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Hey folks, just an FYI on buying parts online. I have been buying and selling bike parts for years online. In the last few months, I have experienced a big increase in...
Oldandrolling   on Jul 9, 2020
replied to Should I wear a helmet for biking?
I grew up riding and not wearing a helmet, because people just did not wear them. We also had steel dashboards and no seat belts in cars. I have had more MTB...
Oldandrolling   on Jun 24, 2020
replied to Wear earbuds riding on the trail?
I do not use earbuds or listen to music on the trails. It distracts me from my concentration. Plus, I will periodically stop and listen to nature.
Oldandrolling   on Jun 17, 2020
replied to Any gay bikers out there?
Don't know of any clubs but, I do have a bi-cycle. I think most everyone here does too.
Oldandrolling   on Jun 9, 2020
replied to New Clydesdale Rider
Good sound advice by all contributors. I lost 30 lbs in the first 2 years  biking. The hardest thing for me was to keep a consistent riding routine at the beginning. Don't...
A revisit from my prior post. I just purchased yet another bike from Craigslist. I just can't pass up a good deal! Anyway, we corresponded prior to the meeting on the rules...
Oldandrolling   on May 18, 2020
replied to Clipless or flat pedals for enduro?
I am having a debate with myself and I agree with all the above comments. I know Shimano makes a flat pedal clipless option but, the flat pedal side sucks. Someone needs...
Oldandrolling   on May 18, 2020
started a topic: Survey question for Jeff
Hey Jeff, I have a survey question for you that I don't think has been asked before. If it has, please provide the link. The question is, Do you use platform or...
I passed up two great bike deals on Craigslist in my local area. I was even in a small bidding war on one but, decided that venturing out to an unfamiliar location...
I am up there in age too. I found a few years ago that winter riding hills on rural roads and gravel helps me a lot to keep my legs and lungs in shape. We don't get much snow where I live but, we do get lots of rain which make the trails slow, muddy…
Oldandrolling   on Mar 18, 2020
commented on It's Just Mountain Biking
Yes life has sure changed for me too. I still ride when I can, alone and with additional safety gear. I live in a rural area and have always had a good supply of necessities. Everyone should be isolating themselves as best they can. I expect this is going to last awhile.
Oldandrolling   on Mar 12, 2020
started a topic: Is Corona Virus impacting your riding plans?
Just curious. Has anyone canceled or changed your trail plans as a result of the Virus?
Oldandrolling   on Mar 7, 2020
replied to Should I Build My Own MTN bike
My last two bikes were five to eight years old at time of purchase. I purchased them for the frames, stripped them down and rebuild them from the frame up. I totally...
I have already commented but, I figured I might as well share this too. I contribute a good bit of weight loss and improved endurance to the HIIT workout link below. I use the Interval Warm Up on a 4% incline, a hard pack assent on my property. This is my normal warm up before…
I spend the winter months, December through February riding the rolling hills of the Piedmont to keep my legs strong and endurance up to par. Pushing yourself to improve your uphill climbs sure does help me get through the winter and keeps me fit for the summer trails. It is also very handy to know…
Oldandrolling   on Feb 23, 2020
commented on Where do you Like to Mountain Bike?
Anywhere that will minimize the amount of people I encounter and maximize the adventure possibilities.
I need a few of those at my place. I need some trail work done.
I have tried multiple name brand 29ers over the last few years and they just feel to big and bulky for me. Plus, the stand over height just does not fit. I am 5'-8" and feel most agile on 26 and 27.5 bikes. Actually, I can't tell much of a difference between a 26 and…
I gave up full face helmets a long time ago. Those helmets and associated body armor assume one is going to take some big risks. Which is fun and very exciting if you are in your teens and twenties. I am a bit too old to risk potential severe injury. Not to mention the healing…
Hey Jeff, Since you got the ball rolling, how about you survey stem length vs handlebar length or the ratios? I have found they are highly dependent on the comfort and fit of a bike.
Looks like a great option for pedals. However, from what I can find they are prohibitively expensive for pedals. REMs are not that expensive.
I did some experimenting last year. Anything over 680 and less than 800 are comfortable. I use 740 on my XC and 780 on my trail bike
I ride slippery clay trails a lot in the winter and I agree with everything you reported. I would also like to add that when you are cornering with your weight on the front tire it will also allow your back tire to drift easier and turning your front wheel into the direction of the…
I Over Shocked by 40mm and it definitely helped with jumps/landings. Did not notice any decreased stability effects.
I purchased my last new bike in 2012. It was a FS XC bike and paid $900. Since then, the prices have skyrocketed and so has my desire for demo and good used bikes. My last two used bike purchases, one Gary Fisher hardtail and one Kona FS with additional upgrades cost $700 in total.…
Oldandrolling   on Jan 30, 2020
replied to Any gay bikers out there?
Your question is a bit arrogant.  It's like asking are there any Christian bikers or are there any Latin bikers or are there any physically challenged bikers, etc. What difference does it...
Oldandrolling   on Jan 29, 2020
replied to winter fitness
I live outside of Charlotte NC in the rolling hills of the Piedmont. December, January and February are not as cold as they are wet. I do some mud riding but, also...
Oldandrolling   on Jan 24, 2020
replied to Buying a Second Bike
You have a very good trail/enduro bike. Unless you are interested in gravel/road/hybrid or downhill competition, save your money.
Oldandrolling   on Jan 23, 2020
replied to Chain skips
Are you sure your chain is the correct length and the correct size for your cassette? My initial guess is that your chain is too long.
You have a good bike to start with but... In my opinion, it depends on your mechanical aptitude. You can find out how to do most upgrades and repairs on YouTube but, you...
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