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ZipHead   on Aug 2, 2020
replied to dropper seatpost cover
That sleeve comes with the post. It's there to keep the muck and shit off the post while you're riding. Easy to clean the post post-ride, can't clean the post during the...
ZipHead   on Jul 25, 2020
replied to Badge decals?
Easy. First, contact the company and see if they'll send you one. If not, find someone with a Cricut (both my daughters have one) and have them make you one. Easy and cheap....
ZipHead   on Jul 18, 2020
replied to Beech vs Snowshoe
I think the trail difficulty is similar. Remember though, in these Covid times the trails are only open Thursday through Sunday from 10am to 5/6pm.
ZipHead   on Jul 14, 2020
replied to Worth the money?
If you like it, and it gets you out on the trails, then it's an awesome bike. Pay no attention to bike snobs - just ride the hell out of that thing....
Sure, c'mon over. Meet you at the trailhead about 5:30 - 6:00.
I few days ago I posted to this thread, including links to Bikes not Bombs, Village Wrench (which I'm involved with), and what I think was some very relevant and important steps...
ZipHead   on Jun 13, 2020
replied to loging me out again
Same here. Was never fixed for me.
I used to be involved with Bikes not Bombs in Boston( Now that I'm in the Deep South, our town has a program called Village Wrench ( If you don't have something...
ZipHead   on Jun 5, 2020
started a topic: Spam
Spam spam, spam spam spam. I feel better now. Thank you.
ZipHead   on May 29, 2020
replied to Dropped remote broken
Give me your address and I'll mail you a KS remote. I love KindShock droppers, but the first thing I do is replace the remote with a WolfTooth ReMote. So the KS...
ZipHead   on May 24, 2020
replied to Forum software problem
What happens is I log in (makes no difference which link I use), and when I go to 'community/forums' I'm immediately logged back out. 5 different browsers, same results each time.
ZipHead   on May 24, 2020
replied to do you ride in the rain?
Yes, I ride in the rain. I'm an IMBA Trail Crew Leader, I know what goes into building/maintaining sustainable trails. When raining, I ride rocky/rooty trails that see little (if any) damage from...
ZipHead   on May 11, 2020
replied to Elbow Guards
BTW, (and I'm still not BikeNerd) I just looked over at PinkBike and they have a bunch of new/used pads and gear on the Buy/Sell page. Decent deals, too, if you want...
ZipHead   on May 8, 2020
replied to Forum software problem
103% here. Sometimes it simply kicks me to WordPress, offers to send me to the AdminCP. Ummm, no thanks.
ZipHead   on May 8, 2020
replied to Elbow Guards
Go to your local bike shop and see what brands they carry. I use G Form and Alpinestars knee pads, but most other brands are pretty decent as well. Important thing is...
ZipHead   on May 8, 2020
started a topic: Forum software problem
I can't stay logged in. Hit & miss. I go to 'reply to topic', says I 'must be logged in'. I log in, it kicks me back out (but I'm still logged in),...
ZipHead   on May 8, 2020
replied to Why do you travel to mountain bike?
ZipHead   on Apr 15, 2020
replied to Sizing help during the coronavirus Please!
ZipHead   on Apr 14, 2020
replied to Help needed please
Eagle NX is a SRAM product, not Shimano.
ZipHead   on Apr 10, 2020
replied to xCaliber-7 _ Tubeless Conversion?
Those are Trek's 'entry-level' tires. And no, they're not tubeless compatible. Good news, your wheels will take up to 29x2.4.
ZipHead   on Apr 7, 2020
replied to Wheel advice
i35 rims will work just fine, depending on the tire (different bead thicknesses, etc.). Should give the tires a nice profile.
ZipHead   on Apr 4, 2020
replied to Bike Repair and Restoration
Your bicycle is a death-trap, waiting to kill you. Sorry to break it to you. As you're bombing down a fun trail in the woods, going way too fast because it feels so...
Pisgah and Dupont are closed, and yesterday Paris Mountain, Croft, and all the other state parks closed as well. I rode some illegal trails today, but it's the government's fault so I don't feel as bad about it. Social distancing is pretty easy in the woods.
Armor? Are you taking him on  A-Line or flowy singletrack? Aside from a decent helmet and good gloves, I like the Alpinestars Paragon kneepads. Slip-on, and after a few minutes you forget they're...
quote: @Bike Nerd 'Shaking hands can be a hard habit to break.' TV : "The CDC says to refrain from handshakes" Jeffrey Dahmer : *stops blender* "Awww."
ZipHead   on Mar 6, 2020
commented on Mountain Bike Drivetrains [Cartoon]
YES!!! With Taj stepping down over at PB, the timing is perfect.
Been working with my local SORBA on a new trail in Paris Mountain State Park, but it won't "officially" open til next month. It'll be directional and awesome.
ZipHead   on Feb 19, 2020
replied to Dirt Rag ceasing operation
Just got an email from DirtRag today. Bike Bash WV is still happening this year.
ZipHead   on Feb 14, 2020
replied to 2011 Lyrik Rebuild $$$?
Here's the prices from Manticore (no, I'm not affiliated with them at all):
Eddy's Bike Shop has Stan's Flow non-boost, do they not?
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