Review: SIX Nutrition, Vitamins for Men

For a while I had been considering finding a good-quality vitamin supplement, so when SIX Nutrition offered up a month’s supply for review, I decided to be the official Singletracks guinea pig and give them a shot.

SIX Nutrition claims that their multi-vitamin provides benefits in six areas (see what they did there?) of men’s health:

  • Heart
  • Joints
  • Sex
  • Muscles
  • Mind
  • Energy

The specific ingredients that address these areas are listed in detail here.

The vitamins come in a distinctive box with each day’s dose sealed in individual pouches for optimum freshness and easy tracking. Each pouch is is easy to open and contains six capsules, coincidentally. Just for fun, I managed to choke down all six at once, but trust me, do three and three.

Okay, enough about the details, how did they work?

SIX Nutrition recommends taking the vitamins daily, for six days, and then take a day off. (They really are obsessed with the number SIX!) I decided to take them Monday through Saturday, with Sunday as my off day.

Almost immediately I could feel an increase in energy. I’m a pretty bad coffee addict, but while taking SIX Nutrition I was good with just my morning cup, and didn’t need to guzzle it all day at work like I usually do. This energy boost translates into physical activities too, and as a side note, I noticed less soreness afterword.

The next thing I noticed was improved sleep. I don’t have an issue sleeping in general, but while taking these I slept more soundly and woke up energized. Possibly related to the improved sleep, or maybe due to the “mind” facet of SIX Nutrition’s formula, my wife reported that I was overall in a better mood during the test.

The most interesting effect that I noticed was a change in my appetite. I still ate regular meals, but I didn’t feel the need to snack all the time. I’m coincidentally working on losing some weight, so this was a huge help.

The other claimed categories are a little harder to quantify, but I’ll just say that I felt better overall and definitely navigated my daily routine with less fatigue and stress.

The real test of any multi-vitamin, however, is when you stop taking them. Benefits tend to be gradual, but the drop-off is more sudden. Once my supply ran out, within half a week I was back on the IV-drip of coffee. More gradually, my sleep patterns returned to “normal,” and my overall energy declined. I’ve been off of them for a month (as long as I took them for), and everything is pretty much back to where it was before I started.

A month’s supply of SIX Nutrition will run you $59.95 straight up; however, if you “subscribe,” the first month is $6, and then $45.95 per month after. This sounds steep, especially when compared to the stuff in the vitamin aisle at Walmart, so for a better comparison, I looked up Nutrilite Double-X vitamins, which are pretty similar, and they are just shy of $85 for a one-month supply. Yikes! (For the record, I have taken Double-X in the past and they also work great.)

The bottom line is this: for a buck and a half a day, you can feel great, be more productive, sleep better, and maybe lose some weight. Your day job will benefit, your riding will be easier and you’ll likely be less sore afterword. People around you should notice your improved outlook on life, and if that still isn’t enough, you’ll save more than enough in coffee or energy drink expense to cover the cost of the vitamins.

Considering how I felt after I stopped taking them, I’ve re-ordered the vitamins and plan to make them a regular part of my day. With the $6 intro offer, and a $10 off coupon for the second month for subscribing to their mailing list, you can’t really lose.

Thanks to SIX Nutrition for sending over the multi-vitamins for review, and thanks to Deep Creek PR for organizing the review!

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