Faster in One Lap! Pro Rider Gets Feedback on Her Line Choice [Video]

From MGM Alternative:

We can often get lost in self analysis and overthinking each process as athletes trying to perfect a craft. Our goal for the “Getting Critical” series is to help each other improve by sharing insights and criticisms of what we notice in one another’s riding that might be hard to self-diagnose. In return, we hope to offer ideas and examples to help other people think about how they ride a bike or interpret a trail.

In this episode Remi and Jesse follow Miranda down Credit Line and build her a “poop sandwich.” Offer a compliment, followed by what could be improved, sandwiched with another compliment. Miranda has a strong and solid body position on the bike, so while there are only a few small things she could work on there, the majority of the feedback is related to braking points and line choice.

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