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AboveTheRidge   on Aug 15, 2019
added 6 photos.
AboveTheRidge   on Jan 3, 2019
added a review of Nickajack

Fun ride out to connect to 5 Points / Ascalon.
AboveTheRidge   on Jan 3, 2019
added a review of Little Scraggy

A gem in the wild. Crew at Golden Bike Shop recommended to us, so we drove out there. WELL WORTH...
AboveTheRidge   on Jan 3, 2019
added 6 photos.
AboveTheRidge   on Jan 3, 2019
added Nickajack
This trail connects to 5 Points which connects to Ascalon and connects to Cloudland. Cloudland Trailhead is 14 miles from...
Make plans now to join us the 4th full weekend in October for an amazing weekend of mountain biking, entertainment,...
Snake Creek Gap 2018
The Snake Race is in its 14th year and is an extremely demanding race for its distance. There are three...
AboveTheRidge   on Aug 21, 2017
added 6 photos.
AboveTheRidge   on Feb 4, 2016
replied to Ellsworth Bikes Sold (Again)
Classic story of a good company with great quality, getting bought and sold as a commodity.  Once "investor" groups or companies take over brands, they (typically) go to crap, and afterwards, struggle to regain momentum after they get sold again.   They buy them for the revenue they produce, and more often than not, don't have…
AboveTheRidge   on Jun 12, 2015
added 2 photos.
AboveTheRidge   on Jul 19, 2011
added a review of Poor Farms

This is a very fun trail system, close to the city of Richmond. Worth a day out, having lunch at...

This is by far the best post-ride refreshment. That and the other seasonal by NBB, Skinny Dip.
AboveTheRidge   on Mar 14, 2011
added a review of Northbank Trail

Great trail. Start off on the suspended bridge, hit Belle Isle, then Buttermilk, cross back over the JR and pick...
AboveTheRidge   on Nov 25, 2010
added 58 photos.
AboveTheRidge   on Nov 13, 2010
added a comment on Ray's Indoor Milwaukee Grand Opening Delayed
We need one of those in Virginia as well!
AboveTheRidge   on Sep 24, 2010
added a photo of York River State Park

Rode this trail on Thurs 8/12 when some storms rolled through. Got caught in a hailstorm for about 10 min...
AboveTheRidge   on Aug 15, 2010
added a review of Monarch Crest Trail

Rode this on 8/10, amazing! Caught the shuttle at Sinclair gas station to begin the day. Climbed up to 12K...
#5 just blows me away. Haven't a clue why anyway would want to bike and ride, unless you're on a...
AboveTheRidge   on Jun 21, 2010
added a comment on Singletracks Colorado MTB Trip #1
Last year, my buddy and I did a trip to Crested Butte (he lives in Denver and rides the front...
Great idea! It would probably benefit a lot of road cyclists to do the same. It would be nice to...
AboveTheRidge   on May 25, 2010
added a comment on Bikejacking on the rise
I've seen many a post on Craigslist from people looking for their bikes or offering a reward for information. Don't...
AboveTheRidge   on May 22, 2010
added a comment on IMBA's Focus on Urban MTB Trail Systems
Which trails in Richmond, VA are being referred to? If it is the James River Park System that flows through...
AboveTheRidge   on May 14, 2010
added a comment on Kuat NV Bike Rack Review
That looks pretty good, I hope it takes off. Too many of the bike racks are focused on the frame...
Applause to all of us who accept responsibility and accountability for who we are and what we do. Sue happy...
Do hope she is ok and recovers, but please. This is indirectly related to why we all pay higher taxes,...
AboveTheRidge   on May 12, 2010
added a comment on Leadville "Cheaters" Face Criminal Charges
Lack of integrity and honor. Criminal seems excessive. Punishment should be making them sweep the entire trail for GU packets...
AboveTheRidge   on May 6, 2010
added a comment on Mountain Bike Beers
Every trip to CO, I look forward to some of the local beers not typically found in the east. Fat...
I think they should make a snowmobile like that. Remove the engine and make the rider run as fast as...
AboveTheRidge   on Apr 13, 2010
added 14 photos.
AboveTheRidge   on Apr 13, 2010
added a comment on How to Find People to Mountain Bike With
Agree with the trailhead approach. As weather warms in your local area, bikers start hitting the trails. MTB races work...
AboveTheRidge   on Apr 13, 2010
added Agees Bicycles Company
Agees Bicycles Company
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