails open 2.27.16
2/26/2016FDR Parkwhat will the trails be like this weekend?
2/25/201612 Hours Of Santos CourseWHEN IN THE 2016 RACE?
2/25/2016Mckenzie River Trailhow much total climbing, in feet, is there?
2/25/2016Kanata Trail SystemHere's the map: http://ottawamba.org/cms/march-highlands-map/
2/22/2016McAllister Parkhow late and if there is a place to rude at night. work graveyard so like to ride at night
2/21/2016Eagle View, Kaw LakeCan I camp?
2/21/2016Rock Bridge Memorial State ParkOpen today for mountain bikes
2/21/2016Selma Erwin Nature TrailAre dogs allowed?
2/20/2016Garden of the Gods: Ute TrailIs the bike trail opening
2/20/2016Deerfield Loop / 335Where is this trail
2/20/2016Ledford / 660Is it easy for kids
2/19/2016Browns Ranch to Granite MountainYou can take a number of different routes to the actual Granite Mountain loop.
2/18/2016Keystone CanyonIs this trail dog friendly?
2/17/2016Lake Murray State ParkYes, lots of great sites with facilities and direct access to the trails at different points. Total trail distance is approximately 45 miles
2/17/2016Lake Murray State ParkThere is great camping with facilities at many areas of the lake. All with access to the trails at various points. We just completed the tucker tower trail which gives us a total of approximately 45 miles of single track
2/16/2016Alamo Canyon Loop Trailhow long is the hike?
2/16/2016Betasso PreserveIs this trail open year round
2/15/2016Big Sycamore CanyonHow long to mt bike down
2/15/2016Marquette SBR (snow bike route) North plus Southhow difficult are sbr
2/14/2016Green Mountain TrailIs there any camping nearby?
2/14/2016Lake Houston ParkIs there a charge?
2/13/2016Withlacoochee State Forest: Croom Sectiondo i need a permit to ride peddle bike?
2/13/2016The Whole Enchiladahazards
2/8/2016Cougar Parkwhat would be the easiest track
2/7/2016Augusta Canalare e-bike allowed
2/7/2016Blacks Grovedo you have winter fat bike groomed trails
2/7/2016The Celery FieldsHow many laps around makes a mile
2/3/2016Brookfield State Lands2700 cold springs rd huntingdon pa
2/1/2016Brazos Bend State Parkare bikes for rent there?
2/1/2016North Fork Mountain TrailHow much does it cost
1/31/2016Starr MountainThis is actually the equestrian trail complex. I would not recommend it for bikes unless you don't mind interacting with lots of horses. Try the bike trails around Chilhowee instead.
1/31/2016Mt. Hartman TrailWhere do I start it
1/30/2016Lithia Loop Rd TrailsWhere does bti start
1/29/2016Scales Lake Park TrailsAre there runners on course
1/18/2016Ranmore 25 Mile LoopSo is this route marked? is it through the woods or country road. will I turn up at Gomshall station and wonder where the hell to go next?.
1/16/2016Foresthill DivideBest to ride it counterclockwise as the downhill on the return can have some speed demons and you wouldn't run into 'em head on. I'm 72 and love this trail. I just git outta' the way when the crazies git behind me. All-in-all folks on this trail are the best. -- 'Ol Ed
12/27/2015Fort Ord Public LandsTrail conditions?
12/25/2015Walnut Mountain Park15 spurck rd, saugerties, ny
12/25/2015Colonel Francis Beatty Parkis it open today
12/13/2015Shepherds Trail, Bowden SpurCan this be moved to Australia > Victoria > Melbourne since Melbourne is not in New South Wales :)
12/11/2015The Pines
12/10/2015Chuck WagonAlbertsons
12/7/2015Browns Creek Road / #272Thank you in advance Greg.
12/4/2015Campbell's Creek TrailIs trail open to the public?
12/4/2015Lake Murray State ParkIs there camping at this trail
12/1/2015Brown County Parkschooner trail
12/1/2015Mt. Zion Bike TrailsIll be working at Grand Gulf in February and plan on bringing my mnt bike. This trail sounds pretty awesome!
11/29/2015Saw Wee Kee ParkIs this trail open today
11/27/2015Church RoadIs this on private property?
11/24/2015Lincoln Parish Parktrails open
11/17/2015Tokul - WestApparently there are no more passes for sale this year (although the site did say they were 'unlimited'). Has anyone rode this trail without a pass? Is there an alternate location to park and just ride in?
10/30/2015Diablo Foothills Regional ParkKid friendly? (7-8 years old)
10/30/2015Mount Diablo to Finley RoadIs this trail Family friendly? My kids are 7 and 8 and my wife hates riding( she does it just to appease me ha ha ha)
10/25/2015Finger Lakes Trail - Mt. Morris/letchworth State Parkis there riding in november?
10/18/2015Town LoopMap
10/13/2015Walnut ConnectorHello, will be in Evansville area later this week and next week. Can you reply with directions to walnut/sycamore trails at Harmonie state park?
10/7/2015Mr. Toad's Wild RideIs this ridable in late November?
10/6/2015SunriseIm a downhiller at heart. how are the descents? i dont mind fun climbs as long as the descent is rowdy enough
10/3/2015Garmisch to ReintalHi, is GPX also available?
9/29/2015Minooka Parknorthbrook, il
9/24/2015Highside TrailWhere is the beginning of this trail? And where does it end?
9/24/2015Emmitsburg WatershedThanks
9/20/2015Ohayo MountainHi, Went up Old Wagon today. Didn't see the trail head? Turned onto Blue Stone at the top of Old Wagon and nothing there either.
9/18/2015Mont Rigaud514 reardon pvt
9/14/2015Highland Recreation AreaThis should be merged with http://www.singletracks.com/bike-trails/highland-recreation.html
9/7/2015Weston College LandThe College Pond Lands are not in the location marrked on the above map. I ran into 2 bikers using this map who were confused b/c there is no parking at this location. They were biking around the Highland Street Forest which is great but they seemed a little lost and confused.
9/7/2015Laurel Hill Park340 west street 22180
9/7/2015Black Water Creek340 west street 22180
9/7/2015495 Jump Trail22180
9/5/2015Caloosahatchee Regional ParkWestin hotel cape coral
9/5/2015Manley Gulchare dogs allowed
9/3/2015Eagle Rockdirections
9/3/2015Heil Valley RanchCan this be fixed? picture rock TH https://www.google.com/maps/place/Picture Rock Trailhead/@40.2149379,-105.2791143,15z/data=!4m11!1m8!4m7!1m2!1m1!2sstarting address...!1m3!2m2!1d-105.27411!2d40.21767!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0xc294cab9409f0499?hl=en wapiti TH https://www.google.com/maps/place/40°08'58.3"N 105°18'00.9"W/@40.149539,-105.300255,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0
9/3/2015Heil Valley RanchThe "Map It" button doesn't get you to either TH.
9/2/2015Hardy Rd. TrailAwesome. We used to ride dirt bikes there in the 70's.
9/1/2015Emory Recycling CenterHow the heck to you get there?
8/27/2015The Ribboncan you shuttle up
8/11/2015Shabomeka Legpower PathfindersWondering if there is an access point in the southern part of this trail?
8/11/2015Stunts!Where is this place
8/3/2015Fairland Recreational Parkwhat is poseur
8/2/2015Simpson Creek Trails16348 60th Ave NW, Cass Lake, MN 56633
7/23/2015Trestle Bike ParkFirst time riding trestle where is best place to stay?
7/19/2015Kingman FarmWould anyone mind if I packed some of the rocks leading up the long bundle of trees with dirt. Every time I show up the rocks are scattered and ruins that spot. I don't mind doing the work so its set to ride every day, as long as the vets here don't mind
7/19/2015Toad RoadNorridge
7/19/2015Pioneer Traillee vining
7/15/2015Allamuchy North-Deer Park-Stephens Connecter RideTrailManVin, how do I get in contact with you. I want to explore the Allamuchy area more specifically the mountain between Budd Lake and Tilcon Lake. Thanks
7/15/2015Manhattan River Trail (MRT)Someone should cut down the leaner across the wooptydo. Sun in my eyes, didn't see it at all going real fast, broke my helmet. Ouch!
7/12/2015Sprain Ridgetimes
7/8/2015Pickerington PondsI fail to see why this trail is being considered a MTB trail... Can someone shed some light for me?
7/4/2015Felker's Falls Trailtrail map
6/30/2015Annette Lake / Trail #1019This trail is open to bikes from the trailhead to the rail trail crossing. The bulk of the trail described in the description is hiker only. That's what happens when data is cut and pasted from the USFS web page instead of input by users.
6/28/2015Cape Fear Mountain Bike TrailAre bicycle helmets required?
6/28/2015Cape Fear Mountain Bike TrailAre bicycle helmets required?
6/28/2015Cape Fear Mountain Bike TrailAre bicycle helmets required?
6/23/2015Deer Haven RanchIs it camping friendly?
6/23/2015Deer Haven RanchCan you camp here?
6/22/2015Ringtail / Swallowtail12257 south wadsworth
6/20/2015Franklin State ForestI went there and they had trees across the trail every 100 ft. or so on the hiking trail. Went to the other entrance and it was a straight rail bed that Dirt Bikes had tore it up. I must have missed the single track that has been mentioned.
6/17/2015Lake Guntersville State Parkhow difficult
6/11/2015Eisenhower State ParkIs this trail sill open since the recent flooding back in May?
6/7/2015Freedom CenterThere is a free ride anytime.
6/1/2015Sharpsville bike trailKFG.. You want to ride some time? I live in Sharon...evillegas1234@yahoo.com
5/28/2015FirelineWhere is parking located?
5/26/201518 Road Trails / North Fruita Desertedge
5/25/2015VanderkampI ride with my dogs, is this a good trail for the dogs to run along with me?
5/22/2015Indian Creek LoopLooking to ride Sat 5/23/15 anyone ride it since all the rain? Trail conditions? itching to ride
5/20/2015Westside Lake Trail@ColtonLock do you have a good map of the loop after you cross the bridge on Oak Grove?
5/16/2015Umstead State ParkC
5/2/2015Indian Road Woodswhat is the address
4/24/2015Fair HillHow are these trails with Spring Wetness - ridable tomorrow? ( Sat 4-24-15)
4/17/2015Chehalis Western Trailfir tree road directions
4/9/2015Sumac Creekwhere is river loop
4/9/2015Plowline TrailAre there any published maps of the trail?
4/6/2015Estrella Mountain Parkwhere does it start
4/5/2015Deschutes RiverWhere is road 41
4/4/2015Huntersville Athletic ParkWe just tried to go on it but there is nowhere to go. Where is it?
4/4/2015Sta TrailsHi! The trails described above are the STA Hillside trails. There is also the STA Kincaid trails which are on s different side of Anchorage. You should list them separately because this is confusing. Well, it was confusing to me before I moved to Anchorage. I had to ride them to realize their were two different trails. STA stands for single track advocates and both trails were built by STA
4/4/2015Thousand Hillsdo you have pictures of this trail
4/3/2015Blankets CreekI was at this trail last year and loved it. There was a table top bridge that I didntnget a picture of. Could someone send me a picture of it? Thanks.
3/23/2015Lucky Charmstechnical? easy?
3/16/2015Malpais Looplamoile, can you please email me? I have some questions about this ride. I will be up the 26th, and this sounds like a good ride. Thanks!
3/11/2015Back CreekWhere is this trail exactly? I drove by there today & the only dirt road on the left passed the fish hatchery passed by a couple houses & then dumped out on to another road. No place to park or anything
10/3/2014Table RockIs this trail still open
9/1/2014Rock Point How do I get to the trailhead? Is it accessed via the High School trails?
6/18/2014Curtisville and Batchelder Mills Road TrailsHowdy, meeting a friend in concord Thursday evening. Where do theses trails start? Thanks! Jay
6/2/2014Colorado Trail: Buffalo Creek To Lost Creek Wilderness BoundaryIs it 30 miles round trip or one way?
5/4/2014Middle Run/white Clay Combo RideI'm planning a trip (I live in central Jersey) and cannnot decide between Schaeffer farms in Del or Middle Run. Anyone been to both?
5/1/2014Bethpage State Parkdirections
4/30/2014South Mountain ReservationWhere can i find the trailhead?
4/30/2014Little ColoradoTrail no longer exists ,, why can't it be removed from the list
4/30/2014Little ColoradoLittle colorada
4/28/2014Island LakeRacing scdule
4/28/2014Forked River MountainWhere do u start it from ? I'm on Lbi
4/22/2014Robinette's OrchardU b
4/21/2014Andrew's University TrailTreky92, do you still ride with training wheels?
4/20/2014Prado Regional Parkthe parck is good for bikes.
4/18/2014Yellowmundicould i do thiz
4/18/2014Goldsboro Bike TrailHi. Is there someplace near the trail where I can rent a bike? Thank you!
4/17/2014Reno Truckee River Ridehowmany miles sutro to galletti
4/16/2014Banner ForestLooks great. Which trails are the best for beginners? Thanks.
4/16/2014Tour De Los PadresWhere is the trail head located? Thanks..
4/10/2014Monte Bella Bike Trailsmequite trail run april 26
4/5/2014Fort Chaffee Tank / Humvee Trailswheres the actual starting point
4/5/2014Stunts!Is this place real?
4/5/2014Rainbow Trail: Westcliffedoes any one know?
4/3/2014Lake Perris Trailshow to get to terri peak from bernirconh
4/3/2014Penitencia Creekwhere does trail start
4/2/2014Maternity Well Group Site and Trailsfake listing in a town that doesn't exist, DELETE POST!
4/1/2014Davagh TrailsWhy when there is a car park at both top and bottom of davagh forest do they not put on an uplift service like the one at rostrevor
3/31/2014New River Trail State ParkCould you please send info. on bike rental...would need 9 bikes, two of them would need baby carriers if possible. Cost of rental?
3/30/2014Frisco-greenway Trailwhere does it start and end
3/29/2014The Bouldersraces?
3/28/2014Lil RattlerI am looking to do a mountain bike race here June 15 and was hoping to get maps of the course before the rave. how would I go about that on this site. I need maps to spiral drive, Lil rattler, Lil rattler extension, backbone,& tenderfoot
3/27/2014Rock branch FarmsIs this for mountain biking or just horses?
3/27/2014Quail Lakewhere does the water come from that fills the lake?
3/22/2014Leverhulme Park where does the leverhume park trail begin and end ...thanks