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The title of the piece asks if the trails should be closed...that response seems like overkill to me. I had a friend warn me of insane crowds at Hall Ranch but I got there on Saturday mid-afternoon and there were spaces available in the upper lot so it was actually less crowded than usual, on…
cromagno   on Nov 25, 2019
replied to Gloves without annoying seams
Just hang in there a couple rides, the seems on Fox gloves are so cheap that they will rip in a couple rides and then you can buy some Dakines, which feel...
Agreed-that season pass is a really nice incentive and pretty much offsets paying sales tax for a used bike.
Really appreciate the feedback, Bike Nerd.  Your point about buying a 3-year old bike is a really good way of framing it.
cromagno   on Nov 9, 2019
started a topic: Thoughts on purchasing used from Winter Park
Do you have any thoughts about buying one of the end-of-season deals on bikes from Winter Park Trestle? They have some nice deals right now. I now that you are risking many...
Thank you both. I'm not on FB anymore but feel free to share a link to this thread!
Hi Jeff, it was empty except for some socks and a newborn baby (I mentioned that, right?). It's a nice pack so I'm sure someone got home and had a real Oh...
cromagno   on Oct 23, 2019
replied to What MTB trend do you want reversed?
at the risk of lighting a match, i'll add E-Bikes: Ever been grinding up your local and some joker flies past you with nary a word of warning almost sending you into the...
Found at North Fruita Desert/18 Road trailhead parking lot When I was at the parking lot for the 18 Road trails on October 20th, there was a backpack left and it was still...
I like the writer's tone of conciliation but one element I'm not seeing mentioned is that physical fitness level is a proxy for overall skill. To frame it locally (as in Jefferson County), if you can climb up Belcher Road on your own, you've got skills...skills enough to safely descend Longhorn, an advanced bit of…
cromagno   on Sep 21, 2017
added a photo
Glad we didn't ride a couple hours earlier or this could've been us.
cromagno   on May 16, 2012
added a photo of Red Rocks / Dakota Ridge
a panorama midway through the Hogback

Roots, rocks, reggae. Great fun to be had on this trail when you are going downhill. The uphills can be...
cromagno   on Sep 10, 2010
added a review of Apex Park

After 15 years away from this trail, I visited again and was stunned. It's almost all new, freshly built trail....
cromagno   on Aug 1, 2010
added a review of White Ranch

@stillfat ditto, but I lack your positive attitude about it. Belcher trail is a very challenging grade, very exposed thus hot...
cromagno   on Jul 5, 2010
added a review of Mount Falcon Park

I found the climb to be grueling but will be back soon. I'll take strenuous over technical any day of...
cromagno   on Nov 23, 2009
added 2 photos.
panorama from Mt Falcon trail
cromagno   on Aug 30, 2009
added a review of Bergen Peak

I'm glad I tried this on a weekday with little traffic because I didn't feel so bad blocking the trail....
cromagno   on Aug 30, 2009
added a review of West Magnolia

Very fun twisty trails. Some good climbing and quick descents and a nice speedy run through an aspen grove. there...
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